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  1. θελω μονο για globalreward χωρις να χρειαστει να δημιουργησω νεο jar
  2. καλησπερα παιδια , εχω κανει τοπικ κ στο "eng section". Ψαχνω globalvote system για L2frozen 1132(java 1.7) ο κωδικος υπαρχει ηδη μεσα απλως θελω νατον κανω να λειτουργει με ΑPI ή γενικως να λειτουργει. ο κωδικος εδω https://pastebin.com/jeAQJ8XS Ενω εχω βαλει το url στο powerpak οπου ενεργοποιει το votereward ειναι σαν να μην δουλευει καν,δεν μου βγαζει καν error στο console. Εαν βαλω λαθος url μ βγαζει οτι το site ειναι offline ή κατι ειναι λαθος στο url. Ευχαριστω εκ των προτερων.
  3. -Hi .I get into point , i need this code that already exist in l2jfrozen 1132 https://pastebin.com/jeAQJ8XS to edit so it works with api keys and server url instead only details of server. -I want it cause this code isnt work any more . -Can this done ? Thanks in advance
  4. you can just set your servers EXP to 1x..and add to specific mob more EXP. example: If a mob has 5000xp .set it to 75.000xp for 15x or 60.000xp for x12 and go on . you just have to find mobs at each max level of area and edit it. in lv1-40zone you will need 4mobs.. 1mob lv10, 1mob lv20 ,1 mob lv30, 1mob lv40 so find a 4 mobs at each level and add exp x15 of what they've got already.. EDITED:sorry i just read you need for adena..i think there is a script for that or a sql table.
  5. it seems interesting.i will test it and tell pm you if i have errors or stack somewhere.
  6. Hello. I need your help with autovotereward in l2jfrozen 1132.. L2jFrozen has already autovotereward in source ,but saddenly isn't work any more( idk if every one has this problem or just me). It was working fine last time i opened my server(early 2020) , i am configurate my new server now in same pack and now it seems it doesn't work at all. It Doesnt give even the message as it has to be. Usually it says " [AutoVoteReward]L2Network votes are 'x' next reward at 'x' votes.Check again in 'x' minutes! " and if the URL is not correct it says " [AutoVoteReward]L2Network is Offli
  7. Heal.java: if(!Config.PLAYERS_CAN_HEAL_RB && !activeChar.isGM() && target instanceof L2MonsterInstance) { activeChar.sendPacket(ActionFailed.STATIC_PACKET); continue; } or try this : + if (target instanceof L2RaidBossInstance) + continue; + if (target instanceof L2GrandBossInstance) + continue; // Player holding a cursed weapon can't be healed and can't heal +if (target instance of L2MonsterInstance) +continue;
  8. i have this error ..and i try both of solutions and both giving me error in console and server terminated. https://ibb.co/fYGpQfP code i use : https://pastebin.com/tKg1H2rW EDIT: FIXED you can lock it
  9. The other way is to add code for party matching ,specific mobs id drops the same items to all party members .
  10. Hello ,i am looking everywhere for " .raidinfo " voicecommand in L2jFrozen 1132. I found a code but it had many errors into..
  11. Just add in droplist of mob 1 ls and do it several times untill you reach the ammount you want . if you want 10ls by 1 mob.Just Add 10droplist ,1 ls eachone :/