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Found 26 results

  1. l2damage guys have someone working interface? pls ))) help pls) ((
  2. Hi, Lf patch with custom animation rage of all debufs Overlords. (circle on ground) Anyone have it? i know its is old patch but all link are dead i need skillgrp and file with animation plz help
  3. Hello Guys!! As the title said, here are the screenshot of this server (who failed twice this year) and links: So basically this pack is almost the same as L2Ava, but this server have some other stuff added like Auto cp, hp... etc. Here are the links: Enjoy it!! Updated: Added .sh files for gameserver on Compiled pack and sources pack.
  4. Hi MXC Community. I'm just going to leave those files here because I saw some people selling this files as their "Own Work". So lets take a look what this pack have: Those screenshots is just part of the MODs of this pack have, also this pack was used for L2Ava project in 2015. So here are the links: Enjoy it..!!! Cheers
  5. Symbols Buffs Over The Head: The experimental set of 15 (so far) symbols: Frenzy / Guts / Zealot / Ultimate Evasion / Celestial Shield / Angelic Icon / Touch of Life / Ultimate Defence / Mystic Immunity / Vengeance / Force Barrier / Sonic Barrier / Servitor Empowerment / Dodge / Counter Attack Hang over the character's head as much as there is a buff. Around each scale-timer. Folding symbols - on the floors. At your request, added display Overlord`s debuff range: Exclusive Icon: Overlord Skills Hot Springs Effects: Augment Active Skills: Charge skill (Gladiator/Tyrant) Potions СP/HP/MP: Elixires CP/HP (S Grade): For Interlude. Bug Fix: Start the animation and the timer goes with the appearance buff, rather than the beginning of his caste. Bug Fix: Correct location at Ultimate Evasion. General Fix: Can be used in conjunction with any other patches. General Fix: "Default animation" saved. Bug Fix: Celestial spawn on target. Bug Fix: No delay at Celestial spawn. Author: Neophron Free Patch / No Support Password: nphrnbyrawr Download
  6. Here is my patcher for L2 (only H5 currently). ​The main idea is : never overwrite any previous custom mods. ​ ​ ​ ​!nhpD2aAC!QI2yB3z7lpjsEY1ksYPpZM-rtqnML6P2Ab5MvQjAE2A ​ ​Features : ​Buff as Debuff / Buff as Black texture. For any buff (identified with its Skill ID), set it as Debuff and/or as Black Texture. ​ Animation over caster's head for any skill you want. ​ ​Credits : first part of this ​You'll still have to modify with L2Tool the selected Texture. ​You can apply it as many times as you want, for differents skills. ​Taliman and/or Lifestone Icons patch.​ ​ Credits : 2nd part of this ​It will create new textures files (Talisman.utx and/or Lifestone.utx) and update the .dat files. ​ ​ ​Java needed (as it's a .jar). ​To find the Skill ID, go here , find your skill, and in the URL, copy the "skid" number. (for example, Skill ID for Nobless is 1323 / ) ​ ​Sources : ​!nhhRFaqK!G_aT8Xby6dIkIQz-XxBO_apUmVkLbU_qjiJHq62Os7g
  7. Hello, Im going to play on new RU OFF server (24.04) Salvation, is possible to swap some english files from EU client? Someone said that client modify is forbidden and they can detect it and ban you. Maybe some of these files are undetectable, what do you think?
  8. when you move in the game theres a blue crosshair on the ground how cam i change to red ????i had it a while ago and i saw alot of streamers with this plz help :) i allready posted here a few years back but the link was removed :) ty
  9. Hello, as the title says, i searched a lot and can't find a patch that shows levels aggro drop and spoil on h5. i only found one for hellbound :/ please if you got any way to do it or a ready patch share
  10. Some one has a clean System Patch for Classic 2.0? Thx guys!
  11. The patch for the client game Lineage 2 High Five. I made a lot of add-ons, which will give you an advantage in the pumping of the character and in battle. The patch is attached to the character's nickname. Cost (nickname count / rubles: 1 / 500 2 / 900 3 / 1200 4 / 1500 5 / 1900 6 / 2300 7 / 2700 8 / 3100 9 / 3500 My contacts: - skype: xxxaruxxx1 (xDarkDelux) Changed the interface design, added 2 panel shortcuts (6 panels), expanded inventory (expands on button). additions: auto enchant auto refinery auto target auto potion auto enchant skills farm bot pvp bot counting the damage on Olympiad new status bar profession of player and button of invite in a party in the window of target display of player skills ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more info you can watch on this topic in .gif files (not advertising): Selling patch (mod Interface) by xDarkDelux
  12. Hey Guy I'm wondering if is possible to use Lionna Patch system in other server? and someone can RIP the CB on this server?
  13. Here's fabuLous Interface for High Five Client. Saw some people wanted it, so .. :) Download it right here
  14. Some body have the same issue on Macro List using edKith Patch? Patch: Someone had it fix it? Its anything I should edit on interface.u? or interface.xdat? Thx for you help
  15. Hi, guys Do you have any ideas how to add icons or change text color for drop/spoil patch? I've seen something like this on some ru site: It's interlude client. I tried to open skillname.dat, but failed.. Wondering, how did they add those icons and colors. I tried <font color> tag, but ofc it didnt work here
  16. I have a freshly installed H5 client. When I add the L2.exe with my IP address to clean system folder the game launches but I get GameGuard 153 error. So I downloaded a patched system from Strain ( but then it asked for dsetup.dll which I got from wildard_ct2_5.rar somewhere on the internet. The problem is that whenever I launch the l2.exe or manually from command nothing happens, but the process is there in Task Manager and it consumes CPU (about 15%). I have Win 10, and I am looking for any kind of advice how to solve this.
  17. Hi, I would like to make a custom UI for myself for a gracia final, maybe other chronicles later. It is not going to be something crazy, just changes of few colors here and bigger opacity there. How can I start and what are the tools I need to make this possible? Can someone point me into right direction? Thank you very much :)
  18. You have the server's files, but do not have the patch. Can anything be done or there is no hope? :P
  19. - In addition to a complete redesign client, also have the opportunity to use immediately shortcuts (1,2,3 key) - Patch bind to your nick (3) - Price 7$ - contact skype : c0d3rtm
  20. Author: Respect & Moveton Interface patch v4.00 General information: - Automation of tedious processes; - No need for packet capture, use "autoclickers" and other "forbidden" things. - Work on all defenses frishek (lame guard, smart guard etc) - The ability to include cars and enchant augmentation while playing. - The ability to include auto enchant augmentation and in any place. - The ability to include cars and enchant augmentation c clad things. - Support for PTS / Java platforms. - Support Ru/Eng interface. - Support win xp/7/8/10. - Bypassing the "Flood Protected". - Auto-pm right-click on the highlighted nick at target. Automatic sharpening equipment: - Limit the scrolls; - The level of enchant required; - Display a record level in the process of enchant ; - Display the current level of enchant process; - Support for normal scroll function "Safe enchant up"; - Adjust the delays at various stages of enchant for better speed; Automatic weapons augmentation: - Removed the need to adopt Gamestone; - Automatic insertion and removal of the augmentation; - The choice of 6 categories inserts: all passive, active, chance stats (con, dex, str, men, wit, int), as well as the user's choice of several. - Adjust the delays at various stages of augmentation for better speed; - Stop the system in case of errors, which eliminates the "flood". Automatic sharpening skills: - The level of enchant required; - Visualization options EXP & SP, as well as a number of books; - Adjustment of the delay; Automatic use of CP / HP / MP potion: - The need for user selection of the potion's; - Adjustment of the delay on the use of specific potion; - Adjusting the use of specific potion; - Auto-off function and a peace zone; - The function of preserving the current settings and potion's at the next entry to the game. Additional shortcuts fourth socket / panel skills. - It supports all the features like native panel. Order: - All future updates will be free of charge to customers! - Bind patch will be chosen nickname.(3) - The patch under the protection of quality, which guarantees protection against hacking. - Price 15$ - Contact skype: c0d3rtm
  21. Well i have a problem when i try to log in to servers.. The situation is this. If the account is new when i can't create character. When i press to set the race window is not responding. If the account has already char inside i cant pass the server select screen... Any ideas?
  22. Hello, I want to get some information how to patch system. I know.. there on internet is many patched systems, but I want to know how to do it? Someone can help me with patching official system?
  23. [+]Server l2 reinforced | Chronic H5 | Server 100% online | New Server Anti DDoS protection | Mysql Server protection | Protection Stuck. Datacenter Canada | Easy Farm | Below I leave more information | Join Us! System Server: Facebook page: Website: [+]Initial level: 85 [+]Initial Adena: 10,000,000 [+]Subclass quantity: 3 [+]Level 10 clan: easy [+]Necessary clan pj level up: OFF [+]Raise level of reputation necessary clan: OFF [+]Clan penalty: OFF [+]Amount of buff: 36 [+]Number of dances and songs: 18 [+]Cancel Return: 15 seconds [+]Enchant: 100% [+]Max Enchant: +16 [+]Safe Enchant: +16 [+]Element 100% [+]Max Element Armor: 180 [+]Max Element Weapon: 450 [+]1 Stone Full lv 4. [+]1 Crystal Full lv 7. [+]1 Jewel Crystal Full lv 9. [+]Olympics period: 15 days [+]Olympics protection: ON [+]Olympics start: 18:00 [+]Olympics fights minimum: 9 [+]Oolympiadas Min of participants: 6 [+]Custom Goddes armor. [+]Custom Goddes weapons. [+]Custom Cloak Goddes. [+]Custom Cloak Heroic: Drop in Raid Boss [+]SMS donation system [+]PAYPAL donation system [+]System of donation Wester unions [+]Restriccion Chat trade: 300 pvp [+]Restricted Chat Shout: 1000 pvp [+]NPC GM SHOP NPC. [+]NPC Shop Custom Goddes. [+]NPC Augment and Warehouse. [+]NPC Services Manager. [+]NPC Buffer Scheme. [+]NPC Dyes. [+]NPC Class Master. [+]NPC certifications. [+]NPC Global Gk. [+]NPC Enchanter +16! [+]Ranking PvP Community Board. [+]Ranking Clan Community Board. [+]Pk ranking Community Board. [+]Area Farm Zone 1. [+]Arena Farm Zone 2. [+]PvP area. [+]PvP Zone. (All vs All) [+]Restriction of clan area pvp All vs All. [+]Restriction of name in zone pvp All vs All. [+]Restriction of title area pvp All vs All. [+]Restriction of party at zona pvp All vs All. [+]Chat restriction in area pvp All vs All. [+]Minimum of pk Drop: 100 [+]Passive talismans without limit. [+]Augment passive uploaded Status. [+] RAID Boss Baium: 1 hour 30 minutes Respawn [+] RAID Boss Valakas: 1 hour 30 minutes Respawn [+] RAID Boss Frintezza: 1 hour 30 minutes Respawn [+] .reward (Zaken Agathion status) [+] .dressme (copy the appearance that you like) [+] Item Donation "euro" Drop in raid boss 10% Chance. [+] Auto create account. [+] Change your password with ".changepassword"