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  1. by paying a shit ton more money to someone who can bypass it (example, i charge minimum 800$, higher for more popular servers and low rates) just buy adrenaline, it's a lot cheaper
  2. first - you take cliext.dll, throw it in the trash, and never speak of it again cuz its a garbage dll which vanganth should be ashamed of creating alternatively you set the MD5Checksum in IlExt.ini for your new dll
  3. it is much advanced, but like how much u consider many cuz like l2 folk think 50$ is many and it aint
  4. how many $$$ u got
  5. yeah absolutely no one is gonna follow that advice, i mean hell you're on a site right now which used to click jack :D i think the success rate of brute forcers which use leaked/stolen/bought server login dbs and hence the necessity for forced-prefix account registration is testament to the security precautions that lineage2 players take these days
  6. [L2OFF] Beyond World

    isn't this server in beta? like i know lineage2 players think beta test period is basically "showoff period" for l2j plebs with plug and play packs but idk in the days i ran servers i thought beta period was for testing and finding bugs to be fixed before going live? or is that not how it works anymore? *shrugs*
  7. Discussion Threats against iPlay project

    11 minute video man, tl;dr you should sum it up a little
  8. l2off cached doesn't do what i think you think it does ... i had to do a double take and rub my eyes on this one i can't believe i actually read that i don't think anyone's gonna argue with you on whether it's possible to do what you're talking about, it clearly is and obviously many enterprise services are ran that way, i think the greater question is why the hell would you? for an academic exercise sure go for it, have fun... but as a practical improvement to l2j as it currently stands? there's 1000 other places that development time would be 1000000x better spent
  9. dude you asked for opinions and said you'd listen to suggestions (read the last line of your original post) so idk why you're getting that attitude about me doing what you asked lol your intention is to sell this product, as someone who derives a large part of his income from selling shit in l2 space - trust me when i tell you there is no market for your product. no one wants a c# AI, the only people who even know wtf you're talking about with what your magic system can do vs AI are already making their own extenders for functionality AI can't provide, these people will not buy your product. anything you want to do with NPCs the AI can already do so a new scripting engine is useless there, the true potential for a scripting engine is on the l2server not l2npc, just look at the kind of shit they do on l2j with java scripts - you get that same kind of functionality over to l2off and your pool of buyers will explode
  10. yeah but literally no one cares about that man, ai functionality is good enough to do anything anyone wants to do with npcs atm, but anything else, any other kind of game functionality is 100% inaccessible to people who don't know c++ and asm... want a custom bbs? tough shit want a custom event which doesn't revolve around npcs? tough shit want to log some statistics for your website? tough shit want to try some kind of custom bot shit like they do on l2j (captcha etc)? tough shit there's so many possibilities to open up l2off to a broader audience than just us wacko devs with a scripting engine on the l2server and if you're looking to sell this shit i can tell you right now, no one will buy a system which is basically AI+
  11. meh extra scripting engine isn't really necessary on l2npc, l2server scripting engine though that'd be where it's at, event systems and all that shit yo
  12. Don't click the green arrow, go to build -> build solution
  13. I'm not entirely sure if this will be useful to anyone on here, so it's more for reference for myself and a few other developers, but I couldn't find any information for superpoint.bin format in english so... superpoint.bin is used for preset waypoint movement via AI for some npcs, for those who don't know. The format of the file is as follows DWORD nSuperPointCount; { DWORD nNameLength; // Name length without terminating null WCHAR wcName; // Name without terminating null DWORD null; // ALWAYS 0 DWORD nNodeCount; // Total number of nodes { DWORD nNodeID; // Index of the node DWORD X; // X of the node - int not float DWORD Y; // Y of the node - int not float DWORD Z; // Z of the node - int not float DWORD nDelay; // Delay of the node } DWORD nConnectionType; // 0 for can't move, 2 for can move { IF nConnectionType == 2 { DWORD nNode1ID; DWORD X; DWORD Y; DWORD Z; DWORD nNode2ID; DWORD X; DWORD Y; DWORD Z; } } } Total number of connections per superpoint is ((nodes^2)-nodes). The connection data is how the server knows how an npc can move between each node, for example if you create a connection type #2 between node 1 and 2, the server knows that the npc can move from node 1, to node 2, but you must also create a connection between node 2 and 1 otherwise the npc won't be able to move back to node 1 from node 2. You can create connections between any node, such as node 1 and node 5, so that the npc can move directly from node 1 to node 5.