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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, DenArt Designs website is currently under redesign construction is finish and now the following domains are available. Landing Page: https://www.denart-designs.com Shop: https://shop.denart-designs.com Portfolio: https://portfolio.denart-designs.com Updater Panel: https://updater.denart-designs.com for any trouble, idea please contact me here.
  2. Hi all today i decide to start learning some things about l][Updaters Here my first : Its Only Psd For First time i think its good give it a chance :D Have a nice day all ! :D
  3. Hello MXC users First of all I will start with some of aVVe "epic updater" scans... https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/fd5563c430cb5a85f110fd5f68a76b849a164b9457f2e6588a26dcc0a805b28f/detection https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/dc187c68e6d22a801d7d1879e8b01a6d6f4a096e5d1c1437e0c47a18385a4c92/detection https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/cb1faca5c587a765807c7807971ba856e112c1ab4e973fc727ec1d83af3f4e78/detection https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/3febe33e5b1a94d44cc33f6123b40254a01a0cd6456c60e8d3b7ac951e644a40/detection https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/0fc1315ba24fb271d9a7740c6166b313e14859e4303b9546aafb0ac06725b2f6/detection You are free to download all of this "epic updaters" from the internet. So..if you are asking yourself why the new players are not coming to your server this is the reason... Now the boy says his product is clean,... but it is hard to believe this fact because he does not know the programming of any kind... I do not mean that I know the programming or my updater is the best in the market,but because I started to create my game with Unity I learned to use the upwork and that's what I did with my updater. I paid someone to clean the updater and correct all the functions it uses, and I did that because I want to use this updater for the game I'm creating. I contacted on Skype on this avve and I spoke appropriately to him that it is not fair to sell a product with so many errors. His answer was kind of this: I already repaired and now I'm OK...But what happens to everything you've sold so far? Why are you commenting on the postings of others who try to sell the same product much cleaner??? Why aren't you a man and admit that you sold a product full of errors?? Why do you brag about doing the design when you buy or steal from the Russians boys and resell here... I posted that skin just to show that it is not your design and that you stole it from the Forum Maxi... But you reported my share as if it was yours.... And I worked a little bit on this to show you that this is what you did Mr aVVe. In a few posts on MXC you are against the Russians but at the same time you steal or buy from them and resell..... The PSD I was shared was a work of 15/20 minutes... I didn't stay to work in details... If it's your design.... how to find it on the Internet as a free download???.... To finish this crap, I'm going to say this: You deserve to sell? You deserve to cheat on me? Do you deserve to cheat on all the people who have bought so far? You deserve to use the designs bought or stolen from the Russians when you hate Russians?? Are you a good example of this community? That's all I had to say and I apologize if I ever bothered anyone!
  4. Helo Guys! Are you looking for Launcher Update to your server? Then we can help you, Archaic Design works with exclusive models of Launchers Updates Maximum use of broadband, providing a much faster download Unique design, adjusting the launcher to your site (colors, textures, buttons etc ..) Facilitated payment via PayPal Delivery within 24 hours You receive a "sample" of the design of your Launcher before production, as well will be able to modify, add or remove something that has not pleased. Here is a sample of how you can be your Launcher Update All this for only = USD 30,00 Contact by MP or Skype= l2darkfurions
  5. Im looking for an L2 Updater creation guide, anyone can tell me how to do it and which apps/programms i need for this?
  6. I don't know how to connect to my own server...., tried to edit the "system32/drivers/etc/host" file, then i noticed the system/l2.exe is not available in Helios update anymore x_x So, how can i patch the L2-System folder in order to connect to my private server?
  7. This is a full complect for Lineage 2 client side The first 10 people who will pm me in my skype la2-virus will receive this set in finished form (with all changed copyrights for your site). For obtain updater give me the hyper-link for your site. Forum and registration page. Also give me the site name and two links for updater and full updater (I mean where on the host files are placed) and name of system folder which you are using in game. Also I can denied your request for my personal decisions. I will write nicknames of all users for which I do the updater in this topic. P.S. Sorry, using google translate and he do bad translate Loading Updater Splash Mini-logo
  8. Is your server using Lameguard or other protection methods? Read below to see how you will protect your server completelly. I have coded a new version of the Launcher that will encrypt some files and do some other geek stuff, so that the player will be able to use ONLY the Launcher in order to log in to the respective server. (and not the l2.exe or l2.bin or l2_yo_mamma_is_so_fat_it_takes_24h_to_make_a_complete_self_orbit.exe) Supported Chronicles: High Five and above How the test will work: You'll send me your system folder, I do what I have to do, i send you the Launcher(Demo Mode) and you see if you can login to the server in any other way, except from starting the Launcher. What will the testers gain from that: 30% discount if they decide to purchase the Launcher in the future OR 30% discount for another person who wants to purchase the Launcher. What will I get if I purchase the New Launcher: A compiled version of my current Launchers with any Template you wish that makes the start of the Lineage Client impossible unless you start it with the Launcher. Can I purchase the source of the New Launcher with the encryption method: That depends on many factors, it is better to be discussed via skype or PMs since I cannot trust my work in greedy hands. If you want to take part and see if the Launcher works: Contact me via skype: rs.project OR email: project.redseal@gmail.com
  9. Hello i am requesting a guide about How to create a decent Lineage 2 Updater design. Avo sells for 20 or 30 euros but this is a big amount to pay for me , and i am willing to learn about the proceedure. any help would be appreciated , thanks in advance everyone ! :)
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