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  1. You just did even more than that so far. Over n out.
  2. Wow, that's what this forum is for isn't it? If I would be able to write it I wouldn't ask. If typing 3 lines of letters are too much for you and you require money for it, sorry but -you know what. Anyone else?
  3. you are forcing me to think... as i wrote, can u please pm me with a simple solution?
  4. it doesnt work 100%. could u please pm me how the script should look like then? im totally noob at it...
  5. Hello dear friends, Please tell me why my adrenaline/pc gets laggy and after some time disconnects when i am using below script? I use it for pvp on all bots - it is a res-accept script. Is it poorly written? var i: integer; Ch: TL2Control; begin while true do begin try Ch:= nil; Ch := GetControl('Player'); if (Ch <> nil) and (Ch.Status = lsOnline) then Ch.Confirmdialog(true); except end; end; end.