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  1. www.l2soft.eu selling hwid spoofer..
  2. Items Updated! 17.11.2019
  3. Am acu +7 Dc R Set TT set +4 35 GB 5 TKT DB Focus +8 Draco light set Αccessory +50 p.def/m.def all together 25e Pm with ur prices!
  4. https://mega.nz/#!yWAUASSA!BLd8pDlOrblMUVnBiSOW_djJodLhUBMsWN6QXlwwx6A
  5. ahahaha cmon dude.. every classic server im looking after 1 week disappears that's the point
  6. im sure that u've already cracked it :D i want the new party (classic) and the on screen damage(different font for numbers etc) mostly but its binded
  7. Correct.. i found a paid version with 3 binded names and i would like to know if i can remove it somehow
  8. Hey there.. cause i dont know how hard is it to remove bind from an interface?
  9. Settings -> Self Heal -> Character Died -> if no res go to town
  10. Sold to @sysleo ! Lock topic please!
  11. Selling +9 am / tt set pm with prices here!
  12. https://filebin.net/fv1ge08rlfc690lo Take this font add it to your system and then install it.. Sometimes a restart pc is required! BTW: In case u need any other kind of help let me know here or via msg.
  13. Sold to @Stive. A mod lock it please!
  14. Selling am+6 acu/dc r set/tt set +3. also i give x2 vip chars (240Gold per day + 100Gold from vote = 340gold per day) and both are noblesse..
  15. Selling account SPS 71 LvL. Dc r set/homu +7(passive empo)/c jewels/15kk pm here with ur offers
  16. @KitsoPermi'm talking about the replies here.. 1-2 posts and 1 got 15... im just saying it's hard to "trust" you while so many trusted sites gives adena with best prices... anyway gl mate :)
  17. all buyers got 1-2 posts? ahahahahahaha be carefull guys if anyone is going to buy let him go first...
  18. Char (vip,cloak,soes +4,bo jewels set,talisman iv) main : es sub : sph 15euro
  19. BD 56 LVL VIP2 ES 54 LVL VIP1 pm with ur offer if sold together better price
  20. Account sold. A mod lock topic please.!