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  1. Never opened something big cuz I didn't have the time to maintain anything nor the money to keep it up,despite working on some stuff
  2. After a long hiatus, I am wondering if the l2 community is still alive and if there is interest for any kind of server. Since now I have the time,I could get my hands on something to create a server just to relive some old days. So is the community interested in any client of any kind of server?
  3. This project is something I follow from the start GJ Elfo want to see more :D
  4. I would like to see a h5 server with proper farm and many customisations. Thanks
  5. As the title says, be customised and have people on. Thanks
  6. Send me your skype if possible, wanna trade a psc2pp balance ;)
  7. Trusted, with rates 10% hes from the best around , in 3 minutes I got my money into my paypal.
  8. As the title says, >.> skype: malakas1238
  9. I would be thankful if you could provide me some links, even in a russian forum :3
  10. Is that possible? >.> Also, I would like (if there is a way) to tell me the programs and/or a guide :)
  11. In itemname it's like this. Provides the following effects:CON+3,STR+4,DEX+2, attack speed +11%, speed +5, pDef +12%, HP by 1500 and CP by 1000. In-game it's like this. Well? :S
  12. What do you mean bot server? Usable L2PHX,Tower?
  13. Server just opened and it has 20 people but everyone is out so we expecting 70+ for a start!
  14. L2Justified is a server alike L2Pride. With some more modifications. We tested almost everything and fixed every stat that was missing. Check the bottom of the post for our latest mods. BETA TILL 24-10 20:30 GMT+2 http://l2justified.org = Custom Mob AI = We have developed a new form of AI that will allow mobs to behave more intelligently to make farming much more interesting. This also applies to APC's and Raid Bosses, which have some nasty skill combos. = APC's = These mobs that have the appearance of real players adds a nice contrast to the usual humdrum of L2's mobs' app
  15. l2-justified.ucoz.com/index.html Download our gracia final server it's worth! Active GM's answering for everything! Changes in the way however community's like!