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Welcome to Lineage2 Broken


Server Features



L2Broken is a gracia final server, based on L2Pride. It has been reworked and updated to provide the best game play ever with continuous development. If you loved playing on L2Pride well this server is made for you.


Wondrous Cubic




The Wondrous Cubic is an all in one item that offers basic functions such as a Global Gatekeeper, GM Shop, Skill Enchantment, Augmentation, Symbol Maker, and Class Upgrades. The Cubic also provides some more advanced features like an In-Game Password Changer, and allows you to view player detailed stats.


Community Board




The community board presents useful commands that can be used in-game, as well as a region viewer and online count. The event system also displays on the community board to show you how much time remains before the next event, as well as while the event is running it displays the statistics of the event.


PvP Towns






Orc Village is a newbie PvP zone, where only particular items (s80 and below) can be used. Gludin is the event center as well as the main PvP town, where there are no item restrictions.


Custom Shops




The above pictured NPC's are the shops that can sell you a variety of items, from materials needed to craft armors/weapons to new skills and more.


Custom Items




While maintaining the same options and wide range of items as on Pride, L2Broken introduces new bracelets/cloaks and more and balances previous items giving players the best custom gameplay around.


Farming Zones




L2Broke has the three common farm zones from L2Pride, along with a new zone (Ruins of Agony). Cave of Trials is the starting zone, Ruins of Despair is the medium farm zone, and The Cemetery is the farm zone most suited for party players and advanced groups. It features some new mobs which can only be killed effectively with vesper weapons. Ruins of Agony (not pictured) is a based on new mobs that are needed to farm for Rykros and more.


Raid Bosses


There are many customized Raid Bosses with improved AI's that will give you a much more difficult time than your average raid. They also use an array of skills and debuffs that increase their difficulty to give you a unique raiding experience. Raid bosses have variable respawn times which makes them hard to camp, and very hard to kill, but worth it to try since they have some nice drops, so make your parties and hunt them all. Some raid bosses depending on their level and strength will flag the surrounding players at different intervals.


 Custom Instances 


L2Broken features a few completely custom instances.  Kamaloka, our daily instance has been coded by Dav, and will allow newer players to gear up quickly, this instance is designed for a 3 man party, if you enter with 3 and someone leaves, the drops from the last boss will be lesser than what it would have been.  Kamaloka is geared toward new players looking to level up quickly and get low tier items quickly.  Dragon Valley Cave instance is a long group instance, for 8 people.  Starting at the entrance and working your way day to the Heart to fight Darion, who is one of the few bosses on L2Broken with a chance to drop full Dread Weapons.  With many minibosses along the way down, you will be hard pressed for time killing Darion, so don't dawdle!  DVC Instance has a 3 day lock out.  Aden Instance or the Raid Boss instance, which ever you'll call it, teleports your party into an alternate dimension, in this dimension there is a copy for each raid boss in each of its original locations.  You may choose to kill 1 Raid Boss, and after you've killed one the instance is over.  Aden instance has a lockout of 1 week.  There are many other instance in the works, so stick around.





Website  :  Click Me !

Forum : Click Me !

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Thats why then ! :)

Yeah, my mistake... I didn't noticed that Firefox already disabled flash by default. :)

Good luck with your server!

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shared site shared pack





Server data crashed yday and everybody lost their 3 days farm, server rollbacked to day 1...


P.S: Few people got some items in return, not even the ones they used to have but np... others got nothing back, u can imagine.

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