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  1. yeah like i said, much much more reasonable than the 40k c4 was selling for back in the day :D but still not many people gonna buy it for 1.8k and share it after, hence its gonna stay private for a good while i expect
  2. people been selling the hf files publicly for literally 5+ years, probably not gonna leak any time soon cuz people still buying it for pretty decent $ and people don't usually go spend a few thousand $ and post the files public :D surprised a bunch of people haven't put together a pot of cash to buy the files and share tbh, that's what happened with the c4 leak but that was 40k price tag the hf files are much much more reasonably priced lol
  3. this is precisely why using someone else's name, especially from the 2007/8/9 era is so stupid original l2revenge had custom armor+weapon+jewels and you could donate up to +20 same as all servers of that era, you're using a name that you don't even understand what it represented, if you actually tried to reproduce a server from that era you'd get 0 players precisely for the reasons you're stating "crazy and massive editing - loss of slow grind" etc, not to mention biggest criticism from that era "starwars server" and bro wtf you doing taking name of an iconic
  4. no because you're not the real howardstern and i hate when people takeover oldschool server projects name in an attempt to capitalize on player's nostalgia without any respect for the people who created the original, while i appreciate that you're at least upfront about not being the original guys the least you could do is not use howard's name
  5. no clue never paid for it so couldn't say, but no matter what pcoder's price is for it, it's cheaper than anyone's going to ask you to pay for a bypass, personally I wouldn't sell a smartguard3 bypass that allows cracked adrenalin for any less than probably $1000 so just pay whatever pcoder's corrupt ass wants if you want to bot that badly
  6. if u pay for adrenalin you'll get ~50% of the time it working perfectly fine through smartguard 3, akumu and pcoder have a deal for it
  7. you shouldn't assume that just cuz there's difference in file size that the shared source isn't complete for it, tons of things affect the file size just based on visual studio settings, then there's whether the dll you're comparing to is packed/encrypted or not as far as i've seen the source that's posted is the full source of cliext there's nothing missing so size difference is most likely just some artifact of something mentioned above
  8. it's pretty clear in the code - the reason it's the same color is //critannounce is because it IS a //critannounce, it's just sending the same packet, you might be able to change the critannounce color in the client but dunno
  9. i think you just got your answer in the first reply to the topic :D players only really care about names, if you got a name (even if you stole it) then you'll pull players but even still, not likely to get a server to last beyond 1-2 months, 3 if you're really lucky and some other big name doesn't launch in that time "community" now consists of clans/streamers who get paid to play on servers and the peons who follow them, servers live and die based on which people they've allocated their "advertising" budget to.
  10. oh no not winsocks btw since when is winsocks considered legacy? all those fancy hipster libs everyone uses for networking still built on winsocks lol
  11. most people who are running c4 servers w/ vanganth atm aren't really running c4 client, they're using interlude system with dats changed to same as c4 and using interlude ext almost as-is except for some changes removed to be more c4-like and the npc/item/skill/etc scripts returned to c4 default - it's easiest path to get c4 w/ vanganths cuz you don't gotta do the work to remove the network changes
  12. well it's a ddos protection website which uses cloudflare to protect itself so i think that should be a good indicator of the quality of their service, if they don't protect their own site themselves.
  13. depends on which blowfish key but the static ones are in engine.dll you might be better off explaining why you think you need the blowfish key cuz i'm guessing you might actually need something else