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  1. 1st of all nice share! 2nd i adapt it part by part and no apply any patch. The only "error" i have is that in L2PcInstance u ask to find this public void setPrivateStoreType(PrivateStoreType type) { _privateStoreType = type; Im working on L2jaCis last rev and cause i cannot find it i paste it with that public void but as i can see the (PrivateStoreType) is not recognized from L2PcInstance! Anyone knows what's wrong and how i can fix it?
  2. Problem solved thank you SweeTs! But when i enter the game and i put for test in 5 mobs to pop up captcha i get this window tell me that im suspicious for cheat ,it has "Continue" button that i press and nothing happened! Also no text allow or image so i can put some code in order to byppass it and no send me to jail! but i click continue and nothing happens!
  3. 1st of all thank you! 2nd check and this post i make for that so if u can be more specific ! i ll change everything that is Player to l2PcInstance. thanks i hopt it ll resolve it!
  4. Sorry but u are not so specific! where i must change the L2Character i have problem in Player no Character and btw if i change L2 Character to Creature messed up worst + L2PcInstance i think its already as Player! i told you new to java!
  5. Hello everyone!! I find this code "captcha" u see above. I checkout latest version of l2jaCis and i apply the patch! Everything was ok until i find that some lines are wrong for this version so i try (with my low knowledge) to adapt it correctly but i still cant fix the error in BotPreventionManager.Java and in Captcha.java. i Post you the "error" so if someone knows what i must do exactly or what i must change in order to work properly i ll be very very thankfull! public void updatecounter(L2Character killer2, L2Character l2Character) { if ((killer2 instanceof Player) && (l2Character instanceof Monster)) { Player killer = (Player) killer2; if (_validation.get(killer.getObjectId()) != null) Player and monster cannot be resolved and is with red line under! The code has import for instance.Player but thats doesnt exist on that rev of aCis so i change it to L2PcInstance. and has import for Character that i change to L2Character cause that also doesnt exist on this rev! anyway maybe i was do it wrong and maybe need something else in order to adapt on the latest rev correctly! (Im new to java coding so be easy on me.)
  6. Hello i just adapt the code with some modifications so i can Apply the patch and the only error i have is this! any help pls? public void generateCaptcha(PlayerData container, Player target) { int captchaId = generateRandomCaptchaId(); Player cannot be resolved!
  7. Hello, I just compiled the last version of l2jaCis! I begin with the DB installer i change the settings for find my DB and Pass etc. DB installed complete! After that, i open "RegisterGameServer" in order to make the "hexid" and continue.( I have make the changes in "LoginServer" config for the DB) When i press my Choice "1" the console report me this! i cannot understand where is the problem! It is cause i put a password on root user? is it because i use 8.0 sql and no 5.5! i dont know! maybe is something "easy" that i cannot think or find! Anyway i post down the error! Any kind of help accepted! Thank you all from now!