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  1. As said in the title, WTB the rare epics Antharas and Valakas on L2 DEX with decent price. By pm me, you agree to: 1. Use a middleman (Pufa or MrPro) 2. Payment by Paypal ONLY Don't bother otherwise, enough scams already
  2. Thanks man for posting this for me, unfortunately the guy who pm'ed you to add my discord was a scammer, so I'd be grateful if you could show his reveal his username, I will make post on the report section. You can also close this topic, I will make one of my own. Was nice trading you, thanks again!
  3. Decent website. Curious if you will have international players other than Russian on the server? Would just make a char to find out before I really cave into
  4. Depends on which server you guys are going, I might be interested to join as I have a lot of free time over this pandemic. So keep us updated or just show your discord
  5. that's already better than the RPB club seasonal server I used to play lol, it lasted like 2.5 months... well thank you for your opinion, better for me to keep staying on L2dex and play casual then
  6. Subscribed, any L2 stream would be nice
  7. Sick damage... reminds me of those low budget Chinese web games lol
  8. Define "unreal" please if you could. Just checked l2toxic its x50 though... Recently got pushed on discord for a Gracia server named L2black, website looks decent. Would it be a good server from your point view? Thanks. Meant to quote you on the last post... kinda failed
  9. Just wanna say that it brings back the memory of old chronicles with that 2 fists tag on enemies. Interlude nowadays usually be the H5 client with interlude features.
  10. Nice video, all I can do is TSS-->DSS xD You got a really good prediction of the execution HP line there.
  11. The KR card looks awesome, show me your other collections!