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  1. Server Rates Changed to x10 Mana Recovery Boost x5
  2. Well , let's go back 5-10 years ago. No such a technology has been designed, why ? No need it.. Servers was full of players. Now new games, new technology, RTX 4K Fotorealistic games took control over. Lineage 2 is mostly for veterans, everyone who still enjoy climate of L2 wants to play, they will. AI works both ways, can help to go up or down.
  3. NPC BUFFER for Adena added and Auction House as well.
  4. This is not a client side its a server side. Be more specific,...Have u used skill ? potion ? scroll ?
  5. Is there anybody who have Knowledge in any of this to set up ??? Smaller values or should be higher ? Any chelp is much approciated. # Sleep time for all Selectors # After he finished his job the Selector waits the given time in milliseconds # Lower values will speed up the loop and the Ping is smaller SleepTime = 5 # Every loop it send a maximum of the given packages to each connection # Lower values will speed up the loop and the Ping is smaller but cause less output MaxSendPerPass = 64 # Every loop it read a maximum of the given packages from each connection
  6. Over 100+ Wild Animal Species to Tame,you must find a proper NPC,and finish the quest.Maximum level in Gaia World is 100.Stacking 1 subclass can get maximum 100 levels as well.....Many unique features to discover.
  7. So basically,is only combat bot that`s all ? farm/pvp ? and the price is 150 GBP ??
  8. Server doesn`t make a life go easy,it`s hard gameplay. 24.05 Saturday evening 25.05 Sunday evening Premium 24h for all online players Bonus +50% Drop Bonus +50% Spoil Bonus 100% Adena Drop Chance
  9. Even 100 happy players, are worth more than 1000 screamers. if you like to came,you are very wellcome,if you dont like it,thats fine also,its just a game. Every day we are dealing with bigger problems than that. Thank you. Tomorrow is First Day Open,everyone is most wellcome !
  10. Patience,Im really glad that you like Gaia`s World.Thank you.
  11. To be honest,beta is already gone. There is a few great servers on the way if not already opened. In a week time everything`s changed...many will follow,some will stay. Gaia is a world of unique gameplay...some will like it,some dont. Gaia will be up, hope next week ... The only one think we cannot stop, is the time...
  12. I can say that this ranking has a potential. Looks very nice, everything is clear , easy to understand and eyes friendly. Well done, wish you good luck.
  13. Future is here, soon don't need players anymore, AI soon will own the world :-P
  14. Primavel Dino now can be Tamed. Total Wild Animals available to be a Tamed Pet is 90 now. All tamed pets start his life from level 1