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  1. This is madness. Unique af. Hopefully economy n classes will be balanced in a good way so the project won't fall. GL
  2. Bandicam haha You have 2 3 months til the opening. Try to add some new features like daily instances, maybe quests, solo RBs, improved enchanted scrolls, exp scrolls.. Something to make it interesting and not 2 week server with 30 people. Gl thow
  3. Beta phase is over. New season has took place. Monday 23 15:00
  4. Successfully started at 12:00,gmt+2 with 100 stable players until now. Join us on discord
  5. This is based on an old revision that i have made public in this forum, so if you are wondering if it is an ready pack that i found somewhere you would be wrong for sure. We played like 3-4 hours the beta we noticed what are the things that we need to do. So im not really worried about the opening anymore. So 28 is the G.Opening. nothing else to say. Thanks for the huge feedback the players that joined us.
  6. Im glad to announce that we are going live for 2 days (beta phase) 20 of July til 22 July. We will give 10 accounts to 10 lucky players to join our beta. It will take place on our discord channel. Grand Opening as its planned on 28 of July. We have reached 40++ votes in top sites before even the beta phase. 100+ unique ips visiting our site everyday. Also an active discord channel with lively community. Events for the grand opening are taking place also. Join our community to be fully informed!
  7. MONDAY 23 GRAND OPENING! www.l2legacypride.com Join our discord channel Legacy Pride - Interlude Project - Discord Channel Bringing back the best copy of the memorial L2Pride server. The features list is currently not stable. #Server Rates -Fast leveling to 80 level. From level 80 to level 90 the leveling process is slow. Bonus experience is available in many ways. -Adena rate is reduced. -Custom drops. #Buffslots -Limited buff slots for each class. -Any self-buffs as Rage, Warcry etc do not take up buff sl
  8. SoloPvpZone file n voteManager file for sure. Configs are fucked up aswell.
  9. missing files on source. invalid configs also. its pretty much useless.
  10. class balance is not that bad. Is pretty good actually. Ye the solo farm is bad, but is not that hard to find a party to farm or to do the instances. The only sad thing here is the hunters village. Join on it full clans with full gear and let nobody to pvp, everybody leaves the hunter. Although the server is so good, i had like 5 years to play on a server like dat. If the support as as good as the server is it would be fantastic. Gj keep it up. * Shouldn't this topic be moved on live servers and not preview?
  11. Its really nice server. Although i guess that blazing and Mos doesnt have enough mobs for solo players if pagan exist only the weekends. Gl & gj