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  1. i think you just got your answer in the first reply to the topic :D players only really care about names, if you got a name (even if you stole it) then you'll pull players but even still, not likely to get a server to last beyond 1-2 months, 3 if you're really lucky and some other big name doesn't launch in that time "community" now consists of clans/streamers who get paid to play on servers and the peons who follow them, servers live and die based on which people they've allocated their "advertising" budget to.
  2. oh no not winsocks btw since when is winsocks considered legacy? all those fancy hipster libs everyone uses for networking still built on winsocks lol
  3. most people who are running c4 servers w/ vanganth atm aren't really running c4 client, they're using interlude system with dats changed to same as c4 and using interlude ext almost as-is except for some changes removed to be more c4-like and the npc/item/skill/etc scripts returned to c4 default - it's easiest path to get c4 w/ vanganths cuz you don't gotta do the work to remove the network changes
  4. well it's a ddos protection website which uses cloudflare to protect itself so i think that should be a good indicator of the quality of their service, if they don't protect their own site themselves.
  5. depends on which blowfish key but the static ones are in engine.dll you might be better off explaining why you think you need the blowfish key cuz i'm guessing you might actually need something else
  6. post the full linerror, just callstack is a bit useless
  7. oh boy you're definitely wrong, what i posted is the exact addresses you need to edit, they are all "mov xmm*, 4.0" lemme show a specific example from one of them, 0x7A882A then way way way further down in that function xmm13 is used as the multiplier to the damage value this is why it pays to know the asm rather than just pressing F5 in ida and looking at c-like code cuz you'd be hard press to spot this in all of that crap, but if you know the asm you know exactly what to look for so what you need to do to edit the crit rate from 4.0 to some other value, is you need to change all of those addresses I put in the previous post .text:00000000007A882A movlpd xmm13, cs:qword_9CCFB0 .text:00000000007A9071 movlpd xmm10, cs:qword_9CCFB0 .text:00000000007A98DA movlpd xmm9, cs:qword_9CCFB0 .text:00000000007AA14B movlpd xmm10, cs:qword_9CCFB0 .text:00000000007AFED5 movlpd xmm12, cs:qword_9CCFB0 .text:00000000007B274E movlpd xmm9, cs:qword_9CCFB0 overwrite the address they're pulling the 4.0 modifier from with the address to your own modifier double, if you're using vanganth's you'd do it like this double dMageCritPowerModifier = 2.0; g_HookManager.WriteRelativeAddress(0x7A882A, 3, &dMageCritPowerModifier, 0);
  8. .text:00000000007A882A movlpd xmm13, cs:qword_9CCFB0 .text:00000000007A9071 movlpd xmm10, cs:qword_9CCFB0 .text:00000000007A98DA movlpd xmm9, cs:qword_9CCFB0 .text:00000000007AA14B movlpd xmm10, cs:qword_9CCFB0 .text:00000000007AFED5 movlpd xmm12, cs:qword_9CCFB0 .text:00000000007B274E movlpd xmm9, cs:qword_9CCFB0 have fun
  9. cuz he's a spoiled l2j brat who's never had to deal with getting mssql connection from shared web hosts who have no intention of supporting mssql
  10. you already showed yourself to be a fail troll who has no clue what he's talking about, stop trying to recover from it. use pdo man, it's 2019, there's no reason you shouldn't be using it.
  11. bro ... not using old as shit insecure sql injectable functions which the fucking maker of discontinued AND REMOVED because they are shit and insecure is not "Enterprise rules" wtf you smoking holy crap
  12. actually it's extremely useful for if you're doing work for someone else who doesn't actually own the webserver or know anything about web shit at all, you ask any of those idiots "which module do you have enabled for mssql connections?" you're gonna get a blank fuckin stare as if you just asked them to build the space shuttle.... and "php_mssql.dll" ... no one in their right mind should be using that module anymore and EVERYONE should be using PDO in this day and age. Besides, both mssql_* and mysql_* function modules were deprecated in php since 5.5 and are removed completely in 7.0 so yeah no one should be on that shit anymore.
  13. Don't host in russia and don't live in russia then there's not a whole lot they can do, hell in 2007 one of my projects got DMCA takedown notice from ncsoft but my german host just forwarded the email to me and did nothing as DMCA covers USA not EU, given they're quoting a bunch of russian civil codes I expect most non-russian hosts aren't gonna pay it much notice.
  14. windows server 2012 is the absolute latest you can use, 2016 causes crashes with critical sections, sql doesn't matter use any version you like, i use 2016 cuz it has various fun new features like bulk importing logs in utf8 which you can't do on the older stuff