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  1. Γεια σας παιδια .χρειαζομαι την βοηθεια σας εχω βαλει το type: "arena" αλλα δεν γινονται flag οι chars.. εχω αυτον τον code: <zone id="99991" type="Arena" shape="NPoly" minZ="-3035" maxZ="-3025"> <stat name='name' val='halisha'/> <stat name='spawnX' val='81236'/> <stat name='spawnY' val='148638'/> <stat name='spawnZ' val='-3469'/>. Ο οποιος ειναι το halisha's room ..οταν κανω teleport μου βγαζει το enter combat zone ..και λειτουργει κανονικα δλδ μπορεις να hit χωρις"ctrl" αλλα οι chars δεν γινονται flagged και τα pvp δν μετρανε καν ουτε to custom reward που εχω βαλει το δινει. ξοδεψα πανω απο 5ωρες σε guides και τπτ δν με βοηθησε .οποτε αποφασισα να απευθυνθω σε εσας .στο type="arena" <~εδω το εχω αλλαξει με FlagZone ,BossZone ,ChaoticZone και κανενα απ αυτα δν λειτουργει. επισης εβαλα και αυτο <stat name ='Flying' val='true'/> και παλι τπτ.ΒΟΗΘΕΙΑ! Pack:l2jfrozen rev 1132
  2. *First you must know the boss ID:29047<~this is halisha *Then you go to database and find the table "raidboss_spawnlist" *Find the ID of your boss and go to "respawn_min_Delay" <~here write the time you want as min time to respawn as example: 14400 <~this is 4hours and in "respawn_max_delay" put max time to respawn .. if you want Specific time for each rb then use the same as "respawn_min_Delay" number. *Save it *Open login and gameserver console *Join in server and enjoy it.
  3. Hello .I need your help . how to set an "arena" type to auto flag zone.. i already have this code: <zone id="99991" type="Arena" shape="NPoly" minZ="-3035" maxZ="-3025"> <stat name='name' val='halisha'/> <stat name='spawnX' val='81236'/> <stat name='spawnY' val='148638'/> <stat name='spawnZ' val='-3469'/>. Which is halisha's room ..when i teleport i have the message of enter combat zone ..i can hit without "ctrl" but chars arent get flag and pvp's doesnt count. I spend over 5h to searched and guides but noone of those helped me .so i decide to ask your help. type="arena" <~ i have change it to FlagZone ,BossZone ,ChaoticZone and noone of these worked. I also tried this code <stat name ='Flying' val='true'/> and nothing Pack:l2jfrozen rev 1132
  4. Hello to everyone.I need your help with my server and how to set it online so other ppl can play,well i have check many forums and i didnt find that one i searching for. I can set it online by my home and into my rooter and internet but there is lag after 30online players. So i need to set server online via a platform and show me step by step how i do it! thank you even if you read it ! Καλησπερα σε ολους ,χρειαζομαι την βοηθεια σας στο πως να κανω τον σερβερ μου online αλλα οχι απο το σπιτι,ή απο το σπιτι αλλα χωρις lag.Εγω μπορω να τον ανοιξω απο το σπιτι αλλα μετα τα 30 ατομα που μπαινουν laggaroun ,οποιος μπορει να βοηθησει ας το κανει .Ευχαριστω εκ των προτερων! my pc specs: 32gb RAM Ryzen 5 2600x Gtx 980 256gb SSD , 1TB HD This is my internet connection speed.Αυτη ειναι η ταχυτητα που εχω απο το σπιτι.
  5. very good share..but i cant watch them into shop..i see fishing materials instead..i have copy animation and textures..also fileedit itemname and weapons.dat
  6. l2tower ein to mono free p douleuei se olous ektos apo autous p exoun g-guard
  7. nai ..den kanei teleport se auto
  8. its about your files..interface work if u have the correct file no matter the server..server is only the l2.ini file..find a pack which your interface worked and change l2.ini ..congrats now its working!
  9. also if u need to add a new line in shop like "custom" u must find html of shop not mutishel
  10. find multishel of gm shop ~>data/mutlishel ..and type this <item id="1"> <ingredient id="6392" count="100"/> <production id="8166" count="1"/> </item> first id is item u need to buy the second id :P .have fun
  11. kalhspera paidia..exw ena 8ema me to ctf..xrisimopoiw l2jfrozen interlude pack..sto 8ema : exw ftia3ei to setup tou //ctf k apo to game k apo navicat..k den mporw na kanw teleport stin omada me to Id 1 sto navicat..k ama ftia3w allo id den tin diavazei kan ..diavazei mono id 0 h id 1..exw alla3ei ta Id stis team to 0 se 1 k to 1 se 0 k pali provlima exei to ID 1 ..t kanw la8os?Teleport~> team(prwti) mporw k se flag..stin deuteri den mporw..
  12. Hello everyone..i have a problem with ctf..i setup all things (//ctf + navicat) and i cannot teleport to current team+flag possition of ctf team with ID 1..i switched Id's of team and still cannot teleport to Team with id 1.(i create new teams and i've change id to 2+ and still not working)also if i change ID 1 to 2+ ..//ctf cannot even read second team..project l2jfrozen .thx anyway .here's the picture
  13. den ein 8ema ta xrimata,45e kostizei enas server stin gallia! 8ema m ein na ton anoi3w na ton ftia3w oso gnt k dn mporw na to kanw xwris atoma wstoso uparxei tropos na to anoi3w apo to spiti swsta? .