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  1. staff need to do walker or not on the l2 elite c4 server, can someone help me?
  2. Anyone know how to bypass the protection of l2jguard , if anyone knows even copper covers send me pm
  3. Alguém sabe como contornar a proteção do l2jguard, se alguém souber até cobre cobre me enviar pm
  4. i need walker oog running on interlude server, willing to pay send message
  5. i need walker oog running on interlude server, willing to pay send message
  6. I have one more suggestion, skin for the characters, most of the servers only have the standard clothes, it would be possible to add a system of skins for accessory, or weapon or armor, that only change your character, it would be very nice!
  7. I have one more suggestion, I do not know if it is possible, to put in the mobs, players the debuffs, to find out if it is taken and the time.
  8. in the macro panel, shows the limit of 24, as it is unlimited, can I exceed that limit of 24? can I create 48 for example, or more?
  9. Lordanov I have a suggestion, in the macro panel, you could change the amount of macros that can be created, by default they are only 24, you could add double that 48 nor the classic unlimited kkkk just to have double already would be good for me, I play a server that needs many macros, thank you!
  10. I ask your help, in your opinion, is this video good? Are all the steps correct? Is there any step missing? if yes mention there in the comments! sorry for bad english !
  11. Como no título. Alguém tem o código-fonte, e ele vende? Ou me dê? ::) Work with interlude.