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  1. change class 1 buffer_npc : default_npc to class 1 buffer_npc : citizen
  2. class 1 buffer_npc : default_npc -> class 1 buffer_npc : citizen and maybe remove the attacked handler? idk wtf skill that is it uses but yeah :D
  3. like yo i answered with a serious answer why the fuck this guy asking on mxc why not ask akumu the literal maker of the product he has a question about, it's like when people come here asking about shit for advext too, you're paying these guys ludicrous amounts of money for their products go fuckin ask them lol
  4. since god they've been adding quite a few things which work via bypass in the interface, don't have the list handy but i had something like 20 different bypasses whitelisted for it, guess they got lazy :D
  5. it's the reason trust me :D in classic half the damn interface is run off bypasses + they clearly don't know how their own bypass check parser works cuz i have to reformat their own htmls every time to remove whitespace and shit from bypass urls in random htmls which also cause false blocks, and there's a reason gamecoast has it enabled with no problems (they patched it) but the fstring shit is for sure the biggest reason, check out npcstring-x.dat that shit is full of full bypass strings where they really only need the localized string to be in there, all those links will false block if u enable bypass checks on any server highfive or above, including latest classic and salvation l2server
  6. there's been a lot of "fake" c4 servers run off vang files where they just make interlude client look like c4 and revert some of the features so you could always go that route, if i remember right the only major changes from c4 to c5 is the clan system and herbs (maybe zariche too? cant remember) so wouldn't be hard to revert vangs ext down to just that but you'll have a whole lotta fun with the network crap :D
  7. the reason it's disabled is they gave up on updating the whitelist for bypass commands for all the random shit they added in the newer chronicles in the client which sends bypass commands instead of packets, combined with the fact that in hf+ l2server they changed the way fstrings from AI work and now the fstring id is passed directly to the client in the html body like: <fstring p1="%s" p2="%s" p3="%s" p4="%s" p5="%s">%d</fstring> and it fills in whole bypass commands via localized NPCString-x.dat - both of which end up with false blocks on the bypass check and fuck up a bunch of systems :D ( so to any of you building exts on the hf+ files, don't forget to fix that ;) ) but from what i hear in the latest shit they don't appear to have enabled the link check (for example you can still rip htmls no problem if you know the html names) but instead might've added some filtering to prevent the download shit but last time i checked it was like 3 months ago and it worked fine on NA,RU and KR servers but a lot can change in 3 months :D
  8. i wouldn't be surprised tbh, i mean hell you can still do the file download exploit on official servers atm, used it to snag eventdata not so long ago from there, seems they aren't much interested in security so hardly a surprise so many of their files floating around :D
  9. yeah it's a pretty ancient bug that one, caused all kinds of havoc back in the like c2-c4 days before people actually figured out what it was, any c4-based ext will have it fixed via amped
  10. yeah lol antivirus isn't gonna play nice with any tools for hardening a VM cuz #1 use for it is malware so you take it as you want pretty much
  11. the reason for the limit is it's the size ncsoft uses for their IOBuffer class, for older chronicles its 8kb for newer its 16kb, you can overcome that limit if you change the allocation size in both the server and client to a larger amount but i wouldn't recommend it... easier way to do it is copy how ncsoft handles large htmls for community board, fragment the html and send it in multiple packets, stick them together in the client and display it once you've received all the fragments i've done it that way successfully for standard npc html and the client handles the larger buffer fine but there is an upper limit, i'm not 100% sure what that upper limit is as i can't be bothered to check into it but a 100kb html i tried to send once only partially loaded when sent direct to UGameEngine::OnNPCHtmlMessage, but i've had np with files around the 50kb mark
  12. not that i remember but i kinda blocked the last couple hell servers out of my brain so could've been :D i keep all the infos of my work private cuz i'm mysterious like that
  13. as much as i'd love to give a bunch of details i wouldn't get hired by anyone in future if i did :D lets just say it was an international focused server but playerbase definitely ended up probably 70%+ russian, their opening online was probably a bit more than some of the mentioned russian servers, but achievable numbers for any serious project really