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  1. So well, I felt like I could share some pictures of my Lineage II card/coupons from around the globe, most of them from JP, KR and CN. They have no value, since they expired a long time ago, but you could see what kind of "rewards" they were getting in those countries at the time L2 was a big hit. Will put them on "Spoiler" tag for an easy read. Don't be too hard on me, it is like the first post with some meaning I do in this forum hahahaha. Also, looking for those 20 posts for the marketplace!! These are from the JP master box of C5 and Interlude.
  2. Welcome to the forum, I hope you find what you are looking for!
  3. PS4 won by a large margin because the titles, anyway, I think the things will be more closer on this new gen.
  4. I have a personal Vanganth server in a Virtual Machine and it works wonders. Thank you for your share, hope it helps more people in this forum. I will try to use your guide once I am able to put a marketplace post about buying other chronicles.
  5. Welcome to the forum. Hope you find whatever ur looking for in the marketplace, be care with the possible scammers, thats all.
  6. It happens the same to me. I am just from 2016 or so, I bought one thing from the forum, and now that I need to put a post in the marketplace to buy another thing, I cant post there cause the minimun post count.. Well, I hope I can make them in a few weeks or so.
  7. It looks great! Interlude will always have a place in our hearts, looking to see more pictures and improvement from you!
  8. Even if Audi has a bit more "premium brand", I really like the BMW style, they made the Z3 and Z4 pretty nice, almost bought one of them. So I go for BMW.
  9. Hello to everyone, Im from Spain, hope everyone is allright out there. I have been in this forum since 2017 or so, but never made a post like this, I like more to chill and be invisible. As for something about me, I love this game, so much. I even collect Lineage 2 cards and coupons, mostly from Japan, Korea and China. I am looking to buy something from the community, but I need to be more active for that. (Minimun post.....). 🙂
  10. Hello everyone. Today I contacted with agnitium looking for a L2Off Interlude key and some support with L2Off and everything went great, fast and smoothly. I know everything on this forums is valued by the posts you have on your account, but this guy works really well and helps you in whatever you need. Would work with him again and I really recommend him, It was my first buy on these forums and I'm lucky that I meet someone like him. Merry Christmas, Fullrandom.