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  1. Here's fabuLous Interface for High Five Client. Saw some people wanted it, so .. :) Download it right here
  2. Hello! I looking this small addon for L2 interlude with display FPS rates on screen. Anyone can help me? what file make this effect? its in interface.u or other file? https://ibb.co/6t6rPfz
  3. Hello guys, just a quick question does anyone knows how to fix the "General Protection error" from Deadz 2.4 version? I heard people saying that if u compile yourself you can use it just fine but I researched a bit here and didn't find any compilers? Would love some help! Thank you!
  4. Hello again dear MAXCHEATERS. I am trying to edit a current custom Interface (C6 - Interlude) and i am facing THIS problem with the fonts of the Npc and my characters name. Please let me know if there is any solution! Thanks :)
  5. Hey guys, so my doubt is possible to change the slots of the interlude buff bar on the interface. By default it comes 2x12 totaling 24 buffs. I wanted to switch to 2x10 for a total of 20 buffs (c4 default). Ps. The amount of buff is already changed on my server by 20. Can someone help me?
  6. I want to know if there is an interface that does not have something that automates the game, aesthetic change that makes the interlude look like the classic without autofarm / autoaugment / autoenchant. Thx
  7. Hello I have this problem as you can see by clicking the image link https://prnt.sc/qyqznn how to solve this problem I have no idea how to get files in RGBA8 format. HELP ME FRIENDS !!
  8. Currently using 3.6.9 version. Farm bots for some reason randomly stop attacking and just die. All auto skills and auto buffs work fine, just attack stops. I noticed that when this is happening to one of my bots, switching to that particular bot sometimes fixes the problem for some time. Other times I have to turn off next target auto command for it to start working again, and sometimes nothing helps and it stays like that for a minute or two. Any ideas what's the problem? Im using Win 7 x64 btw. Thanks.
  9. Hello, Friends I need help with the talismans, I have the DeadZ 2.4 interface but they are not displayed correctly. I would like to know if someone has a patch that works so that the talismans look like this: Try with those who have Averia but none of them worked for me, just throw me a critical error. Server L2Rampage Sorry for using google translator
  10. any1 here got an interface with 5fth skillbar ( shortcut )?? i have 4 the 4th one, tho i tryed to make the 5fth from a russian video and i got cancer tho the barrs became 60% bigger.. any1 got and is able to send it?
  11. First of all hello to all and i hope i am at the right section...if not i apologize and i hope mods would be kind to move the topic where its supposed to be. So after a long pause in my L2 career (xD) i started playing again and after many many mediocre servers i found L2Mad which is one of the best ive played so far at least in my opinion :P (if any1 is interested its a pretty good server pvp/rbs stable no bugs at least that i know of, and needs some farm ofc :P ) So as u understand i really like the particular server BUT my problem is enchanting and augmeting which i always hate hated and i WILL hate because its a complete waste of ur time..therefore i wanna use "my" interface which includes "auto" enchant and augment cause honestly enchanting to +65 can be the most boring thing in the world ...if anyone has the skills or even the smallest knowledge on how i can modify something (yes i know a thing or two about l2 file editing) or what to do in order for my interface to work i would be in ur dept for ever....for the haters : i dont wanna bot(cause there is a way to bot with a macro loop with this interface) i honestly want to save some time for more farming / pvping cause time is precious when the years have passed and u have to work everyday :P best wishes to all and thnx for ur time reading my post :)
  12. Well since i was looking a while for those Interfaces ( Visual Patch ) i will share them. So lets start with the interlude Interface ( Visual Patch ) Images : Link : And the Gracia Final Interface ( Visual Patch ) Images : Link : Well credits are unknown i didnt made those very beautiful interfaces. so if anyone know the credits i will put them below. ( Inside the inventory on Interlude Version there is a name "Diamond". It might be a server name or creator name if this gets confirmed i will put him as main creditor.
  13. Hello all I edited my ui to make damage on screen effect. Its working but when after login to game i cant move camera or click somewhere without interface for 10 or 15 second. I dont know what cause it. Thanks for help
  14. This is an edited interface made by Elfen, theres alot of nice things like 4bars, right click on name and get autopm on chat bar, possibility to select other keys like 1,2,3,4 or q,w,e,r or f1,f2,f3 and etc, Inventory sort and others. the files are encrypted and i dont really think that you can translate the russian into english. Take a look at the pictures below. Credits: Elfen Rar Password: TgC68qs Download Link: http://www106.zippyshare.com/v/wGnySjey/file.html `Thanks
  15. Hello everybody. I have made a custom patch for my guildies in the server i play, with a very custom interface with a lot of added functions. As i wanted to prohibe enemies from using it, i've put protections in several scripts, that detect the clan name of the character, and trigger some "mechanisms" :P if an enemy is spotted using the patch. I want to upload it for public download, but the thing is... although most of the people in the server are newbies in lineage editing, some dudes know to open interface.u, read the scripts, and recompile the interface.u file using the method that Savo shows in a video. And if they do, then likely will bypass my protections. What i need is, to encrypt the interface.u file, and make it unreadable by WOTGrealExporter. I've been searching a lot and the only program that seemed to do the thing, is a paid one. (which is unreachable for me, for many reasons) Do you know any alternative method to do this? Or can anyone encrypt the file for me? Thanks!
  16. So as the title says i wanted some help to add one more bar ( i got 3 ) on my interface. I was watching a video from Savo, he was showing how to do it, but he copy-pasted some code ( twice ). It was supposed to be in the download link but it dons't work now. So i am asking if anyone here can help me out. ( I do not ask about ready interfaces, i ask about the code or just some more help. ) Thank you in advance.
  17. Hello everyone. I had Elfen Interface v5 Updated free and i have 1 problem. When i log i have icon's for Auto augment, enchant skill and enchant in black and where i downloaded the uploader have all right .. what can i do? thanks for you help
  18. Also, how can i merge 2 skillgrp.dat in 1? Please i have a patch wtih custom icons for skill use, and it can't see the custom icons of my server! =) thank for help
  19. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/179653500
  20. So im here to finally report this guy for good. Im here to provide all the proofs as he is literally not trusted of doing any kind of transaction with you. The first topic i made and in which he replied is this. So long story short. Neophron after almost a month replied back saying he had health issues etc. Unfortunately we are most likely being fooled since this guy never went again either online so i could talk to him or made some serious effort to get my product fixed. I'll just say that those 5 months after he got pre-paid for some work the only thing he ever said for the product he delivered is just that he doesnt know how to fix some function which pretty much he can just copy/paste from the original interface. Also, 6 hours ago, i posted in http://forum.l2soft.eu for which Neophron is working reporting him but my topic got deleted with a really miraculous way. I just made a new one so lets see how fast this will go down aswell. http://forum.l2soft.eu/index.php?/topic/110-bugged-interface/ Dont trust this guy for anything.
  21. The patch for the client game Lineage 2 High Five. I made a lot of add-ons, which will give you an advantage in the pumping of the character and in battle. The patch is attached to the character's nickname. Cost (nickname count / rubles: 1 / 500 2 / 900 3 / 1200 4 / 1500 5 / 1900 6 / 2300 7 / 2700 8 / 3100 9 / 3500 My contacts: - skype: xxxaruxxx1 (xDarkDelux) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHUQdw7vT2k Changed the interface design, added 2 panel shortcuts (6 panels), expanded inventory (expands on button). additions: auto enchant auto refinery auto target auto potion auto enchant skills farm bot pvp bot counting the damage on Olympiad new status bar profession of player and button of invite in a party in the window of target display of player skills ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more info you can watch on this topic in .gif files (not advertising): Selling patch (mod Interface) by xDarkDelux
  22. Hello, So I am playing in a new server and they made their own system, there are some things I like and some I don't. I know how to decrypt, encrypt, I know how to modify icons with UnrealED, some simple stuff. But here, I want to make some new changes and I don't know where are located the corresponding files and with which tools to modify them. See this screenshot: I numbered the blocks I would like to modify. 1) User Window Remove the header with the name; Remove the level; Remove the part on the left side; Add the experience percentage instead of Vitality number like normal; Add Vitality level on the left side like normal 2) Macros, Status, Quests, Skills, Actions, Map, Inventory Windows Replace the header of the windows with the original brown one from High Five 3) Quest, Skills, Map, Inventory Windows Replace the buttons with the original ones from High Five 4) Radar Revert the radar with the original one from High Five 5) Skill Bar, Custom Windows Remove the part on the left side 6) Classic Bottom Bar Remove it so that the Chat box is at the bottom of the screen, Replace the menu with the original one from High Five 7) Target Status Window Remove the part on the left side And a last question: Is there a possibility to prevent from grabbing the windows, make them stuck where they are? I tend to move my Party Status Window by mistake during pvp. I need guidance, not someone who does the work for me, just the name of the software and the steps, that's all. Thank you!
  23. Interface AIMod - New redistributed version of bot software that let you do Automatic many processes in lineage 2 Things you can do: Automatic enchant - weapons, equipment Automatic Augmentation Automatic SkillEnchant Automatic HP/MP/CP - potions use Other features: 4th Shortcut panel Auto potion use Monster - Drop,Spoil and additional Info Working on all SmartGuard protected Servers : Video from Ketra Wars ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updated to version 5.3 Video demonstration : - added features ! - Bypass for flood protected servers(like KetraWars, Eglobal,Eternal, Real-pvp, and others). - Wallhack Feature( you can easly see any players through the walls, just by pressing the WH button) . - Effects Dissabler Feature( Very handy for PvP with high rates , let you disable all the visual effects, just by pressing a button) - Removed localisation choosing(now you dont need to specifie any file, to get the description - both RU/ENG lang ) - Planning Features Spammer function . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updated to version 5.3.1 Video demonstration : - added features ! - Numpad Shortcut Panel - It is a 3x3 slot panel(binded to your keyboard numpad) that allow you to easly access your favorite features(Skills, Action, Items, Macros), all can be accesed just by pressing numpad buttons.
  24. Hello Im Here To Share That Interlude Client Interface. Previw : Download Link : https://yadi.sk/d/blzrNUZ3osmDw Credits : iNonsense
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