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  1. L2Dorian Interlude Custom PvP Server x1000 Grand Opening 7 March 2021/18:00 GMT+2 Custom: Vesper Weapons / Vesper Armor Custom: Dynasty Armor / Dynasty Weapons Epic Mask /Special Tattoo Epic Jewels Register your clan/cp on Discord and get free 8 clan level with full skills. Clan that takes Giran/Rune/Aden Castle will get 50€ WebSite DISCORD I2Dorian.com Interlude x1000
  2. Hello, Lineage 2 Eliot it's selling its files Some words about Lineage 2 Eliot Servers On the files worked best developers of Java community such as Katara and Anarchy The server has been going and working on it for 3 years. Lineage 2 Eliot as most of the people know has the best java files so far because of the perfect gameplay and features and content, we added and worked on it. Lineage 2 Eliot Was and it's one of most Populated PvP Servers in Java Community Many seasons where open and they were all successfully with tons of players and very big
  3. New PvP Interlude Farm Server Project Athena l2ariona Youtube Site : www.l2ariona.com SERVER IS ONLINE
  4. New PvP Interlude Farm Server Project Athena l2ariona Youtube Site : www.l2ariona.com GRAND OPENING 21/10/2020 18:00
  5. New PvP Interlude Farm Server Project Athena l2ariona Youtube Site : www.l2ariona.com ************************* Grand Opening 21/10/2020 18:00 hrs ************************* No Custom Server ************************* Xp x100 ************************* Sp x100 ************************* Drop x2 ************************* Drop Adena x15 ************************* Normal enchant 45% *********************** Bless enchant 80% *********************** Crystal enchant 60% *******************
  6. Εάν θυμούνται οι πιο παλιοί και έχουν κρατήσει κάποιοGood vs Evil ή koofs vs Noobs ( Pack, Source, Compile ) οτιδήποτε... Και θα ήθελαν να μου το δώσουν... όποιος θέλει και μπορεί να με βοηθήσει τον ευχαριστώ πολύ εκ τον προτέρων.
  7. Lineage2nagia x15 Low Rate Site: www.lineage2nagia.com Chronicle We're running our server with Interlude C6, and of course it's running with L2OFF files. Rates XP,SP : 15x Spoil, : 5x Drop: 3x Adena: 50x (We have adjusted the prices of items in our GM shops, we believe 50x will keep the Adena as a balanced currency) Enchantment Safe: Enchant Weapon: +3 Safe Enchant Armor: +3 (+4 on full armors) Max enchant Weapon: +16 Max enchant Armor: +16 Spawn Protection Once you spawn, you're protected for
  8. Can you tell me why she is writing this date. How can i make it?
  9. Which I can change this; it is not npc. Appears when you change class.
  10. it is not npc coming out when the class ends to choose what you want to become