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  1. You sayd my server cost 1 euro, but we have the same pack and the same dev. L2Instinct is not a home server if you dont know how to create a balance to your server and now you have 10 ppl online in your server after grand opening is not my problem, if people leave your server and join to a "home server" like you call l2instinct learn to dont ddos. Lot of people know you ddos servers to get more people but you can see the results of your home server. Friendly l2Instinct. https://l2instinct.com/
  2. come on lot of ppl know miller ddos servers. Lot of ppl have come from edge told me be ready at opening edge will ddos you. (he even block me from hes discord before the opening of my server so i cannot contact with him)
  3. L2Edge ddos my server l2instinct cuz one big clan leave from l2edge and come to my server,its so sad to ddos one new server cuz you fail with the balance of your server and all the ppl leave. http://prntscr.com/vfn6q4 http://prntscr.com/vfn741 http://prntscr.com/vfn7s4 http://prntscr.com/vfn9lp
  4. Pigasos-Dev Hello i have to say only one thing this romanian rasist horse rider create only problems to the people. When he attacking you without reason if you ask him some info after he deleting the rasist messages from hes website to dont have proof like here (i send him back in facebook messenger what he say to me in l2topzone website) http://prntscr.com/vemc5i Guys dont add you server in this poor mind website.
  5. GRAND OPENING 22TH NOVEMBER 18:00 GMT+1 FOR MORE INFO VISIT OUR WEBSITE XP - x 1000 SP - x 1000 Adena - x1 Drop - x1 Weight Limit - x1000 Safe Enchant: +3 Max Enchant: +16 Normal Scroll Chance: 70% Blessed Scroll Chance: 80% Special Scroll Chance: 100% 16+20 Element Max lvl: 7 Element Crystal Chance -100% With One Click NO FARM FULL FREE GEAR NEW PVP SYSTEM ALL CLASSES 100% BALANCED PARTY BOSS AREAS CLAN WARS ZONE VISUAL LIMIT IMPROVING GEAR FROM PVP KILLS ALL CLASS UNLOCKED Special Gift for Clans : Clans with 30+ active members will receive Full Clan LvL 11 & All Clan Skills Lv3 + 500k Clan Points ! For the first 6 clans to get this, there will be another reward, the PCH !!!) Also there will be a Premium Clan Hall for 1 Month (PCH Features: Special RB ever 12h & full NPC). Special Features: NPC Buffer with enchanted buffs ,Dressme ,New pvp zone every 1 hour with reward 20 winner coin & Hero status till restart,Cancel Return ,Hero skills in subclass,Certification without subclass (max subclass 5),Auto potions, Advanced Achievement,Party Matching,Visual limit and lot of more features!
  6. BETA FINISH AT 5TH OCTOMBER GRAND OPENING 6TH OCTOMBER 18:00 GMT+2 FOR MORE INFO VISIT OUR WEBSITE XP - x 10000 SP - x 10000 Adena - x1 Drop - x1 Weight Limit - x1000 Safe Enchant: +3 Max Enchant: +20 Normal Scroll Chance: 52% Blessed Scroll Chance: 80% Ancient Scroll Chance: 100% Element Max lvl: 7 Element Stone Chance -100% Element Crystal Chance -100% Our server using Interface Features: Auto Pots, Auto Enchant, Augment Helper, Auto Attribute, Pvp Radar, Skill Timer,Damage on Screen and much more features. If you are clan leader and you want to invite it you will be rewarded with 1 "leaders coin" for every single person, the only step you need to do its to send us message in our discord and we will give you more details.
  7. Amazing interface runing perfect on h5 without problems! thank you amazing work!
  8. L][ Tournament 3-05-20 16:00 GMT +1 Beta Period finish at 2-05-20 Website