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  1. Gracia final. But i dont know how to make it work. And seems that no1 want help :/
  2. thank for aply!! mate i know how to do this things with navicat and mysql but i dont know how to make client work..how to make folders system,systemtextures etc..
  3. hello i found this pack on forum and i need help to install it for a test local server..i will never make it on internet just for my practice..plz help.. link for pack https://www.4shared.com/rar/gjmsCa27ce/L2Pride_General_Files_Package.htm
  4. please guys i need a server and a bot working..if anyone knows something plz share it..im looking for a bot server 1 month!!
  5. kalhspera paides!!thelw na mou prwteinete servers pou na doulevei to bot.walker i net dn me peirazei..
  6. hello evryone!!i want to suggest someone must make a l2 server with bot allowed!!i am searching for a bot allowed server for a long time and nothing found..but i saw many people to looking for the same thing!
  7. hey man nice guide and share!!plz tell me how i can make this l2 net for interlude run in my lan server with ip
  8. hi!!i am looking for a l2 server in all clients low rate with botting allow cause i havent much free time every day!!thnks
  9. i tried it and it had a problem with walker..when you kill tha mobs in a area they respawn far away..
  10. hi i am looking for a low rate server x3-x10 with l2walker allowed..plz post if you know something..thnks!
  11. kalhspera paidia!psaxnw gia server low rate mexri x10 kai na epitrepontai ta bot..opoios xerei as mou pei..thnks!