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  1. If you are bored of changing server lineage every week and want to stay with your friends on a stable server, this post may be what you look for a long time. Pay close attention to the rates and settings, have questions leave it in this topic and discuss all interested. Next I leave the high five server rates --------------Basic Rate------------- Xp x 10 Sp x 10 Adena x 7 Drop x 7 chance x 2 Spoil x 7 chance x2 Safe enchant +4 Safe enchant normal scroll - 55% Safe enchant Blessed scroll - 65% Max enchant +12 Quest x2 Raid boss x2 Eppalluetes x2 -----------Game play Configuration----------- Duration basic buff : time x 2 Dances /Songs Duration time : retail Pofrecys Duration time : retail Auto learn skill : On Auto learn Forgothen skill : Off Mana potion : off Change class : Free Sub class : Quest Max sub class : 3 level 80 Auto loot : On Gk global Community alt+B : database /auction ------------olympiads configuration------------ Enchant Máx : No limit enchant. Heroes : monthly Maximum fights in the month : 250 Need 15 min fights Giving points at the Olympics is long ago done by lineage players: clan, cp, etc ... If you have video evidence of players playing the Olympics without clothes, without attacking, present the video complaint to the server administrator and the points won in the fight will be removed. --------------Raid epics------------- During the start of the server the epic Raids will be removed. They will be announced during the development of the game Ant Queen :Off Baium :Off Valakas: Off Antharas : Off soon we'll be together.