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  1. ditching old trash clients should be done long ago i find it funny ppl uses fancy classic-wannabe interfaces on interludes but admins didn't yet connect dots to just provide native client support.
  2. you actually sound pretty retaded, you can't do any basic googling to solve own problems where EVERYTHING you try to do was explained in hundreds of ways already. If you expect someone to do it for you with 0 own effort, just pay for it.
  3. it looks your are not capable of basic reading or troubleshooting, amazing new admin we got here :D you bought new service, so login to control panel and look for listing of your paid products if you selected windows image at checkout, panel/mail will provide you access via rdp protocol so you will need some client (windows has one, but you can easily google for something better).
  4. if you mean new opcode, it would require extending client which i doubt you did so your best bet would be using one of unused opcodes. Start your troubleshooting from check if client send any packet at all (sniffer or server log) and go from there
  5. that's funny, because getting angry on someones else opinion is domain of low IQ retards you mentioned :D but lets make closer look... post copied from translator, recycled tetris joke, implying im on here to play L2, yup we found one LUL
  6. each of these features were first seen in pvpsuite for l2tower, feature-wise i didn't yet saw anything new or advanced in adrenalin, just same recycled list.
  7. game is overally boring beside few pvps and competition aspect keeping it alive, but it's also too late for improvements. These who still hop servers are just looking for the content they know and are used to and these who wanted something better simply changed game long ago, hence community keep declining. So we are in circle of that shit gameplay and even good efforts wont help it.
  8. its 2019, bot should be included in every /system patch for players convenience LUL
  9. last time i heard about ronin it failed after 1 month, even these videos appear to be old one what happend last time? :D
  10. thats the only content mxc have, new ppl posting "ty" in 10years old topics LUL at the end of the day, any traffic is better than no traffic, amirite
  11. ah l2jfrozen, i found few nice exploits myself which were not listed here, it gotta be worst shitpack ever made :D
  12. contact their dev, he even have account here
  13. i would be surprised to see any non-rus server with 200 people on one pvp, which was the thing back when servers had real 3k+ online. On most servers now 3 parties are called side lmao, you gotta be retard to believe in any few k numbers LUL
  14. no server access, empty topic with few image placeholders, website/forum looking like made by amateurs in hurry - for sure not by someone who has cash to buy most recent leak ) at least it appears to be not free cloudflare. also forum shows @pada as dev and there is bug reporting sub-forum, meaning its not recent leak if at all. If its not blatant java as all above claim, we can expect something like l2classic-wannabe.club LUL