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  1. you're welcome to make a better one and post it for people to use ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ like he says, it gets the job done if you don't have anything else
  2. this might be a 4 year old post but had to bump it cuz finally found a post with the proper algorithm for fucking reuse delay on skill_pch2
  3. old timers at least remember the days back before there was actually info on forums, when info was kept locked up by a few people and no one helped anyone, hell you couldn't even pay someone to get info or setup a server for you back then you just had to figure it out, guess what? we figured it out i mean shit there's a fucking topic titled "HOW TO SETUP L2OFF SERVER" i would've sold my grandma for a topic like that for the c1 files back in 2005 which wasn't written in chinese
  4. bro, your friends are shit programmers and you're a shit sys admin then. db setup for all l2off which exists; step 1 create db lin2db create db lin2world create db lin2log (if you plan on using log server) ignore all other dbs cuz no one uses them and comm server is insecure step 2 run lin2db sql script run lin2world sql script run lin2log sql script (if you plan on using log server) step 3 create odbc file dsn for lin2db (can skip this step if using hAuthD) create odbc file dsn for lin2world create odbc file dsn for lin2log (if you plan on using log server) step 4 run the fucking server and type in your dsn names and user/pass jesus fuck man how the fuck can you not do that in 10 min? you come here with your dumbass dick measuring "I HAVE A TEAM OF HIGH END PROGRAMMERS" "I WAS PART OF ONE OF THE FIRST L2 SERVERS EVER <inserts name of server no one's heard of>" "IM A SYS ADMIN AND CANT DO IT" fucking get over yourself, you are not looking to play with a few buddies and neither is any retard around here who says they are, they all want to make $$$ and think they can get a free meal ticket to it EVEN WHEN THERE'S FREE SHIT ALL AROUND YOU this is a fucking topic with the SOURCE FUCKING CODE of an amazing fully working almost bug free fucking extender and that's STILL not enough??? FOR YOUR TEAM OF HIGH END PROGRAMMERS??? THEY CAN'T HIT A FUCKIN BUILD BUTTON IN VISUAL STUDIO?? give me a fuckin break guys what the fuck, talkin shit about "wahwahwah the games gonna die if u dont give me free files" inside a fucking topic with free fucking files in it what on earth is wrong with people and i dont even like advext or their team but that whiney ass shit just annoys the fuck out of me, and @Remorseadmin advext is fuckin expensive, i'm not saying they're not allowed to be it's their product they can set whatever price they want but lol @ "skilled and not expensive"