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Found 11 results

  1. Symbols Buffs Over The Head: The experimental set of 15 (so far) symbols: Frenzy / Guts / Zealot / Ultimate Evasion / Celestial Shield / Angelic Icon / Touch of Life / Ultimate Defence / Mystic Immunity / Vengeance / Force Barrier / Sonic Barrier / Servitor Empowerment / Dodge / Counter Attack Hang over the character's head as much as there is a buff. Around each scale-timer. Folding symbols - on the floors. At your request, added display Overlord`s debuff range: Exclusive Icon: Overlord Skills Hot Springs Effects: Augment Active Skills: Charge skill (Gladiator/Tyrant) Potions СP/HP/MP: Elixires CP/HP (S Grade): For Interlude. Bug Fix: Start the animation and the timer goes with the appearance buff, rather than the beginning of his caste. Bug Fix: Correct location at Ultimate Evasion. General Fix: Can be used in conjunction with any other patches. General Fix: "Default animation" saved. Bug Fix: Celestial spawn on target. Bug Fix: No delay at Celestial spawn. Author: Neophron Free Patch / No Support Password: nphrnbyrawr Download
  2. Hello guys! Maybe you have seen the effect of RedSky on some servers, when you die? This code works the same way, on die... but instead of the RedSky, I've used the SpecialCamera which captures for some seconds the player that killed you. I had to do something before I kill my self because of this boring day :lol: It's for Interlude, I've tested it on l2jfrozen So ugly patch, but it's written manually... Index: config/functions/ =================================================================== AntiFarmPdefDiff = False AntiFarmMaxPdefDiff = 300 # You must active AntiFarmEnabled = True to enable this mod. # AntiFarm if player has Patk < AntiFarmMaxPatkDiff. AntiFarmPatkDiff = False AntiFarmMaxPatkDiff = 300 # If true summons don't give any reward (avoid pvp/pk farm) AntiFarmSummon = False + +#==================================== +# Camera effect on die +#==================================== +# Effect enabled? +CameraEnabled = True +# Distance Camera <-> Killer +CameraDistance = 10 +# Point of view to the killer +# North = 90, South = 270, East = 0, West = 180 +CameraPOV = 0 +# Angle of view to the killer +# angle > 0: looks up, angle < 0: looks down +CameraAngle = 5 +# Animation speed (milliseconds) +CameraSpeed = 3000 +# Animation delay +CameraDuration = 3000 Index: head-src/com/l2jfrozen/ =================================================================== public static boolean ANTI_FARM_PDEF_DIFF_ENABLED; public static int ANTI_FARM_MAX_PDEF_DIFF; public static boolean ANTI_FARM_PATK_DIFF_ENABLED; public static int ANTI_FARM_MAX_PATK_DIFF; public static boolean ANTI_FARM_PARTY_ENABLED; public static boolean ANTI_FARM_IP_ENABLED; public static boolean ANTI_FARM_SUMMON; + // Camera Effect + public static boolean CAMERA_ENABLED; + public static int CAMERA_DISTANCE; + public static int CAMERA_POV; + public static int CAMERA_ANGLE; + public static int CAMERA_SPEED; + public static int CAMERA_DELAY; + // ============================================================ public static void loadPvpConfig() { final String PVP = FService.PVP_CONFIG_FILE; try { final Properties pvpSettings = new Properties(); final InputStream is = new FileInputStream(new File(PVP)); pvpSettings.load(is); is.close(); /* KARMA SYSTEM */ KARMA_MIN_KARMA = Integer.parseInt(pvpSettings.getProperty("MinKarma", "240")); FEW LINES BELOW >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ANTI_FARM_PATK_DIFF_ENABLED = Boolean.parseBoolean(pvpSettings.getProperty("AntiFarmPatkDiff", "False")); ANTI_FARM_MAX_PATK_DIFF = Integer.parseInt(pvpSettings.getProperty("AntiFarmMaxPatkDiff", "300")); ANTI_FARM_PARTY_ENABLED = Boolean.parseBoolean(pvpSettings.getProperty("AntiFarmParty", "False")); ANTI_FARM_IP_ENABLED = Boolean.parseBoolean(pvpSettings.getProperty("AntiFarmIP", "False")); ANTI_FARM_SUMMON = Boolean.parseBoolean(pvpSettings.getProperty("AntiFarmSummon", "False")); + + CAMERA_ENABLED = Boolean.parseBoolean(pvpSettings.getProperty("CameraEnabled", "false")); + CAMERA_DISTANCE = Integer.parseInt(pvpSettings.getProperty("CameraDistance", "10")); + CAMERA_POV = Integer.parseInt(pvpSettings.getProperty("CameraPOV", "0")); + CAMERA_ANGLE = Integer.parseInt(pvpSettings.getProperty("CameraAngle", "5")); + CAMERA_SPEED = Integer.parseInt(pvpSettings.getProperty("CameraSpeed", "3000")); + CAMERA_DELAY = Integer.parseInt(pvpSettings.getProperty("CameraDuration", "3000")); } catch (final Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); throw new Error("Failed to Load " + PVP + " File."); } } // ============================================================ Index: head-src/com/l2jfrozen/gameserver/model/actor/instance/ =================================================================== import; import; import; import; import; +import; import; import; import; import; FEW LINES BELOW>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> } } else { onDieUpdateKarma(); // Update karma if delevel is not allowed } } } } + if (Config.CAMERA_ENABLED && !isPhoenixBlessed()) + { + sendPacket(new SpecialCamera(killer.getObjectId(), Config.CAMERA_DISTANCE, Config.CAMERA_POV, Config.CAMERA_ANGLE, Config.CAMERA_SPEED, Config.CAMERA_DELAY)); + } } // Unsummon Cubics unsummonAllCubics(); if (_forceBuff != null) { abortCast(); } for (final L2Character character : getKnownList().getKnownCharacters()) if (character.getTarget() == this) { if (character.isCastingNow()) character.abortCast(); } if (isInParty() && getParty().isInDimensionalRift()) { getParty().getDimensionalRift().getDeadMemberList().add(this); }
  3. Hello , Tittle , Interlude client* Example OL or WC buff sometimes animation don't appear ...
  4. Hello, I'm sure there's something like that imported from later clients. Could anyone help me out with direct links?
  5. If you need a freelancer (that doesn't mean I work for free) graphic designer, visit my website: | (graphics/overlays for Streamers) Get in touch with me if you like my work and need something done. Only contact me if you know what you need and your English is good enough. Thanks!
  6. Delete topic please! Already solved the problem. Sorry for SPAM! Hello MXC Mates! I have edited a little part of gracia final client. I searched for greater heal skill effect and I would like to change the casting animation. So finished my first "work", tested in Dev tool and it worked. Here is a picture about the changes. But sadly when try it on a GF server it doesn't work and still use the old animation. o.O Here is a picture also. The dev tool i used for test is in the same system folder. So I would like to ask if it's my fault somehow or there is a server side setting which disable to use modded skilleffects? P.S.: Actually even if I delete the lineageskilleffect.u from the system folder the client still work without error message. o.O
  7. a nice effect for gm weapons mabe :P this is an effect i found on my h5 client from a npc and i aplyed to my weapons hope you like it XD all you have to do is place the effect lines in your weapongrp.dat and set from -1 to 1 lineageeffect.e_u320_deco_cow
  8. guys i need some help i can't finde the animation of when you activate soulshots on bar i don't know where they are well i tink they are in SysTextures but in what file ? i found the ui stuff but i cant finde this one :( pls help guys
  9. Hello guys i have a problem with the orc class when i put on a orc the Light armor or the robe armor the boots are white but the heavy ones are ok can i somehow take the heavy boot animation and insert it on robe and light? if yes the please tell me how i dont know if the problem is in the animation folder or in the sytextures help me out please Thanks p.s i use l2jfrozen (interlude) if anyone wants to fix it for me here is my skype: DevStev0