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  1. Trusted and recommended. Good communication. Thank you Strain
  2. Is this Adrenaline crack still working? I downloaded and ran as admin: 1 (turn on), 2 and select notepad.exe (which is bot) but just get an error message - can't finish update or whatever. If this is easy to fix can you pm me? Thanks!!
  3. Thanks appreciate both your replies :) I'm contacting Asuki. So happy L2 community still alive. Can close this topic
  4. Willing to pay for c6 client cloak mod. I want to be able to equip/use cloaks in c6. Seller must be able to prove files work and must be reputable on MXC. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi All, topic title says it... Looking for how to completely disable seven signs on vanganth files. Any help would be appreciated. I've chased the ssq variables around and don't see an obvious way to disable completely... no seven signs announcements etc.