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  1. Hello Friends; Acn anyone help me for Medal of Honor SPEARHEAD Aimbot? Please contact me if you can. Thank you in advance...
  2. Hello All, we have been playing 18 years Medal of Honor Spearhead with friends. Lately, unfortuantely we have discovered cheat-world So, we are using wallhack currently. However , we have realized other team's shooting performance is increased like 200% in one night As far as I understood after reading forum , they are using Aimbot and maybe autoshooting. We are using "Radmin" for connection. Anyone can help us with understanding the situation and continue 18 years old happiness please? - How I can have an aimbot? And is there a manual that explains really details for the ones like me
  3. Hello, is it working for MOH 2.15 Spearhead? And easy to install? Because I am really basic computer user :)