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  1. ofc it work..find how is it typed the pAtk ..maybe its wroted P.atk or idk the stat name of patk
  2. open your skills.xml and find one order with <mul ....(blablabla) and see how it is wroted ..
  3. i see error for 0x40 which is unused .its only for diff as @Trance said.. paste that .. <mul order="0x30" stat="pAtk" val="1.15"/>
  4. @MairHost is right .. he send you the full stats in first comment .. you have to give the order like : <mul val='1.10' order='0x10' stat='mAtk'/> (for 1% m atk) or <mul order="0x30" stat="mAtkSpd" val="1.15"/>(for 15% casting speed with different order)
  5. FIXED thank you so much mate.:thumpsup
  6. and whats the code for that ?;/ that gives me many error ( i have java 7 ) and almost everything dont exist in my sources like : getMembers @melron how i do that ? im noob af
  7. ok i will check now.and i will edit this messase when i compile.. EDIT: It work but not perfectly.. Now , when i am in zone and leave party "with player no1" teleport to nearest town only the player(no1) who left party..the other player(no2) is still in zone.
  8. + if (player.isInsideZone(L2Character.ZONE_UNUSED)) + player.teleToLocation(81035,148614,-3464); // Close the CCInfoWindow just like this? it doesnt need a check if isInParty?
  9. i did those without an error but still doesnt work :/ i also did it to an exist zone(like zone 32 which is unused) but nothing.ty for reply , is any other way ? .**EDIT: it worked i forgot to use "L2" before zone into zoneData..BUT still is only for teleport .i mean if u are inside zone and leave pt u arent teleport back
  10. @DukeAwesome @Zake opws grafw k sto topic ..ola itan comple dld ean eixa 15ls fainontousan kanonika san stackable " lifestone (15)" k afou evaza mia e3afanizontousan oles..opote itan astoxh h parathrhsh auth.wstoso to exw fix apo tote ,to provlima itan sto java tou "requestrefine".anyway ty for reply alla exoun perasei k 2mines :P
  11. i already did . it was the first code i saw but it doesnt work .1st: cause its script ,2nd: cause is not for frozen.
  12. Good morning to everyone. -Well at first i find a party teleport code ,but unfortunately this code that i found gived me error to "worldregion" as effect auto-flag into rb zones by default wasnt work. -So i decide to create one by modify multi of them and now it work properly. -Now i have a party teleport(4+) fixed BUT my problem is that when you are in zone and leave pt you arent teleport back. -I also created a new zone but i dont know the code for if party less than 4 teleport to location. -L2jFrozen 1132. WHAT I REALLY WANT is when players isInsideZone if party no exist or party is smaller than 4ppl teleport back to nearest city or giran
  13. wtf .nomizw dn xreiazotan auto gia apantisi :/ ..ein 3 grammes to code ..opws ein to mammon ..apla prospa8isa na to kanw spawn opws to mammon alla dn leitourgei .
  14. hello .. i want one npc respawn every day at specific time like global_task .. i try the custom_spawnlist but it need to die to work.. i need auto appear and dissapear that npc :/ + announce if is that possible