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  1. I don't know where the files are because I've never developed a lineage server. You can ask where the source code files are located in the server development subforum: L2 OFF, L2 Java.
  2. Those are the files to run the client but to help you I need you to upload the server side files somewhere so I can see what you did and if something needs fixing. Finding the errors ingame is something the players can do, you don't need a developer for that. Unless the code is properly commented you should also write what have you modified and what effects did you want those modifications to have so I can fix anything that isn't doing what it should. I'll take a look at it in my spare time and if I find any problems or can improve anything I'll let you know the changes I make.
  3. Upload the files somewhere, send me a pm with the link and tell me how to connect. I'll test it and take a look at the code and see if I find any bugs. I've seen the website and it seems like a good start but doesn't have much functionality.
  4. That while loop will end as soon as the player has IdBuff. You want it to continue running: const WindWalk = 1204; procedure InviteBuffer(bufferName: String); var buff: TL2Buff; begin while Engine.Status = lsOnline do begin if not User.Buffs.ById(WindWalk, buff) then Engine.InviteParty(bufferName); Delay(1000); end; end; procedure Main(); begin Script.NewThread(@InviteBuffer('CharName'); end; begin Main(); end.
  5. I want to heal with the spellsinger to 100% HP before attacking a new mob. Can I do that with the bot settings?
  6. For kitting I don't know how it would be, but for random clicks during combat you only have to delete the 'not User.InCombat' condition. It would do them between skills I suppose as it has a condition to not do it while casting. Although you may need to delete that condition too because if it's casting skills all the time it won't do the random clicks.
  7. Try it like this: uses SysUtils; procedure RandomClicksThread(d: integer); var X, Y, Z: integer; begin X:= User.X; // set coordinates of point Y:= User.Y; // near which we will move Z:= User.Z; while True do begin // run an endless loop if (Engine.Status = lsOnline) then begin // if we are in the game then if (User.DistTo(X, Y, Z) > 2*d*d) then begin // if the base point has changed, Print(Format('[RandomClicksThread] Base point coordinates updated: (%d, %d) -> (%d, %d)', [X, Y, User.X, User.Y])); X:= User.X; // update coordinates Y:= User.Y; Z:= User.Z; end; if (not User.Moved) and (not User.Sitting) // if we are not moving and not sitting and (not User.InCombat) and (User.Cast.EndTime = 0) // not in fight and dont cast anything and ((User.Target = nil) or (User.Target.Dead)) then begin // and we dont have a target or our target is dead, then if Engine.DMoveTo(X+Random(2*d)-d, Y+Random(2*d)-d, User.Z) then // make a random step to the side Delay(1000+Random(5000)); // and wait for random delay end; end; Delay(1000) end; end; begin Script.NewThread(@RandomClicksThread(150)); // start the thread, second argument indicate max distance from the base point // code... Delay(-1); end
  8. The above script works for tutorial windows. For trade chats you would only need to change the packet ID, so search for that. You don't need to ask for a whole other script when you already have one that you just need to modify for it to work.
  9. Here is the captcha script. You have to stop it and run it again for the sound to stop. You have to have a sound named 'beep.wav' in a folder 'sounds' in the adrenaline folder. uses sysutils,classes; var alarm:boolean= false; procedure OnPacket(ID, ID2: Cardinal; Data: Pointer; Size: Word); begin if (ID = 160) and (not alarm) then alarm := true; end; procedure doAlarm; begin while true do begin if alarm then begin playsound(exepath+'\sounds\beep.wav'); delay(2222); end; Delay(1111) end; end; begin script.newthread(@doAlarm); delay(-1); end.
  10. I have nobless quest script but it doesn't kill the raidboss for you. I have TTs script with sound when a dialog appears so you have to be there to enter captcha. Amita what is the name of the quest and where do I start it? I'll check the script.
  11. I've written a script to wait for the party when moving. So they don't get lost in case I have a big combat zone loaded, like a catacomb. I like for the bot to move around the whole place an not just stay in one room. I have the zmaps of whole necropolis and catacombs. I'll pm the script and zmaps to you if you write here a good adrenaline configuration for a class you know how to use, considering skills to farm for each lvl and skills for pvp. The settings I have in adrenaline are pretty basic because I only now how to play well a couple classes. If you don't want to configure it in adrenaline you can just tell me when would you use each skill or find me a good guide for the class that details when to use which skills. I don't mind if you give repeated classes as I'd like to see different opinions on which skills to use. You have to write a script with whatever name you want for example 'Main.txt'. The script that I have would go in the same directory and the name should be 'FunctionsModule.txt'. Then you open the 'Main.txt' script in adrenaline. Turn on the bot and press the play button. Each time it moves around it will wait for your party to be close to you to keep moving. 'Main.txt' uses FunctionsModule; begin script.newthread(@WaitParty); end.
  12. You have to create two threads Script.NewThread (@toBuff); Script.NewThread (@AceitaRess); Just out of curiosity which room is the 'ews2.zmap'? I guess you have to be noble to use this script?
  13. How can I prioritize mobs with the lower max HP?
  14. I've done a script that warns me of mobs with higher hp, in my server they are called goldkeepers. In the same line as the level it appears the word "GoldKeepers". I'd like the bot to prioritize the lower level mobs so they don't acumulate while killing the goldkeeper. As I don't know how to configure the bot like that I like to go out of the room in which I'm farming and kill the goldkeepers alone. For that I use this script to know when there is a goldkeeper. I turn the bot off, move outside and turn it on again. When the bot finishes that mob it continues as before. var i: integer; mobTitle: string; p: integer; begin while true do begin for i := 0 to NpcList.Count-1 do begin mobTitle := NpcList.Items (i).Title; p := pos ('GoldKeeper', mobTitle); if ( User.DistTo(NpcList.Items(i)) < 500 ) and NpcList.Items(i).Attackable and not NpcList.Items(i).Dead and ((NpcList.Items(i).MaxHP > 30000) or (p <> 0)) then begin PlaySound (exepath + '\sounds\beep.wav'); end; end; Delay (3333); end; end.
  15. I want to kill some players whenever I see them. Since the interface doesn't have this I'll have to do a script for it. So it would be something like: blackList: array of TL2Live; while true do begin for i := 0 to NPCList.Count-1 do begin for j := 0 to Length(players) do begin if compareStrings(NPCList.Items(i), blackList(i)) then begin Target (blackList(i)); MoveToTarget; LoadConfig ('killEveryone'); end; end; end; Delay (2222); end;