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  2. I'm not authorized to delete servers.
  3. lets test it before we judge. Ill wait the G.O To see whats really happening
  4. Ill try the server for sure. i really hope it will have a normal launch and no delay's. Damn DDOS. See ya in beta 18/12 but what time : ??
  5. Καλημερα αλανια! καλες γιορτες να εχουμε!
  6. i got a issue i extract at my Interlude client BUT the F keys are not working to press the spells. i have tried also with enter chat but nothing.LF HELP
  7. I had AIO Buffer and i gave it 2 months ago. BUT let me check my emails&notepads maybe i can find for u something
  8. Hello i got a issue and i dont know. Im usin windows 10 x64 Bits. Interlude Clients workin properly. Gracia Final Client 1 month ago it was workin also properly. BUT now im opening l2.exe and nothin happening and i dont have even the l2.exe on Task Manager I downloaded Engine.dll/nwindow.dll but still nothing.
  9. Thumbs up for your work guys. ill give a try
  10. I cant wait for the beta phase , Thumbs Up for your server , Keep going
  11. good luck with your server i'm going to join the server because i'm fan of gold styles Anyway i have speak with staff team about server and they will not make any Corrupts. So i give Thumb Up about this server !! Good luck mates