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  1. Highly recommended. Trusted and fast services you won't regret work with this guy.!
  2. Daimon / Dc set / Aden cloak +11 / water pendant +8 lv5 / duty lvl6 / border lv10 / toi 2 / fire belt / NEBULA +10 If you want full char sorc 85lv sapphire lv3 vital lv3 garnet lv3 diamond lv3. 220kk in stock. Pm here with ur offers please and avoid spam.
  3. Currently Selling: 15 TkT x3 Dc Robe Set x2 Am Acu +4 x1 As Crt.Dmg x6 TT ear (some +4) x3 TT neck x1 TT ring lot of mats and also can be sold x3 noblesse chars x2 sps / x1 adventurer.
  4. Both.. i think the problem is the "Custom" window of l2tales which cause the bug/crit. You have to decompile their interface and "add" it to deadz. Not to easy for me at least so im waiting for any free share
  5. Για τον gold δεν υπαρχει κατι ακομα φιλε μου τουλαχιστον απο αυτα που ξερω εγω..
  6. u talking about l2tales.. u can use deadz 2.1 and it will be fixed
  7. If u willing to pay for it there's a guy who selling a good one.. if u need more info pm me
  8. Καλησπέρα φίλε μου. Δυστυχώς πλεον αρκετοί server ανάλογα τα protection files που έχουν μπλοκάρουν και τα interface. Σε ορισμένες περιπτώσεις υπάρχουν κάποια bypass δωρεάν. Σέ αλλες βεβαια δεν γίνεται (τουλάχιστον χωρίς να αγοράσεις το bypass), καλό θα ήταν να πείς για τι protection μιλάς ή αν δεν γνωρίζεις να πείς το όνομα του server.
  9. Pm me and let me know what exactly u need i think i got you a solution.
  10. As the first answer said try to save the image same format and then u must try to run L2Tool as Admin.
  11. Pmed at skype. Thanks you can lock it then.
  12. So it's not for sale for personal use? only server owners can buy it?
  13. Hello i wanted to use L2 Mordor interface to another server i keep all the neccesary files to use it but i guess it got like a bind to l2mordor and when i open l2.exe i got this message . https://imgur.com/aDa6abl any way to unbind the interface from l2mordor? or any possible way to fix it? @NevesOma @Celestine i guess one of you maybe can help me <3
  14. @NevesOma Helped me a lot to fix my issue. Please lock this topic. Thank you.