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  1. As the title says I'm WTB [L2OFF][interlude] L2Comm Extender Services. Specifically for Vanganth's C6 pack. I'm looking to expose a couple bypass calls like the home page and perhaps a couple one others so I can modify the comm board. I do not have any extender on the comm board currently and I'm willing to buy already built work as long as it satisfies the requirements. I will only work with verified developers since there are so many scammers here. I will pay 40 euro an hour. Looking forward to working with you.
  2. Trusted and recommended. Good communication. Thank you Strain
  3. Is this Adrenaline crack still working? I downloaded and ran as admin: 1 (turn on), 2 and select notepad.exe (which is bot) but just get an error message - can't finish update or whatever. If this is easy to fix can you pm me? Thanks!!
  4. Thanks appreciate both your replies :) I'm contacting Asuki. So happy L2 community still alive. Can close this topic
  5. Willing to pay for c6 client cloak mod. I want to be able to equip/use cloaks in c6. Seller must be able to prove files work and must be reputable on MXC. Thanks in advance.