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  1. Hi Rapier37, don't be afraid, that things are worked already, if you choose a human only can choose for subclass human and elfs subclasses (the class of your faction), so with a human become a bladedancer subclass is not possible. In the opposite we find the same, a dark elf can become a warcryer, but, for example can't make necromancer (human class so its dawn).
  2. Welcome TatooDye, If you make a spoiler, you can choose clan one time, when you enter in that clan, your alignment will be forever that, of course you can leave the clan when you want but if your first clan was human, you later only can join clans of the Dawn side (humans or elfs). About the permawar by the Race System War, when you get a clan auto you get the war uppon the enemy races, and if you leave that clan that side remain ever in you, so, if join in a clan orc forever become a Dusk member.
  3. Welcome to the DuskvsDawn! Join us now at: www.duskvsdawn.com and in our discord: https://discord.gg/C9KKAhedW7 GRAND OPENING ON MAY 21st (Beta on May 17th). The first low rate server based on races. Discover a new and original concept. The axis of this server is the confrontation of light against darkness using the Seven Signs and a system called Race Wars. We bring a fresh touch of rivalry between races (which now, are hopelessly faced against each other), while preserving all of the original mechanics that have made us love this