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  1. Hi, as the title says I am looking for a developer who can make or adapt the following to my C4 pack from Vang's pack. - Adaptation of Valakas from interlude - making/adapting scheme buffer - applying the spirit shot delay fix - creating a pvp zone - a permanent flag zone where you get points for killing an enemy - adapting TvT event If you think you are can do things like these, drop me a message, we will discuss the price. I have the source of the packs.
  2. Hi, as the title says, I want to change the texture color of already existing weapon, let's say draconic bow I already read this guide for armors But the problem is, i can't seem to find the id of the weapon texture that i want, since it says t00 any ideas?
  3. It seems spiritshots are the problem, yes. I google it and found out it exist(ed) even on official servers? So the problem is that the user is casting the spell to fast, and reuse delay being too low, the server doesn't manage to load the spiritshot after the first spell. https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/1336/ but is this fixable? because I tested it on some interlude servers and this "problem" doesn't exist
  4. How can it be normal that, with pony and renewal, the casting of the first attack is faster than others that follow? And if I move after each attack, all attacks will look the same? P.S. I am not using a builder char, I gave myself these skills with a gm, but even if i buff myself with separate chars, it is the same. I am starting to think this is the visual bug of c4, which doesn't exist on higher chronicles.
  5. Did you watch the video? The skill already has the same parameters you posted. As you can see in the video, skill has a cooldown before I give myself pony and renewal. So before pony and renewal, the casting animation is faster. After that it is slower - if i stand in the same spot. What you said is not an appropriate example because the animation works with the max supported attack speed, yes, but the casting is not slower. This is not a skill problem because it applies to all mages, including the bishop.
  6. Maybe I am retarded, but i don't see how is this guide helpful? my meshes already have these endings. I took the files and everything from this topic, I understand you are taking your free time to reply, but It mean a lot if you could tell me exactly where the mistake is.
  7. Hello, I recently noticed this thing with casting animation of spells when the spell doesn't have a cooldown. I recorded this video, on a c4 server to make it more clear. When there is a cooldown on the skill, it is being casted normally. But if I give myself renewal and pony, therefore removing the cooldown, it looks like the caster is casting the skill slower than before, when the skill had cooldown. This only happens if i don't move, and the animation becomes slower after the first cast. If i move and hit, animation looks normal. Why is this happening?
  8. Idk what OAUKX is, could you be more specific? And what is the right method? yes, these lines are just copied from interlude
  9. Hello there. I was trying to adapt this Assassin bamboo hat from interlude to c4. But now when I equip it, i get this error. I applied the following lines: armorgnp: 1 8221 0 3 6 5 0 JohnScott_dropitem_br_bamboo.JohnScott_dropitem_br_bamboo JohnScott_Bamboo_Hat.Bamboo_Hat JohnScott_Bamboo_Hat.br_Bamboo_Hat_i00 4294967295 510 8 0 0 17 1 JohnScott_MFighter_Br_Bamboo_Hat.JohnScott_MFighter_Br_Bamboo_Hat 1 JohnScott_Bamboo_Hat.Bamboo_Hat 1
  10. What are the NC soft standard events? And where we can see the complete list of features what is included in the pack? Because seeing from your website, you have to additionally pay for almost everything