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  1. I disagree with you, it's his fault for being dishonest and scammer. What we can do is promote it so that no innocent people fall for it.
  2. Selling strategy of the interface creator, not yours. He created something unusable to promote paid service.
  3. Do not waste time downloading this shit, it is closing after some time, it was meant to be that way because it was free, it was a sales strategy for this scamming Neophron.
  4. There is no download because the interface is limited to the nickname of the buyer.
  5. Thaks Celestine. Is it possible to add the new damage screen that you adapted from the sublimity? //EDIT BUG - Disconnect after 15-20 min.
  6. I want to know if there is an interface that does not have something that automates the game, aesthetic change that makes the interlude look like the classic without autofarm / autoaugment / autoenchant. Thx
  7. If you want to buy the interface from that person, be careful, he says it is lifelong but it is not, he says that the version you bought is not current, creates a new version and wants to sell again for that. I had bought it with the promise of being "lifelong" and today he wants to charge me for "a more current version", there are no more "updates" for the one I bought. lol If anyone wants my Skype conversation with him I will make it available. L2NPHRN INTERFACE I DO NOT RECOMMEND. -1
  8. Ya. int temp = template.period; if (_skill.getId() > 2277 && _skill.getId() < 2286) { if (_effected instanceof L2SummonInstance || (_effected instanceof L2PcInstance && ((L2PcInstance) _effected).getPet() != null)) temp /= 2; } if (env.isSkillMastery()) temp *= 2; _period = temp;
  9. Have situation where buffs double the time and the relog problem don't happen. even making the same, does not work. if (env.isSkillMastery()) temp *= 2; I tried to do as follows. if (_skill.isAioSkill() && (AioManager.getInstance().hasAioPrivileges(_effector.getObjectId()))) temp = 7620;
  10. I've tried every way but I am not aware enough to get, I tried and failed.
  11. Sweets, plaese help me, how i can fix it?
  12. His method really works, but how do you keep it long after the relog?