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  1. Best team in the Lineage 2. Its a lesson for Trash interlude community. You guys can play without interface and AUTO THİNGS like us ? I think, NO !
  2. World best mage party dominated baium pvp. L2 lion 50x pvp craft
  3. Hello java community :) Subs my channel guys. If you want to ask something about necromancer, write comments to youtube I will answer. GL EVERYONE
  4. Thanks ! As I told, we are playing at l2 classic NA GİRAN. Manifesto never played java servers like l2 damage. If you want to speak about java ? Please be away from me
  5. Wait wait, what ? Do you speaking about l2 damage, l2 warland ? hahha :D Okey mate, I blocked you.
  6. There is have alot of tactic. If you cant understand, its not my problem :)