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  1. ncsoft only closed l2extreme, they then sent DMCA takedown notice to everyone listed on gamesites200, my server included, most servers at that time just ignored the takedown notices and moved hosting providers, ncsoft took no further action against any other servers this is likely to be the same situation except it has much MUCH less reach than ncsoft's action did back then, as innova can only use RU law which has no international agreements in place for copyright like USA's DMCA does
  2. they don't have any reach outside of RU because they don't own the IP outside of RU, they only have it licensed for RU, it's very unlikely anything will happen other than domain blocks inside RU, and maybe seizing of any .ru domains, if any of the owners are inside RU sphere of influence they might not be in such a great position but anyone in EU or literally any other western country will be untouchable by RU law. and putin not gonna send hit squads after private server owners so it's all a bunch of hot air, it's not first time innova has gone takedown crazy, they nuked a bunch of drop db and info sites in RU a few years back, nothing came of it in the end
  3. you do realize that's because the server isn't popular enough for pcoder to care about doing a bypass for it right? i get that you don't understand why a .net antibot is the most retarded idea i've heard from an antibot but bro - it's a retarded idea lol and it only blocks everything because no one cares enough about that server to bypass it
  4. did the guy really name his shitty .net antibot after himself? 😄 damn even i'm not THAT arrogant.
  5. you get the community you deserve l2 players are retarded, ask any players what they want out of a server and what they'd consider "good" then compare that to the servers they actually play on ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. this function will work fine with the authd which is from gracia final pack, just use lin2db user_account table, login_flag = 1024 that's 4 separate sections so you might wanna be specific about which settings you wanna know about :D but FreeToPlay->FreeOpenServer must be true for premium status to work, it does other things too but don't remember exactly what if you just want to use the prime shop you don't NEED the premium server, you can get around it with extender cuz 90% of the prime shop logic is inisde l2server, or yeah just emulate the premium server cuz it's packets are stupid simple and pretty self explanatory, as far as i know no one's ever leaked the premium server public so not likely anyone gonna post it oh yeah, about premium in glory days, it doesn't show the gold box around your level anymore like it used to, unless you edit the interface to do it (the code for it is literally just commented out you just have to uncomment it and recompile interface.u) really stupid shit idk why they removed that cuz now you can't see if you're premium or not :D probably in the RU or other branch client it exists still
  7. bro name 1 thing you can do from kernel mode "full privilege" that you cant from usermode that you think is "more destructive" and regardless of all that bullshit you guys keep talking about how dangerous kernel is >>You can load unsigned kernel code from usermode using vulnerable legitimate drivers which work to this day<< i'd link you a topic to another forum but i feel that might fall afoul of the rules, but people literally post hundreds of drivers which have vulnerabilities in them to allow injection of your own code, or hell even your own entire fucking unsigned driver, into the kernel this magic scary bullshit about kernel mode, guess what, if some shady guy who has usermode access on your PC wants to do all that scary kernel shit, THERE'S NOTHING STOPPING THEM. usermode is not safer than kernel mode if you're running any application of suspect legitimacy, because there's nothing stopping them from being in kernel from user.
  8. because as i said, that's not the driver service, you can delete it from services menu or use the same command but instead of PRProt, "sc delete AAErrorPort" but as you can see it's a "manual" service, so it won't start by itself or anything, if you deleted the temp dir anyway the service files are gone so it can't start even if it wanted to
  9. well you can't really steal an EV key like they did in the bad old days because even for the giant corporate guys the EV key has a hardware token, so unless you steal a hardware token you can't sign your files with it, not impossible sure but nothing like it used to be. sure you can pay some guy with a corp to do it but that's still a legitimate corp which has to exist so if you were able to prove one of these guys was doing malicious shit you can report that to the CA and get the key revoked + the corp blacklisted. idk why you guys think there's something specially bad about drivers, there's nothing you can access from kernel mode which you can't somehow access from usermode, even for kernel-specific structures you can use exploitable drivers (asus, cpu-z, gigabyte, intel, the list is endless) where you can sideload unsigned driver code to the kernel. if a shady russkie has ONLY usermode access to your PC and he wants to fuck your shit up, your shit is gonna be fucked no matter what you do, it's not gonna get fucked more just because the guy has a driver. that's not the driver service, that's just the service he uses to transfer errors from kernelmode to usermode, the actual service is PRProt, it's set to not be displayed in the services window (yes thats an option) so to stop it you have to use cmd "net stop PRProt" will stop it if you wanna be 100000% sure it's gone, run cmd "sc delete PRProt" that will delete the actual service for the AA driver, once the service is gone it's not gonna come back unless you run the AA launcher again
  10. Okay so lets start with one thing, despite what AlmostGood says, anyone who has anticheat which uses a driver DO have a registered company, because you literally can't get EV code sign keys without a registered corporate entity and for windows 10 kernel drivers you have no choice but to use EV keys. Anyway, the reason you can't delete the temp directory created by AA (or any other driver-based anticheat for that matter), is because of how the drivers work. Once DriverUnload is called, the driver is considered unloaded by the OS, but the driver file itself is still loaded in the kernel until the service has been stopped from usermode. If you really want to delete the dir, you have 2 options. 1. Reboot your pc, then delete it. 2. open cmd (as admin) and type "net stop PRProt" then delete it. Once all games are closed, AA unloads after a specified time (something like 30 seconds, don't remember exactly) and then DriverUnload is called, at this point there is no kernel code running from AA anymore.
  11. use Encoding enc = new UnicodeEncoding(false, true); this will create unicode encoding, little endian, with byte order mark, then should work fine
  12. why not just save it as unicode in the program? looks like c# in which case it's super easy you can set the output encoding for the stream when you save it
  13. point proven ya leeching cunt, oh and all those guys pming me asking for "private shares" for geodata etc, cunts like this guy are the reason you won't get any i haven't played with the GD files much as there was never really any demand for them, people seem to consider GD a dead chronicle and extending beyond GD gets ... complicated, i haven't seen the source for the ext that's in the GD files so can't say for sure what it fixes, but usual things as said in the highfive post apply here too multisell choose packet exploit (still, fucking ncsoft when are you gonna fix this i fixed it in c2 you useless twats) html bypass/link protection shit still doesn't work right (it's disabled on retail servers) it's easy enough to fix by ext by filtering fstring bypasses and whitelisting UI-generated links/bypasses i personally only know 2 crash bugs in this one, both aren't fixed in the included ext interestingly the GD server does actually filter packets pre-enterworld but not sure it covers them all i don't know 100% for sure with the db which is included in this specific share, but the various one's i've seen over the years didn't have indexes included in the sql dumps, so you'll have to rebuild those yourself if you don't want soulshot lag with 10 players on there's probably a ton of dupes as usual but basic trade checks on item manipulation generally covers most of them
  14. dumbass the link i posted isn't a leak from other fucking forums it's my copy of glory days 2.1 english htmls i ripped myself from retail servers, so he and you can fuck off and buy vip if you want to download my share cuz you're all a buncha leeching cunts anyway, peace