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  1. Not funny at all, as you can see... that was your mistake.
  2. Always use middleman. It saved me 1015 € from this guy.
  3. Well, if all this is true it makes sense to me now I guess. I'll just throw some sticks to the fire. He wanted to buy everything I had for 1015€, he insisted I had to trust him because he was the most rep'ed middleman of L2 section and no other middleman was good enough. It looks like he decided to use his "reputation" to scam everything he could at the same time and profit. Very sad.
  4. Well, if you gave him your Skype, and it is not public I think there's no way it could be an impersonator, since he added you right. I'm curious as to how this will turn out because I had some talkings with him some days ago and he didn't like any of the middleman's from forum, so there was no deal in the end because I don't deliver without payment first or middleman.
  5. MrPro provided middleman services in a recent deal, and all went perfect and smooth. Trusted! Thanks bro
  6. Hello, i'm looking to sell the following on L2 Reborn. We can do business with middleman from the forum. Adena : big stock 0.5-0.4€/KK - depending on the amount DC robe set: 65€ Tallum Heavy set: 65€ Saint spear haste: 110€ Arcana Mace acumen: 110€ TT jewel set unsealed: 50€ Draconic Bow Focus: 125€ Duals S + 4: 110€ Heavens Divider Focus: 110€ Zaken's Earring: 250€ Imperial Crusader set: 200€ Pm me if you're interested, preferred payment is paypal. Prices can be negotiated. Thanks
  7. Indeed very good server if its old school you re looking for.
  8. I can only recommend Uglytheen, i dont know if he has been doing it lately but shout out to him anyway. Will try MrPro when need too, thanks
  9. The server is good, RMT and no dual box is pretty good but the server is very unbalanced...you can enjoy it until mid game, but you got no late game mass pvps. You either join the top side, which farms all epics and has castles with box clans even, or you have no late game.
  10. Can you provide a link? I cant find it.