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  1. GENERAL INFORMATION OF SERVER www.l2light.com.br Hello, everyone, welcome to the newest server project, a PvP-based project with farm methods we take to craft and farm. Our Project consists of bringing durability, credibility, and confidence to your players. If you are looking for a dedicated server to bring the soul of true PvP Interlude you are in the right place. See below our General information. Server L2Light Interlude 25x Craft/PvP Server Platform: Interlude Files PTS Server Timezone: Time (-3 GMT) Grand opening July 11
  2. L2REBIRTH Interlude 50x Craft Grand opening March 16, 2019 Rates Experience (EXP) 50x Skill Points (SP) 50x Adena 30x Spoil 10x Manor 5x SealStones 25x Enchant Safe +3 Max Weapon: +16 Max Armor/Jewels: +12 Enchant Rate: Retail Quests with increased rates: The Finest Food - rate x10 Heart in Search of Power (Valley of Saints) - rate x10 Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 1/ Part 2 - rate x10 Supplier of Reagents - rate x10 War with Ketra Orcs - rate x10 War with Varka Silenos - rate x10 Relics of the O
  3. Hi Guy is to Advext64 not for Vanganth Files, and thanks for your share it!
  4. Hello Guys! i need help to create zones chaotic in Advext64 official files Interlude Queen Ant Zaken Core Orfen Valakas Antharas frintessa possible all friends in MXC give help ?
  5. how to remove or edits this names and logo ? it is necessary ?, have other logo in game! not need in login and options! @Celestine
  6. Are you here to see the server and then question! Or are you here to judge without even seeing? If you want to see me, send me your skype to talk to me, and you will realize that they are not the same, I do not need to hide my face from you players, because they are people like me.
  7. You are wrong to think that we are the same staff of the lovely aden, we are totally different, before questioning in such a way, it is necessary to see!
  8. and i have other Source, Ilext! and i not use it at momment !
  9. We do not use our own project, but we have partnership with the Extender developer.
  10. Not made by Ladys ! is me Project 10 years Experience in l2off ! I guarantee stability, we are a team that we come from long dates, we are bringing a stable project!