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  1. when you edit that file, OR ANY FILE THAT END OF .dat you should finish the file with 1 empty line. Or u will take aways errors ! but if you have this problem again, just download new patched system and copy/paste the files in the new one !
  2. Hello i have a problem with that vote system, all works fine but i cant say same about rewarding, i can press this button in every 3-4 second and i recive the reward again and again and again, i need somthing like when reward is recived to redirect the person to home page, and to block the IP in vote system for 12 hours
  3. Im looking for auto vote reward code hop/topzone for Gracia Final
  4. any hints with that event ?/ i will do the point with the handler but i dont get that about the event ...
  5. Hello i want to ask some help abot custom item I want to make a item like "wondrous cubic" in l2 pride (Gracia final) the point is that i have npc all in one and i want to make it to be like item, when u pres the item to open the html's of the npc. but i want it on interlude(acis) i Tryed some times, and i try to remake it from gracia to interlude but no one works, i try to make it like skill but same result. if any one can help or give me a hint, i will be very thanksful :) p.s. excuse me for my english
  6. yes i know the version but, what i need at all for l2jteon ?
  7. thx but can u explain how ? if that not duficult for u :) i will be very thanksfull for any help :)
  8. I got an l2jteon pack, but when i try to run it , i got that error any one can give me a solution ? Thanks !
  9. can u add me in skype, i want to learn one thing only :) just i wana some asist to add one buffer code to learn how have to be, the other things i will do it by my self :)
  10. damn thanks for that... cause now im learning that.
  11. any one can learn me and help me to add some with eclipse to l2jacis rev 362 ? i want to add AIO Buffer and vote reward system ! if any one can help please add me on skype: thelion639 or facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007133359148 Thanks !
  12. if im right that sh1ts make a internet trafik and making lag