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  1. I am thinking for a x50 craft base system and also stuck sub .. Not that hard to do sub ... Yoy talk about gve system ?
  2. Thanks for your reply .. But i dont talk about multi skill server i talk about stuck sub server that you can make your combo with your main class and you have to pick one sub .. Thanks for your time !
  3. Hello guys and also before you start reading i wanna thanks you for your time. 2 Month's now i am thinking to make a server , But all idea's was like PvP server with some cusom's feaure's and etc . I am thinking to make something new . Right now i am using one h5 pack ( not a shared one ) and i am thinking about x50 server with stuck sub system ( 1 main + 1 sub ) with Moirai and Vesper not buyable from merchant's but craftable . With some custom bosse's and all big area's will be boosted to make fair the stuck sub system . I Know what community thinks when read a Stuck Sub or Multi Skill's , But this is the reason why i ask your Advice before i make it public . My idea was to make a Beta Period to see how it work's . i will be grateful if you right your opinion about this , for sure i can write all the server feature's and i am not lazy but my problem now it's about Stuck sub system on a H5 x50 server . Feel free to write and please let this thread be clean ! Thanks for your Time !
  4. Hey guys .. I am looking for a stuck sub system like 1+1 ... Right now i am using a H5 pack tha have only a "skill learn" Any way to make this work ?
  5. Sorry for asking here support ! I have this error aCis Rev 374
  6. local.prop game.xml login.xml i am confused ! :D
  7. ofc i dont wont a host ! All iP's in configs and etc was local !
  8. Sources work ? Cause alot of stuff missing from latest share of source .