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  1. Good point. +1 Now ... its has to be one of the best available,stable,and secured this is to developer side to decide ,thats means it must be an existing project job is an extra features to add to his project...theoretical ;) And Im sorry ,but cant understand this language :( L2jFrozen 1.5:
  2. ♦ Item,amount Vote reward system HopZone,TopZone etc. ♦ Pc Bang Points ♦ PvP/Pk Title/Name system ♦ Private Shop Distance System ♦ Custom Announcements Settings ♦ Augment Custom System ♦ Rune of exp/drop/spoil item bonus (separate) ♦ Character control panel ♦ Premium accounts exp.drop,spoil - time ♦ Auto restart & auto back-up system ♦ Champion Mob 2 systems (chance to spawn 2 differend champoins witch differend aura- required 2 configs) ♦ Geodata + Geoengine at least 90% bugs free ♦ Unique Gatekeeper specific item/count ♦ Donate Manager + paypal website-reward specific item ID,amount ♦ Services Manager ♦ Delevel Manager ♦ Rebirth manager configs: level,item,item amount/reward1-2-3/stack skill yes/no,same class,race yes/no ♦ Bounty Hunter Manager - config: reward item,amount,allowed level min-max,killing sound fx,player msg - Random mob kill - reward x multiple by level ♦ Premium Manager ♦ Market Manager - auction house ♦ Special Item Agument for stats + break chance (example: any item agument for special item required +1% on success, all separate by html,depends of item ID - pAtk/mAtk/pDef/mDef/CP/HP/MP/Evasion/Critical rate/speed/ break item chance) ♦ Treasure hunt event ♦ Good ! antibot system for farm and enchant (captcha) ♦ Good ! Security system for exploits ♦ Good ! administrator security system ♦ Dualbox config HWID/IP , clients count ♦ Good Core files,datapack,stable ♦ Missing attack icon fixed for custom pets + allowed for pet armor,weapon,food Only for Devs with good reputation and well know ! If interested - pm me
  3. As far as I know,this project price is around 200 Euros. Pack,source,geodata,patchnode,svn ... everything. You decide !
  4. Server is UP , no restart has been made since last 3 weeks. Welcome all to join.
  5. Downtime for 10 days - Rate x10 -Full antibot -Depmax Files -NO WIPE !
  6. Bot Protection has been installed by Depmax. Actual online: 400-500
  7. Advext - clean , stable , anti ddos, antibot costs additional fee ( easy run on 1700 online) Vanganth - stable,anti ddos,mod`s,antibot,good price ( stable online - have no idea)
  8. Version 1.3 - NET Framework 3.5 Win 2k3 x64 Does`t even start
  9. We are not alife and not even dead

  10. ILOFF x4 Retail Full Bot/Cheat Protection Server powered by Depmax&Advext® Wiped due to tons of bots. New Protected Start date friday 20.09.2013 18.00GMT+1 Registration open from monday 16.09.2013 18.00GMT+1 System available to download from wednesday Online:1100 Max:1700 Full Retail Adena: x4 Exp: x4 Sp: x4 Drop: x4 Spoil: x4 Party Exp/Sp x1.5 DualBox: 2 Offline Shops: 72h Offline Shop Item Required: Scroll of Trade. Occupations Change: 1 Quest/Marks,2nd Quest/Marks Shadow Weapons: job change quests only. Herbs: Yes. Global Chat: On Server: Database Processor: Dual 4-Core AMD Opteron� 6000 series Memory RAM: AMD SR5670 ECC 16GB DDR3-1333 SDRAM 16-DIMM HDD: 4x Hot-swap SAS/SATA Hard Drive Server: Game Server Processor: Dual 4-Core AMD Opteron� 6000 series Memory RAM: AMD SR5670 ECC 32GB DDR3-1333 SDRAM 16-DIMM HDD: 4x Hot-swap SAS/SATA Hard Drive Network Bandwidth:IPMI 2.0 + KVM with dedicated LAN support-1000 Mb/s
  11. use [lin2db] select * from user_account where last_login > 2013-17-01 returns same record all over the time , no matter what date do I setup. Shows ALL records from user_account not sorted by date where last_login = 2013-17-01 where last_login < 2013-17-01 last_login > DATEADD(mm,-30,GETDATE()) Does`t give Returns at all use [lin2db] DELETE * from user_account where last_login > DATEADD(mm,-30,GETDATE()) Incorrect syntax near '*'.
  12. Pls for help - delete unused accounts by date last login. MSSQL Querry