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  1. Καλησπερα θα ηθελα βοηθεια σε κατι που δεν μπορω να βρω με τιποτα.Λοιπον οταν ενας παικτης βαραει ενα monster και το τερατακι μας κανει καποια αποσταση χ ή αν ο παικτης πεθανει να γυρναει το τερας στο αρχικο του spawn. Καθε βοηθεια δεκτη ευχαριστω και καλα μπανακιαααα
  2. Hello i need help for this problem.So i searched to many times and still not found anything. I want when a player die or monster did a specify distance it should respawn in base spawn.I want this to anti-train mobs
  3. Γεια σας παιδια θα ηθελα την βοηθεια σας εχω To Mutant Event (zombie event) kai enw exei preconfig gia to bow id 271 parola auta douleuei apla mesa sto event mporoun na alaksoun weapon me apotelesma na einai bug mporei kapios na voi8isw oti pliroforia 8elete m lete ka8e voi8eia dexth
  4. Hello guys i need help i trying to add on my server a Achievement system but when i press Show my achievements or Statitics i got a error about Bypass. For more infos pleasse ask me SEVERE 67 net.sf.l2j.gameserver.network.clientpackets.L2GameClientPacket Client: [Character: Test - Account: test - IP:] - Failed running: [C] 21 RequestBypassToServer
  5. Hello guys i want to ask your help with something when armor set and shield is set give a passive skill...So i want to add on this skill the character get max damage 2k etc... Thanks!! <skill id="3417" levels="1" name="Equipped with Shield"> <set name="target" val="TARGET_SELF"/> <set name="skillType" val="BUFF"/> <set name="operateType" val="OP_PASSIVE"/> <for> <add order="0x40" stat="rShld" val="2.3"/> <mul order="0x30" stat="sDef" val="1.08"/> </for> </skill>
  6. Hi guys i have a problem to cant resolve when i run game/login console all good zero error loading normally but when i try to loggin i get this error and ofc cant connect to server if someone knows please tell me
  7. Otan paw na kanw login se local gt ein test server autos enw trexei kanonika login k gameserver console oute enan error me to poy kanw login den loggarei kai m petaei sto login auto to error
  8. Gia maxcheaters tha sas eimoun ipoxreos an kapios apo esas na afierwsei 3-5 mins na kanei upload to pack t finest pack i ama anevasmeno na stilei to link ( an to exei fisika ) vrika 2-3 share alla einai dead links euxaristw...
  9. file mou san stats logika den prepei na exei k megales diafores....alla to 8ema einai ta skills...dn borw na vrw pws na t ftiaxw ....