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  1. WTS Adena on currently the best low rate server. One pack = 100kk = 4 euro. PM me here or leave reply in the topic
  2. Supplied OP with adena, very fast and smooth transaction.
  3. Wts adena on mordor interlude server, 11euro for 100kk, currently got 800kk in stock.
  4. Forums sick call a doctor someone
  5. "To this guy, never met him, i say he's not me" :D
  6. It means it has to be doable from client side, right? The set crest packet (as far as i remember) is just a byte array of constant size. What can go wrong here? Actaully it is just a unbound byte array both for clan and ally, just checked. A video proof would be fun to watch :)
  7. I learned a lot from your things, glad to see that you are still around!
  8. https://sjp.pwn.pl/slowniki/niejeden.html Mimo to, powodzenia! :D
  9. In what country you pay bills with 50kk adena? I want to live there man
  10. Was about to ask, why is he relogging :P