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  1. Me too. Add me on skype: CHRISTOPHERFTW
  2. Same stuff every relaunch.... Nothing new
  3. You just did even more than that so far. Over n out.
  4. Wow, that's what this forum is for isn't it? If I would be able to write it I wouldn't ask. If typing 3 lines of letters are too much for you and you require money for it, sorry but -you know what. Anyone else?
  5. you are forcing me to think... as i wrote, can u please pm me with a simple solution?
  6. it doesnt work 100%. could u please pm me how the script should look like then? im totally noob at it...
  7. Hello dear friends, Please tell me why my adrenaline/pc gets laggy and after some time disconnects when i am using below script? I use it for pvp on all bots - it is a res-accept script. Is it poorly written? var i: integer; Ch: TL2Control; begin while true do begin try Ch:= nil; Ch := GetControl('Player'); if (Ch <> nil) and (Ch.Status = lsOnline) then Ch.Confirmdialog(true); except end; end; end.
  8. Hello my dear friends that are still stuck to lineage or those who almost forgot about it already. I am recently facing a very unpleasant interruptions after some time while playing l2 l2spring.eu server and such crash errors are the first time I ever see throughout my long not special l2 career. I have tried some uber tricks replacing some system files and nothing helped. I am assuming it has to be textures related. Below are screens of those errors. Any help and advice would be really appreciated. Thank you.
  9. why there are 9 people online? what happened?
  10. Hello, Is there any chance of bypassing a dsetup.dll protection that blocks adrenaline/programming? Would appreciate any help. Below is an error from a customly protected server. With kind regards, Sarap
  11. Admin is a complete ignorant. My account got hacked for the first in my entire l2 career (since c2) and he tells me i got a keylogger and later when I try to talk it out (check logs or something he just bans me from the server. DON'T WASTE UR TIME. -Sarap
  12. but it doesn't give me errors, I can log normally,,, strange part isthat everything goes smoothly as always untill I type //cfg when nothing happens :/
  13. Hello, So far I've been having no problems with my injects to l2interlude (c6) servers. But meh... So far... So the whole case is 1) i start up l2.exe -> then log into character screen 2) run l2tower and inject then turn it off 3) use extreme injector and inject into l2.exe and then turn it off 4) log ingame Worked so far... Anyone got any help? ***PLUS something smells odd in the system folder concerning l2_clean.exe and l2_tweaked.ini screen of the system folder http://imgur.com/zgIbjND