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  1. wtf is dreamguard :D which server runs it, never heard of it
  2. pay_stat = 0 block_flag2 = 1 block_flag2 = 2 blog_flag2 = 4 non-existant system msg block_flag2 = 8 i stopped checking after 8 i dunno how high the bits go but i always use 8, client probably has more error msgs than that, also setting block_flag (instead of block_flag2) appears to just prevent login without any message to the client ncsoft authd has a lot of features like that + login_flags for gm etc which is why i still use it rather than hauthd, only purpose i had for hauthd was proxies but in the end i just made my own ext for the gf authd and added proxy support to it so don'th ave any real use for hauthd these days, plus never really trust any software from hint anyway :D
  3. maybe with hauthd, definitely not with ncsoft authd
  4. pay_stat works but way to show ban msg to the client is block_flag2, i forget exactly what the bits are for it cuz ncsoft changes them so damn often but i use block_flag2=8 for highfive and it sends "violation of EULA" message at login
  5. and yet as this topic is evidence of, this shit isn't decent either :D so why the fuck they go back to these garbage over the other garbage? what could those guys possibly have that makes the garbage stink low enough that the players tolerate it? :D cuz i just don't see it i;ve even tried playing some of the above mentioned ones and the shit boggles my mind man
  6. i just don't get it :D people know these servers are by the same guys, they know it's corrupt as shit, they keep catching them being corrupt as shit, but the players keep going back?!???! wtf kind of magic pixy dust does these servers got, i dunno whats so special about them that people put up with this shit and keep going back, as if any l2j plug and play pack actually has something unique that's worth it ....
  7. why is there all this garbage java shitcode in the l2off section take it back where it belongs pls YOU can't, there is no tutorial, you want classic l2off server then you gotta prepare a fat stack of benjamins (that means a lot of money for those who are english-challenged) and rent the files from one of the russian guys. HOWEVER - i get the feeling you're actually after a classic l2j pack and instructions on how to use that garbage, in which case you're posting in the wrong section this is section for l2off files you won't get any help with that here
  8. low rate if done properly but you'll still have everyone quit after end of first oly period that's just how it works now l2* :D lineage is 1 word it's not line age :p
  9. i'm just gonna face-desk and leave the topic guys updaters just aren't that complicated that's the last ima say on it :D
  10. except you're still saying "yes if only system" lol
  11. dude you don't understand what he's saying, you dont JUST check hash, you're not comparing hash of itemname-e.dat to LineageMonsters5.ukx so collision even between files doesn't matter
  12. i just don't get this obsession with overengineering a god damn updater :D it's just not that critical guys, if it works no one gives a shit players aint gonna notice the difference between secure vs not secure damn hash algo wtf
  13. bro, it's an updater not a crypto application wtf file hashing doesn't need to be secure if you're only checking if a file is out of date or not, updaters aren't implementing forced file validation to stop people doing ini hacks so why would u care this much? use adler32 from zlib and done, fastest you'll find with relatively low collision rate for any file you're gonna encounter in l2, jesus christ guys
  14. lol man md5 is not something you should be bragging about
  15. linerror.txt is your best friend