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  1. this guy is trusted and skilled ....and i will take again service from the snoopi
  2. Lineage ][ BROKEN New PvP Server X9300 With Custom Items No More OverPower Donators. No More LAG NO CORRUPT NO WIPE GREATE BALANCE THE OLD PRIDE ITS ONLINE Join Us WWW.L2BROKEN.US
  3. I have a problem with gracia final client ... whenever i try to use a friends patch one i press l2.exe the client doesnt open .. the splash does but only for a second ... then it close ... on the other hand .. when i completely delete itemname-e.dat and try again the client open but i dont see the items names . Also i forgot to mention that i use windows 10 ... any solution ? Thanks in Advance
  4. Id like to buy a full scripted site with: Castle info Hero info Server status Online counter PvP/PK ranking Account manager Character repair Auto donate system Contact me through PM. Thanks in advance !!
  5. the server its new...so u cant check activity through forum !!! you have to logg into the server !!! to check the activity !!
  6. thank you for your good words my friend enjoy the game ^-^
  7. i will never wipe the server, this server its new . and about donation i dont have donate ! :/
  8. = Custom Farming Zones = L2Sense has 3 Main Farming areas, each as a special attribute. Cave of Trials is geared toward new players, so we have change COT and all of the Orc continent into an S80 only zone. Many of these mobs are soloable but there are a few powerful mobs and APCs inside that require a party. Ruins of Despair is a solo zone, while it is possible to party there, many of the mobs were designed to be soloed. There is a feature implemented in ROD, so that once a player hits a mob that mob is considered "theirs" and no other play may attack it unless a clan member or a party m
  9. LINEAGE2 WRATH RATES EXP: 5000x SP: 5000x Adena: 5000x PartyXP: 2x ENCHANT RATES Safe Enchant: +7 Max Enchant: +30 Enchant Rate: 80% Blessed Enchant Rate: 100% Crystal Enchant Rate: 100% ( From +25 to +30 ) OTHER INFORMATION All buffs 3 hours. Max is 30. Customs. Titanium Armor (Apella),, And Custom tattoos. Max gear is Titanium Armor, PvP color system. Clan reputation system. Very wide GM shop, with a lot of stuff inside. Easy Farm for adena and GoldBar exchange system. Custom Farm zones All skills are working. Full geodata + pathnode. High balance.