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  1. @MaGa u can translate that to english ? cuz i dont saw the insult :/, ur are worst. @WhiteDev haha u sure? nevermore is better than ur ex teammate, i saw servers with l2jsunrise, fully working, stables, without bugs and backdoors :D. @MaGa maybe u will have to pay ur webhosting with ur own money. :D or did u steal alot of money?.
  2. lol russian ppl? i only said, l2jsunrise is better, i shared the last version of your project :D becouse was a scam, and now everybody knows. i have a question @MaGa ur costumers will have to pay 300Euros to get a version without backdoors? hahahahaha. PD: is someone have doubts about to use this project, runaway, u can pay for a better work for less money and 3Yr of SVN, (L2jSunrise) GL too, ur new update will be the best
  3. i release the source ^^, so, everyone can see this "project", i did it cuz it was a waste of money. bad coders, bad source and bad geodata. @MaGa i found one server with ur source :D i found a little bug. :/ what can be?
  4. Hello. Don't buy this source, first I bought this for 300€ when it was lifetime access, it was full of bugs, then when this team "fixed all bugs" they changed my lifetime access to 1 year only, of course again full of bugs, in that one you have to do a restart to the server every day, or you were going to get errors, dressme doesn't work properly on linux, so ... if you have doubts about this project try it, but don't buy it, it's worthless GIT L2jMaster Rev12 Dragon Weapons and Fafurion for "Dressme" Geodata Without password geodata
  5. i cant see Dmg on screen, my Auto SS, dont work, even the autopot.