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  1. old timers at least remember the days back before there was actually info on forums, when info was kept locked up by a few people and no one helped anyone, hell you couldn't even pay someone to get info or setup a server for you back then you just had to figure it out, guess what? we figured it out i mean shit there's a fucking topic titled "HOW TO SETUP L2OFF SERVER" i would've sold my grandma for a topic like that for the c1 files back in 2005 which wasn't written in chinese
  2. bro, your friends are shit programmers and you're a shit sys admin then. db setup for all l2off which exists; step 1 create db lin2db create db lin2world create db lin2log (if you plan on using log server) ignore all other dbs cuz no one uses them and comm server is insecure step 2 run lin2db sql script run lin2world sql script run lin2log sql script (if you plan on using log server) step 3 create odbc file dsn for lin2db (can skip this step if using hAuthD) create odbc file dsn for lin2world create odbc file dsn for lin2log (if you plan on using log server) step 4 run the fucking server and type in your dsn names and user/pass jesus fuck man how the fuck can you not do that in 10 min? you come here with your dumbass dick measuring "I HAVE A TEAM OF HIGH END PROGRAMMERS" "I WAS PART OF ONE OF THE FIRST L2 SERVERS EVER <inserts name of server no one's heard of>" "IM A SYS ADMIN AND CANT DO IT" fucking get over yourself, you are not looking to play with a few buddies and neither is any retard around here who says they are, they all want to make $$$ and think they can get a free meal ticket to it EVEN WHEN THERE'S FREE SHIT ALL AROUND YOU this is a fucking topic with the SOURCE FUCKING CODE of an amazing fully working almost bug free fucking extender and that's STILL not enough??? FOR YOUR TEAM OF HIGH END PROGRAMMERS??? THEY CAN'T HIT A FUCKIN BUILD BUTTON IN VISUAL STUDIO?? give me a fuckin break guys what the fuck, talkin shit about "wahwahwah the games gonna die if u dont give me free files" inside a fucking topic with free fucking files in it what on earth is wrong with people and i dont even like advext or their team but that whiney ass shit just annoys the fuck out of me, and @Remorseadmin advext is fuckin expensive, i'm not saying they're not allowed to be it's their product they can set whatever price they want but lol @ "skilled and not expensive"
  3. you guys know no one cares about your drama right? like it's not even good drama yo
  4. Short answer is it depends on which server you're using. From c4 onwards (and in the c1 server via extenders) the L2Server has built-in protection for html links and bypasses, it caches all links and bypasses sent to the user for the last html and then when a link or bypass is requested it checks if that link or bypass was actually sent to the user. HOWEVER - in the later servers (don't know for sure about GF but 100% for HF) there exists exactly what you are talking about, client-based bypasses and links which are sent as fstring ids to the client rather than the actual bypass string (also some interface-based bypasses for stuff like manor and hero systems), so those cannot be cached and will cause a false flag if you have the bypass/link check turned on, as a result a lot of people (ncsoft included) just don't have that system enabled and so yes for those cases you can change those bypasses in the client to whatever the heck you want and if the AI doesn't have sufficient checks in place then it can cause exploitable issues. ncsoft is hugely susceptible to this and you end up with quests where they don't check if you've actually completed every single step of the quest process and you can finish quests early or in cases from the early days you could just spam a bypass and be given rewards for a quest you were never even on. AI best practice, kinda like web best practice, is to assume that every bypass being received could've been modified by the user and double/triple/quadruple check everything at every stage to be sure what they're requesting is something they're able to request and that they meet the requirements to request it
  5. nothing is 100% effective unless you pay big $ for private shit, but 10000% avoid smartguard cuz the dev (akumu) works with adrenalin dev (pcoder) so adrenalin will ALWAYS work on smartguard servers for adena sellers and works about 50% of the time for normal license holders of adrenalin - not to mention considering akumu is THAT shady, you really want his kernel driver running on ur pc? as far as "best" goes, it's pretty subjective, best against adrenalin changes every week, most are pretty solid against everything else though adrenalin is the only challenge for all of the decent antibots you'll find around atm
  6. guys he linked the source code come on, i know it's harder than double clicking an exe file but come on guys
  7. what's there to discuss? "all big servers run advext interesting don't you think? here's links where you can buy it too" it's an advertisement topic not a discussion topic, there's nothing interesting or surprising that all the big l2off servers are advext cuz there's no other game in town it's advext or nothing (unless you got ur own dev which no one does anymore)
  8. yeah but 99.9% chance they're advext which means they don't have control over fixing that issue cuz advext will be the ones who put the chance in not those guys, and advext sure as shit aint gonna make changes to an algorithm like that for nobodys just cuz some players whine about it
  9. yeah i wouldnt trust much on rpgclub to be like retail, i've seen the dumb custom shit they have in their extender to "fix" retail behaviours that they don't like, also, they're actually correct - this is from highfive off l2server.exe (not c4 or gf extender fake one, actual highfive one) this is from CCreature::GotDamageBy function, guess what that 206 means? :D [ab_real_target] = 206 abnormal type for real target, so yes there is a chance it can cancel it
  10. yeah but players are retarded and wouldn't know what's retail if an ncsoft dev came and told em, there's literally servers running 100% retail files straight off ncsoft's servers and players still complain that a bunch of shit isn't retail cuz some l2j server they played once wasn't like that
  11. not really surprised it happened though, closing off the project was always gonna end up like this cuz you get people who you think are there to contribute but actually are there for personal gain meanwhile others who might've actually contributed aren't much interested anymore
  12. surely this should be in marketplace? i mean this is literally just an ad topic
  13. getting the timing right to have it work 100% of the time for 100% of players is not likely gonna be possible, but this implemented via raidserver yeah that'd actually be pretty cool not gonna lie
  14. functions from the event object (myself) or the global object (gg) don't have myself./gg. to call them, thats just how it works :D using a defined parameter in the AI class is only really useful if you plan on changing it later and want an easier way to edit it, or if you want to set those parameters via npcdata or npcpos, otherwise just using the id is fine, but you can also use the pch name for it, so OwnItemCount(talker, @adena) as for what it errors on you, could just be it doesn't like your spacing on it, so try just int myItemID = 57; which you can also use the pch name on, so int myItemID = @adena; should work too the l2off parsers are very bitchy about formatting :D
  15. same kind of retard who keeps playing this guy's servers over and over and over when they 100% know the servers are by this same guy and 100% know they gonna be corrupt and sell OP shit again and again and again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ "why all l2 servers so crap and corrupt and only last a week" *only plays on worst most corrupt plug&play l2j crap which exists* "i don't get it :c"