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  1. Bla bla bla i send u few messages. As far as I know, there has, as yet, been no response to these requests. So stop making fake topic.
  2. Rude guy who make fake topics and waste time of ppl who want to trade with him. not rec him
  3. Hi, i ahve like 4,5 kk on giran serwer. What proof do u need? check my comments under topic or tell me what do u want to prove that im tusted?
  4. Hi i can sell u 5 kk. Add me on skype. BTW if u dont trust me we can make 50 x 100 k.
  5. Can someone explin me how to make a script or something like that to complete captcha test? Is this possible?
  6. Why u trolling me like that? U wrote msg to me and when i ask u about that u cant even explain ur idea.... leave virtual reality and live ur life kid
  7. Selling: ADENA GIRAN SERWER Stock GIRAN : 2,5 KK [14.11.2018] Price : 1KK = 20 EUR Stock Talking ISLAND : 2,5 KK [14.11.2018] Price : 1KK = 25 EUR 100K = 0,30 EUR 27 SCAVENGER LVL 3 VIP (i dont use any xp scroll) 28 SHILLEN ORACLE LVL 1 VIP (i dont use any xp scroll) + mail SOLD 25 CLERIC LVL 0 VIP (i dont use any xp scroll) + mail CLEAN ACCOUNT ( + emails ) 54 Bounty Hunter SOLD 50 Prophet (all skills learned+ NO DW+0 XP SCROLLS) - SOLD 46 Blade Dancer - SOLD 47,5 Prophet (NO DW+0XP SCROLLS) - SOLD 55 Shillen Elder (all skills learned+ NO DW+0 XP SCROLLS) - SOLD 50 Spellhowler (no CDL+0 XP SCROLLS) - 10 EURO SKELTH PRICE ARE NEGOTIABLE 819 PROOF OF BLOOD U can write in skype offer for all my chars if u interested. DEMON DAGGER+6 WTS SPIRIT SWORD*SPIRIT SWORD+15 BROKEN +16 T_T 1kk = 1,5 euro STOCK 86 KK Transactions: PayPal Private message Serious offers only, scammers are recognizable and definetely are not welcome.