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  1. Item for sell: DC ROBE SET -70 euro TTS SET - 80 Euro ADENA - 0,50 euro - 1kk
  2. Hello for sell WC 78 lvl 3rd class, subclass quest made (no email) pm for more detail -200 euro
  3. I've also heard that accounts are being blocked for anything, but the game is decent
  4. Hello this time for sell Cardinal 78 lvl, on character is: -full WIT Dye -zaken cloak -exp scrols -all skills learn -divinie lvl 4 More detail on PM ( im accept middlehand)
  5. Hi, for sell GK 77 lvl top B Equipment, belion othell lvl 9, some adena character with mail price 130 euro pm for more detail
  6. HI, WTB BELLION + 10 or more L2 Classic club pm me
  7. Hello, im looking to buy TOI lvl 6 at serwer l2classic.club
  8. WTS BLADEDANCER 72 lvl naked with mail, on character its alot of exp scrol and material, 10+ scrol from clan arena Price its 30 euro for more detail pm me. skype: garet19901
  9. WTS Blade Dancer lvl 71 (almost 72) with item on serwer SKELTH !!! Items on character its: 1. Doom heavy set +6, 2. TOP dual B grade SLS*SLS, 3. Top B jew (BO SET), 4. Adena more then 10kk 5. Mats and parts All this think you can get for 99 euro !!!! Don't w8 pm me !!!!