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  1. Cause L2jBrasil. I am going to put here the installation guide, keep in mind this will be obsolete in some point, i have the guide updated in my forum. GUIDE: Pasos a seguir: - Todos los programas usados en esta guía están libres de virus o malware - Esta guia de instalacion está hecha para Windows, espero que los usuarios de Linux puedan hacerlo por su propia cuenta.1. Instalar OpenJDK 11: (aunque el video habla de OpenJDK 12, es bastante similar la instalación de OpenJDK 11)Enlace de descarga directa OpenJDK 11 (Windows 64 bits): Descargar e instalar IDE Eclipse: de descarga directa Eclipse IDE for Java Developers (Windows 64 bits): Configuracion basica de eclipse: Instalar SlikSVN: Instalar subclipse (plugin para eclipse): Descargar proyecto desde el repositorio de SVN: hacer checkout usar la URL: svn:// Construir y compilar datapack L2jFrozen 1.5: Instalar XAMPP: Instalar Navicat: Instalar servidor Lineage 2 Interlude (L2jFrozen 1.5): Citar 11. Asignar GMs a personajes:
  2. If you are Brazilian, I have them all banned.
  3. The big problem here is getting the Classic Files, you can use L2jMobius, they have free versions: Be aware that those files are not from the official servers, L2j (Java) servers use reverse engineering to official servers. So, L2j (Java) servers try to copy the operation of an official server If you are ok with it, i can handle the installation and configuration, here is my contact:
  4. You must follow all the steps, you have no option. Getting the source code It is for your own benefit. The complete guide is here:
  5. You can not. You need the source code. Can you convert a steak into a cow?
  6. Nowadays people want you to code for them for 5 USD, spending hours or days to complete the task. If is too easy, you should do it by yourself. If you have a friend who charges cheaper, go with your friend first and let the real developers work in peace. Your friend Person who studied for YEARS
  7. Are you using aCis 272? Why not update to 370? It is free also
  8. You want to collect bunch of keys for what? Start with just one, every topsite have his own API structure the same code will not work for all vote sites. Also, make a list with the sites you want the key and mark what vote sites keys you already have.
  9. No, each project have his own rules about Loginserver <-> gameserver. It could be possible only if every pack adopt standard methodology
  10. Ask directly to each website, they may give you some key.
  11. L2jFrozen was discontinued, i recommend you update to L2jFrozen 1.5 which is a improved project based on L2jFrozen. Information about L2jFrozen 1.5: Anyways, method giveAvailableSkills, should do the work. player.giveAvailableSkills();
  12. I could be candidate, here is my information:
  13. You need to create a TEXTUREHere you have a video guide
  14. You need to create a TEXTURE Here you have a video guide
  15. I spoke with him, he told me he had or have Windows 32 bits. and Java x32 is not anymore for download