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  1. it will "run" on both, but if you don't want problems don't run it on anything above 2012
  2. first remove them from ssq -> //ssq dismiss charname add them back to the other side -> //ssq addmember 1 1 charname first number = dawn/dusk, i dunno if it's 1 = dawn 2 = dusk, or other way round, you'll have to find out second number = seal to add them to (averice/gnosis etc) 1-3
  3. well the link is dead so unless it has the cached communication already in it you're probably out of luck
  4. the superpoint data is contained in superpointinfo.txt i researched the format to be able to generate a superpoint.bin from the leaked freya scripts so i just used that to generate the connections, but you basically just need a waypoint path and then generate a connection to be able to go from point 1 to point 2, from point 2 back to point 1, from point 2 to point 3, from point 3 back to point 2, and so on, and if you do it in a big circle then do 3<>1 also, it's probably not necessary to define connections back and forth like that but that's how some of the retail node connections were done so i just copied it
  5. https://github.com/hfiref0x/VBoxHardenedLoader/blob/master/Binary/install.md works for pre-driver smartguard, probably can work for driver version too if you sneaky with the configurations
  6. but literally no one in this topic is saying you SHOULD use php for enterprise use, i certainly didn't, in fact i specifically acknowledge that in my post - i specifically said this is not an enterprise working environment so this idea that php is worst language in the world shouldn't be used ever for enterprise is a stupid thing to argue because again, this is l2, a game with a small player base which doesn't face the kind of challenges you get from working in an environment where scalability etc are critical so you don't need an enterprise language for a fuckin stats dashboard lol... you're arguing against yourself at this point yes, that's true, however if it's easy to get into and not that bad a language to use then it's not something people "have to stick with" is it? they are choosing it because if you wanna use .net for a project so simple no one is stopping you and no one is saying you shouldn't but don't fuckin talk down to people like you're some superior figure because you wouldn't use php for it, and before you say you didn't - yes you did, in the posts which were deleted.
  7. you know this is l2 right? it's not exactly an enterprise working environment... i use php for all the web shit i do in l2 because it's quick, it's easy, and fuck yeah it's dirty - every 12 year old who's running servers these days can plug and play that shit straight into whatever $4/month web host they're using, no dependencies no fuckery no nothing just upload and go, can it be done in asp.net? of course, nodejs? definitely, some other hipster bullshit like rails or python? hell yeah why not, but what's the point? php works, it does the job it's needed for, it's the same shit why i stopped arguing about java being the wrong language for a gameserver (which it is) cuz this is fuckin l2, highest player count i've ever personally seen (and confirmed) on a server is 12k so who gives a shit if u use php for a basic bitch stats system like wtf it aint gonna explode under the immense weight of the 50 clicks per day it gets i think we can chill a little on it btw your assessment that php is dead, is dead wrong https://w3techs.com/technologies/history_overview/programming_language it's usage is increasing, not decreasing - you can hate on it all you want but that still won't make it go away and i think that's the biggest thing that irks on the pretentious anti-php folk more than anything, you can give all the reasons you want for why it's the worst language every made in the history of the internet, but it's still the most popular language and it's getting even more popular