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  1. My deal with Gladdie is complete. He gave me some more on top of what we agreed, to compensate for the time I was waiting. So all is well now, he keeps his word.
  2. So after my last post Gladdie spoke to me and gave me some more of what was missing, so right now about 70% is ok and hes supposed to finish this tomorrow and give me the rest. He have my props for keeping his word, although this long wait is too much. I will update tomorrow/when he comes through.
  3. I want to add that I payed him 125€ on the 17th of november for items and so far he gave me days ago 30kk adena because he no items nor adena. Im really tired of this and his excuses, he have a lot of excuses to give but while im waiting for 2 months, he is making business with other people. So, say whatever you want but this is a kind of scam in my book. Everyone who had successful deals with him I only have to say lucky you, but keep pushing your luck and you'll see you end up like me. From now on only use middleman, is my advice, if people are legit
  4. He is a scammer, I got burned because I didnt insist to go with middleman.
  5. It appears he is slowly making up for pending deals. Althought I believe it is not good policy, if you dont have the items to trade dont accept the money, but he appears to insist in taking the money without having the items. I will give him a few more days to give him a chance, and then I will send the proofs to admins.
  6. Proof of? I have all discord chat. + he admitted on the last post he is at fault here. I believe there is no need for screenshots when he himself admits he is not fulfilling.
  7. I am still waiting since november 17th. Nothing new, I lost hope to be honest. Will keep updated anyway, be careful all.
  8. Hello Looking for: Char 75+ Tallum Heavy Barakiel Axe Thanks Edit: after several scams i've been victim of, will only be doing deals via middleman from now on.
  9. He took my money on november 17th, he was supposed to give me the stuff the next day. Well, 2 weeks later no items of course. Im still waiting. He says the same as the above guy said "real life problems". Well whatever it is, this stinks and its no way to do business.
  10. this guy is honest and a very cool guy. all went well, he is trusted + update: did two deals with him, everything worked out great. recommended