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  1. Good evening forum. I want to bring to your attention an updated Interface for chronicles . Skype: iPerfect_Dev 1.Character info window changed: Window moved from the chronicles above. There is a display of Hero and Nobless icons. Each class also has its own icon. 2.Skills window changed: 3.Clan window changed: 4.Action window changed: 5.Map window changed: 6.Inventory changed: Sorting items has been added to inventory. Added quick removal of items (including stacks). Shift subject to chat Shows: Name / Sharpening / SA / Quantity. Saves chat prefix and text. 7.Macro window changed: The number of macros created has been increased to 24. The range of icons has also been expanded - a choice of 105 icons from the L2 Classic! 8.Multi-language feature added: Switching is possible as in the game in the options tab. So when entering the game, switching is done by clicking on a certain flag. 9.Menu window changed: Implemented all the main windows that are called from the new menu. 10.Changed the Restart / Exit Menu window L2 Classic: The window is made as on the chronicles above. In it you can see how much Adena and Experience gained per game. 11.Increased the number of Shortcut Sockets: Increased to 6. 12.Chat Changed: Now the chat can be stretched, in addition to this, a chat lock button has been added. It is also optionally possible to set transparency for it. 13.System Menu L2 Classic: Now the menu has a private shop, group, friends, clan, etc. In the Services tab: A site, etc., is added at the request of the buyer. 14.Added a new tab in the options: In this tab, you yourself can choose what you need for a comfortable game. 15.ExpBar L2 Classic: Also here there is a button Mail, Clan, search for party members. To choose, display adena or display the PVP / PC counter and display the number of occupied cells in the inventory. 16.Party window: Optionally, you can enable party management. Namely, the conclusion of the buttons on the transfer of the party leader and the expulsion from the party. 17.Moving Party Memberships: Now, as on modern chronicles, the function of moving party members in a window is available by holding down the Alt key. Now you do not have to reassemble the Party to arrange the members. 18.Enchant Window: Now you can immediately see the sharpening level of the item. In the sharpening window, it displays only the grade equal to the sharpening itself. 19.Minimap L2 Classic 2.0: Antharas: Optionally. You can remove it in Option, thereby returning the standard Interlude radar. All standard Minimap functions are available: Goal Search and Party Pember Search. You can: pin / unpin your location relative to the center, make the Mini Map transparent, Increase or decrease it (256/512) 20.Damage output to screen: You can enable or disable this feature in the options. 21.Bar casta L2 Classic: You can enable or disable this feature in the options. 22.Auto Use Potions: 23.Life Stone: Now when you insert a drug into a weapon, it acquires a frame around the icon. For greater convenience, when you hover the mouse over the icon, it displays the skill caught in the weapon. 24.Character status: Added displaying the status of the character Nobleman / Hero. 25.Target: Added 2 buttons, quick party invitation and offer of trade. The icon of the character’s profession and its status as a Nobleman / Hero are also displayed. 26.Other: Removing buffs via Alt + Click Implemented premium mapping as on the chronicles above. Additional features for premium characters (optional) And much more.....
  2. Продам Набором или по 1 костюму для Interlude. Так же есть и другие и под разные хроники. Skype: iPerfect_dev ==================== Selling a set or 1 suit for Interlude. There are also others for various chronicles. Skype: iPerfect_dev
  3. Until tomorrow, there is a big discount on agathions.
  4. I give to your attention a free Raid Boss with effect. Written originally for the Interlude Chronicle. Use to whom you need to) For all questions, please contact Skype: iPerfect_Dev https://cloud.mail.ru/public/G7bu/4Toc3v3yS
  5. Всем привет. Выставляю на продажу, набор агатионов из 15 штук для Interlude. Подойдут как для пвп так и для классических серверов. Каждый агат идет со своим эффектом,звуком, настраиваемым умением и т.д. Могу внести любые изменения по желанию покупателя. За более подробной информацией и ценой обращайтесь в Skype: iPerfect_Dev ============================= Hello. I'm putting up for sale a set of agathions from 15 pieces for Interlude. Suitable for both pvp and classic servers. Each agate comes with its own effect, sound, customizable skill, etc. I can make any changes at the request of the buyer. For more information and price, please contact: Skype: iPerfect_Dev
  6. Hello, I sell the file decryptor. Easily removes Smart Crypt and other crypt files. For more information, please contact skype. Skype: iPerfect_Dev ======================== Добрый день, продаю декриптор файлов. С легкостью снимает Смарт Крипт и другие крипты файлов. За более подробной информацией, оброщайтесь в скайп. Skype: iPerfect_Dev
  7. It's just a texture, bAlphaTexture and bTwoSided are on display in Shader and FinalBland
  8. Подойдет как для пвп серверов, так и для классических. На монстре присутствует интересный эффект. В Комплекте: Клиентская часть для Interlude. Серверная часть "sql" под PWsoft. Связь со мной: Skype: iPerfect_dev -------------------------------------- Suitable for both pvp servers and classic. The monster has an interesting effect. In the Kit: Client part for Interlude. The server part of "sql" under PWsoft. Contact me: Skype: iPerfect_dev Videos with this monster: https://yadi.sk/d/SJ4c1C3i3Ko3bX https://mega.nz/#!drAEhI4S!ga7346VisnFhi2ud59cA73n9P5JCJxSBVpSP5q5kC_s