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  1. yeah lol antivirus isn't gonna play nice with any tools for hardening a VM cuz #1 use for it is malware so you take it as you want pretty much
  2. the reason for the limit is it's the size ncsoft uses for their IOBuffer class, for older chronicles its 8kb for newer its 16kb, you can overcome that limit if you change the allocation size in both the server and client to a larger amount but i wouldn't recommend it... easier way to do it is copy how ncsoft handles large htmls for community board, fragment the html and send it in multiple packets, stick them together in the client and display it once you've received all the fragments i've done it that way successfully for standard npc html and the client handles the larger buffer fine but there is an upper limit, i'm not 100% sure what that upper limit is as i can't be bothered to check into it but a 100kb html i tried to send once only partially loaded when sent direct to UGameEngine::OnNPCHtmlMessage, but i've had np with files around the 50kb mark
  3. not that i remember but i kinda blocked the last couple hell servers out of my brain so could've been :D i keep all the infos of my work private cuz i'm mysterious like that
  4. as much as i'd love to give a bunch of details i wouldn't get hired by anyone in future if i did :D lets just say it was an international focused server but playerbase definitely ended up probably 70%+ russian, their opening online was probably a bit more than some of the mentioned russian servers, but achievable numbers for any serious project really
  5. if i can make a business as a developer in l2 scene, imagine what the people who pay people like me actually make, you'd be shocked... $200 for a server, maybe $300 for ddos protect if your datacenter can't do it, most servers don't have large staff, maybe 3-5 people max, if there is support staff they don't usually get paid or they get paid with ig stuff - biggest part is advertising budget and for that it really only takes 1500-2k$ for a modest budget and you'll make that all back on the first hour of launch plus if you look at the kind of servers that launch today, even the big ones, they're mostly just preconfig files with a few minor changes here and there, open the server for 1-3 months, close when money dries up and reopen, rinse and repeat over and over and over making 100k USD / year is not unheard of for even small open/close server operators, hell one server i worked on recently made above that in 3 months and was probably 70% profit after paying staff and costs people don't run servers for the fun of it - at least not large ones anyway, if you've run a server in the current atmosphere you'd understand why, it's not fun lol
  6. bro if you don't want peeps modifying and using your stuff for commercial purposes you in the wroooooooong place, you should go check that postpacific backup that was posted and go see what l2 "dev" community was like 11 years ago and as someone who was active then and now i can tell you it has not got any better, people gonna take your work, they gonna put their name on it, and sell it to every dumbass who will pay for it - it's been like that for longer than 11 years trust me on that i'm not saying you should open it back up but seems a bit on the sillysauce side to me to be posting updates about a closed project, not as sillysauce as porting it to linux though idk why you're doing that O.o
  7. i did that a few months ago but took a very different approach to it xD i'll have to have a poke at your source and see what all is in there, i probably have a few funcs/vars to share cuz i pulled mine out of the h5 l2npc.exe
  8. people just aint gonna put the time into making a good server which the players gonna drop after a month when the next shiny plug and play server launches the player base left in l2, especially EU, is garbage - so you get garbage servers
  9. well you definitely don't need to go to university for computer science to be able to do it, despite what a few people around the interwebs might say :D i haven't taken a single class or read a single book about programming and i get by pretty well... you just gotta learn assembly is the short answer, i don't really know any good guides or courses for it i just learned by example, looking at code vs compiled and seeing how it works that way is what i did... but once you know assembly it's then just a case of cracking open ida and doing the leg work on researching how all the systems work and integrate with each other, that's the thing which takes significant time, i've been working on l2off exes of various vintages since like 2005 and there's still systems i don't really understand and new things i discover so it's a pretty never ending process but that's the fun part for me or i wouldn't still be doing it :D
  10. duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude no you did fucking not omg dude this is too awesome i have like 20 people i need to send this to
  11. it will "run" on both, but if you don't want problems don't run it on anything above 2012