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  1. Greetings friends, as the title mentions , i am looking for Testers for my IL server which is currently in Closed Beta Mode. Testers will be rewarded on the server launch. Contact me via message for more info Thanks in advance , have a nice day. http://prnt.sc/vhb52x http://prnt.sc/vhb6ej
  2. Hello and thank you for your answer , the feature that you meantioned , is implemented in my pack as well , but the thing is that it's not the solution to this bug ..
  3. Greetings guys , Bug: Duel ends in tie , and they can walk normally with Snipe or Ultimate Defense while keeping the stats after duel ends Could anyone help me understand what's causing this bug and point me in the right direction in order to fix it ? (Using L2JFrozen ) Thanks in advance
  4. So i saw this code posted from An4rchy and because i had some free time i decided to try the adaptation of the code to l2jfrozen since it was posted for acis. I'm terrible in this so i got stuck somewhere as expected. Original Code : Since i use l2jfrozen and there is not a file named bypasshandlers.java i decided to add the code in : package com.l2jfrozen.gameserver.network.clientpackets; --> RequestBypassToServer (Don't know if it's the right thing to do) This is what i added there : Errors/Warnings: I post my problem here not cause i want someone to
  5. any ideas on how can i get in contact with Shyla or Nefer? :D
  6. i've been tracking his posts.. never seen a guy like him before hahaha :y u no?: P.S : can i send you a private message to discuss about something Trance? Thank you for your reply Rootware
  7. you are up to something cool bro.. keep up
  8. Thank you for your answer Kelrzher, i think with the info you provided me i'll keep my self busy for a while Thank's again for your reply, what i meant was that i do not want to pay for the latest rev of acis and so i should work with the other option ( which might be a disaster as you mentioned)
  9. Thank you for your reply Tessa , It might be a nightmare in your personal view and i'm sure you know much more than i do , but right now i have to use the resources that i have and try to improve
  10. Thank you for you reply Tryskell , I could open my own server as you already mentioned but in my point of you searching for bugs by my self would be like searching for a needle in a haysack since i lack the experience In my opinion the best way to test bugs would be with live testers which are hard to find nowadays( already tried to reach out some ) since noone is willing to do something without getting something in return :P .... I just created this topic to see if someone could mention some bugs that already have been tested and are working