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  1. Hello im currently playing a Gracia Final server and is limited x1 box on farm zone. Trying to find how to manage to place a second player on farm area.. I have tried virtualbox but im playing with 1 fps and is unplayable. So i hear rumors about VPN is working.. anyone with more knowledge on this can help me out if the VPN ill work. And to suggest to me a good VPN to Buy or Free Trial if is working properly.
  2. l2soft.eu Discord Server : https://discord.gg/Kf6JWqccCp If u want tell him about referrals my name : Jericos.. P.S download also TeamViewer to help u to manage the adrenaline
  3. Hello i have created a Discord Community about Pride Packs.


    Looking for Pride pack Players 

    Discord Invite :  https://discord.gg/xZrWkRZ

  4. Trance where we can find the Discord of the server?
  5. Θελω να ρωτησω κατι αλλο ... ψαχνω ενα file που σου επιτρεπει να ανοιξεις παραπανω απο 3 παραθυρα.. γιατι ο admin του server που παιζω εχει βαλει ΟΡΙΟ εως 3 παραθυρα. υπαρχει κατι τετοιο?
  6. Πρωτου πεις την "εξυπναδα" σου. θα ηθελα εαν δεν γνωριζεις κατι επι του θεματος να μη βγαζεις "Hate"
  7. Δε γνωριζω το Protection αλλα το μονο σιγουρο που μπορω να πω οτι ο server που παιζω ειναι ο l2Gold.cc
  8. Καλημερα σας θα ηθελα να βαλω ενα inteface σε εναν interlude server αλλα οταν βαζω μου βγαζει το system οτι εχει πειραγμενα Files και δε ξερω πως να το περασω.. Q : Ποιο interface βαζω? Α: Του καλου μας και αγαπημενου Iordanov Δεν γνωριζω τιποτα στο να προσπαθησω κατι παραπανω. εαν μπορει καποιος να μου εξηγησει θα ηταν πολυ ωραιο.. Ευχαριστω για το χρονο σας καλημερα.
  9. twitch.tv/Jericos

  10. I'm not authorized to delete servers.
  11. lets test it before we judge. Ill wait the G.O To see whats really happening
  12. Ill try the server for sure. i really hope it will have a normal launch and no delay's. Damn DDOS. See ya in beta 18/12 but what time : ??
  13. Καλημερα αλανια! καλες γιορτες να εχουμε!
  14. i got a issue i extract at my Interlude client BUT the F keys are not working to press the spells. i have tried also with enter chat but nothing.LF HELP
  15. Keep up this great job bro. !! Thanks for awesome share ♥
  16. I had AIO Buffer and i gave it 2 months ago. BUT let me check my emails&notepads maybe i can find for u something
  17. Hello i got a issue and i dont know. Im usin windows 10 x64 Bits. Interlude Clients workin properly. Gracia Final Client 1 month ago it was workin also properly. BUT now im opening l2.exe and nothin happening and i dont have even the l2.exe on Task Manager I downloaded Engine.dll/nwindow.dll but still nothing.
  18. Thumbs up for your work guys. ill give a try
  19. I cant wait for the beta phase , Thumbs Up for your server , Keep going
  20. good luck with your server i'm going to join the server because i'm fan of gold styles Anyway i have speak with staff team about server and they will not make any Corrupts. So i give Thumb Up about this server !! Good luck mates