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  1. use Encoding enc = new UnicodeEncoding(false, true); this will create unicode encoding, little endian, with byte order mark, then should work fine
  2. why not just save it as unicode in the program? looks like c# in which case it's super easy you can set the output encoding for the stream when you save it
  3. point proven ya leeching cunt, oh and all those guys pming me asking for "private shares" for geodata etc, cunts like this guy are the reason you won't get any i haven't played with the GD files much as there was never really any demand for them, people seem to consider GD a dead chronicle and extending beyond GD gets ... complicated, i haven't seen the source for the ext that's in the GD files so can't say for sure what it fixes, but usual things as said in the highfive post apply here too multisell choose packet exploit (still, fucking ncsoft when are you gonna fix
  4. dumbass the link i posted isn't a leak from other fucking forums it's my copy of glory days 2.1 english htmls i ripped myself from retail servers, so he and you can fuck off and buy vip if you want to download my share cuz you're all a buncha leeching cunts anyway, peace
  5. english htmls, geodata i can't share but these i can so yeah have fun [Hidden Content]
  6. No, it doesn't, even if it did it's same key shit as ncsoft always uses so just crack it yourself (if you can't, learn how - it's literally changing 1 byte in cached and l2server exes) the files are legit in case anyone is wondering just a few notes for anyone wanting to play with these the included extender is typical russian garbage, stay away from it and just use @eressea's one -> https://maxcheaters.com/topic/227711-myext64hf these files have quite a few bugs, typical ncsoft shit anyone who's extended any of the previous exes will know about - do
  7. bro what's there to explain it's highfive 273 files .... ???
  8. yeah like i said, much much more reasonable than the 40k c4 was selling for back in the day :D but still not many people gonna buy it for 1.8k and share it after, hence its gonna stay private for a good while i expect
  9. people been selling the hf files publicly for literally 5+ years, probably not gonna leak any time soon cuz people still buying it for pretty decent $ and people don't usually go spend a few thousand $ and post the files public :D surprised a bunch of people haven't put together a pot of cash to buy the files and share tbh, that's what happened with the c4 leak but that was 40k price tag the hf files are much much more reasonably priced lol
  10. this is precisely why using someone else's name, especially from the 2007/8/9 era is so stupid original l2revenge had custom armor+weapon+jewels and you could donate up to +20 same as all servers of that era, you're using a name that you don't even understand what it represented, if you actually tried to reproduce a server from that era you'd get 0 players precisely for the reasons you're stating "crazy and massive editing - loss of slow grind" etc, not to mention biggest criticism from that era "starwars server" and bro wtf you doing taking name of an iconic
  11. no because you're not the real howardstern and i hate when people takeover oldschool server projects name in an attempt to capitalize on player's nostalgia without any respect for the people who created the original, while i appreciate that you're at least upfront about not being the original guys the least you could do is not use howard's name
  12. no clue never paid for it so couldn't say, but no matter what pcoder's price is for it, it's cheaper than anyone's going to ask you to pay for a bypass, personally I wouldn't sell a smartguard3 bypass that allows cracked adrenalin for any less than probably $1000 so just pay whatever pcoder's corrupt ass wants if you want to bot that badly
  13. if u pay for adrenalin you'll get ~50% of the time it working perfectly fine through smartguard 3, akumu and pcoder have a deal for it