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  1. did you even look his code? its exactly what you described, it dumps results to file, he even called his example file "cronjob" cleaned example above:
  2. how out of touch someone has to be to call it fake? basic biology education teaches about viruses and bacteria we had hundreds of these in human history and new will come after this one. It didn't had to be created in the lab (but ofc could), viruses mutate/evolve in the wild just like anything other than rock, it really doesn't take a lot for something non-harmful become deadly in few mutation cycles. Conspiracy theories are mostly spread by lack of education.
  3. iv seen some interfaces with basic combat, but it was super limited, mostly nothing more than looped macro can do. But not up-to-date with priv servers, so cant give you specifics to check.
  4. its for tower, after SetPause(false); add while loop waiting for your death (you will need check tower docs for that) repeat Sleep(1000); until GetMe():<is user dead method here>
  5. yeah, no point to make separated category just for PHP, call it web dev. Another suggestion: forum currency which you can buy for set amount, trade freely with other users, withdraw your funds to skrill/pp/etc, its tested model which will protect buyers/sellers from chargebacks, you could add limitations for new/inactive accounts.
  6. L2jorion is trash based on frozen, no bigger core reworks/fixes just tons of customs added LUL Do you have any screen from ingame errors? it could be possible to backtrack that exploit
  7. at this point i wouldn't do that at all, fuck entitled freeloaders LUL
  8. unix timestamp,
  9. i mean, you call winsock legacy software, so im not surprised he didn't bother answering your braindead questions xD
  10. its quite standard practice to sell software as lifetime, but only with X months of updates included, so these who would want to upgrade would be charged (often with discount as a returning person). But that needs to be said upfront, not after 1 year sell xD
  11. or you could just use modern classic client for your h5 server and have: login rewards, daily missions and captcha system already built into the client instead of reinventing the wheel :D
  12. i know it will be still simple, just breakpoint on http request to their license check endpoint and traceback nop'ing everything on the way. Java is fucked by design here, my point was they did absolutely 0 effort here :P but i support your topic, L2j was always trash not worth a penny
  13. license code is 1 class in L2PCInstance, most of which is perfectly readable, string "encryption" in this form is just wasted effort as you can decrypt any value in runtime yourself, and that's if your ever needed to, here its some basic http check, basically you can trash most of it without even reading what it does xD
  14. both of these didn't do anything to protect their "license system", i mean not a lot you can do with jars but at least obfuscate names so it takes longer than 10secs to find all "license" occurrences lmao