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  1. i need a dev for a fix i have a probelm with fake bot phantom . my source is (l2ro, l2mythras, fandc,or tales :) is the same ) please i need a help i will pay thnx
  2. auto prepei na einai provlima to system i to guard pou exeis vlepei ola ta pc san ena
  3. i buy from grind team a code with name phantom bot system i pay him to fix this code in my Source he take mony and dont answere me again skype name grind team
  4. hahahah problem is i try input the files in sourse with some erros but in bulit and in run server dont work maybe do speake greece i can explain you better or russis?
  5. I need a good programmer for a good fix l2 phantombot system i have the files i buy from the gind team i get paid and he lied to me but ok. I need a good developer
  6. Close please this topic i make alone thnx
  7. you can link me one becuse i dont find somting
  8. Please I need auto potions mp hp cp for h5 l2f contact me
  9. I don't have. In my pack only is only acp.java but this is not that what I won't
  10. Please I need auto potion for h5 l2f contact me