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  1. Credits are mine. Pass updated : gotye
  2. Click on image and the at the right of the page Download RaR
  3. I made them.I'm gonna make a tutorial soon.
  4. I'm gonna impove for the next sig. Thank's for advice:)
  5. Well it's mine share i share it before 4-5 months. Go search Seya:)
  6. I saw that you request Jarvan Gift so i made you one.
  7. I know that way so i made with that way.;$
  8. Hey on this tutorial i'm gonna show you how to make "bright" spots on photoshop. Things needed to success this tutorial: Basic Tools Of Photoshop Step 1) Make a new document and fill it with a dark color.(So you can understand the difference better). Step 2) Choose a color of your choice and write your text. (Except black,white). Step 3) You must have something like that. http://www.imagestorming.com/images/2012/05/27/xKiR2.png[/img] Step 4) Make a new layer and change it at Overlay. Step 5) Choose a soft brush with the size that fit with the text size, br
  9. Live Demo i install SKM Night as all wanted. I made a logo and the buttons.I also add some stars at membergroups as example so i can make even more colors or anything maxtor needs. I made a logo as example buttons too. I can make more if maxtor wants. Updated at 1.6.2012!