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  1. Dude? What's wrong with you? I did not offend him in any way. ^^ And of course i do not know how he is doing this exactly, but the fact that he is editing this maps with UE2 gives him a lot of potential to create awesome things :-* And since ur able to open those files you can get a clue on how he is doing this. I think its done by recreating entire texture and mesh files, then crypting them so the l2 client can read those files wo any error
  2. nothing special, but thanks for sharing. maybe its of some use to somebody ^^ we know u can do better :D
  3. last line must be blank. check your columns there must be something wrong
  4. thats like on every server so far....or did he mean he coded all of this code i mean geodata, pathfinding and cellpathfinding?? and btw: nop... not this one xD [deleted on access request] public photos+photoshop :happyforever:
  5. so whats so special about this video?
  6. l2junity can handle the classic client aswell, but theres no classic datapack part. you have to create it on ur own. (maybe there is one in current paid releases)
  7. you wont find any good projects that concentrate on classic. all you can do is grab some free ETA server files and create your classic server on your own. mobius had one project but as i know its already dumped
  8. Thank you for creating all of your tutorials. Nice job! Keep on! :) (but you still have no clue of design and ergonomic structure :y u no?:) >:D
  9. i told you everything you need to know/do. Also there are tons of topics that handle the same request. heres one topic of virus it exactly tells you what to do. 5 seconds of research lol: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/204167-adaptation-dat-files-for-any-chronicle-lineage-2-%E2%97%84%E2%88%9Ai%C2%AEus%E2%96%BA/