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  1. doesn't change anything, each of these countries have ppl who play L2 and are willing to randomly drop 3k usd on priv servers they play - because they can. I did play with ppl spending even mores on official servers, each month for year straight, so its not that rare. We need to look on avg wealthy and don't hope for single whales, most if not all of these has avg salary below 1k, in RUS its <500 you can imagine these people reconsider and question any spending few times, even when price is reasonable. So yeah, someone considering p2p model on privs needs serious reality check xD
  2. you clearly didn't do any research on l2 community before deciding to make yet another server, did you? games too old, hype train derailed years ago and community is made fully out of ppl who play this game for half of their lives. Most of them already have precised taste in server settings and play using same scheme on each server (sprint->domination->next), anything which doesn't fit known scheme dies in shadow before launch. tl;dr Noone would want to join your server to begin with, even if it was f2p you will have to move mountains to get any interest of leftover degenerates (pay clans/streamers/etc) :D fast glance on demographics doesn't help too (order by ~playerbase): 1. RUS/CIS 2. SA (Brazil/Argentina/Chile) 3. nothing 4. EU (GR/LT/PL/RO/CZ) each of above are, to put it lightly, not too-wealthy, so good luck with asking for p2p LUL
  3. to put it simple, you are extremely delusional ;D noone will hype over lineage anymore to the point where p2p would be remotely possible, if you are noname with no past it makes it even more ridicules, on top of that, p2p and no store means less profit than 1 good donator could bring.
  4. read first post or any of his recent posts, he mentioned multiple times he was improving this pack and whats shared here is vanilla build he bought.
  5. while i understand why this forum exists and always welcome nice shares, i wonder what was your motivation to share it after all that time you claim to spent improving it?
  6. prolly best pixel-based work done for l2 to date also openCV looks like very useful project i never heard before, thanks :D
  7. false, family/friend only blocks disputes via paypal platform, scammers can still recall their cash via chargeback but since it require contacting bank and lying, only biggest 3rd world trashes would do so.
  8. AlmostGood

    EN Vip me

    BR in nutshell, disgusting creatures.
  9. smartguard used S.M.A.R.T to access storage low level data, above app use own kernel driver (patchguard have to be disabled too) to spoof it and additionally few other things. Would be nice if they added GPU/BIOS spoofing too, so it could be used on other games.
  10. looks really good, i was testing their win7 version and if they fixed random blue screens due to their driver shits, it will be must have for all rmt boters.
  11. doubt that's the reason, there are close to none global bypasses on GOD+ (some oly/coc, few npcs) and privs running last off files like gamecoast have validation fully enabled with auto kick about exploit, it still works fine on innova (+ they even had plain txt scripts for most of last years, lul)
  12. that topic has to be joke, this script is amateur shit compared to NextTarget from krick, and price is nearly same LUL http://adrenalinescript.com/nextarget-radar-lineage/
  13. currenly they look like badly configured bot party :D movement improvements would be needed for human-like look: more randomization between members, extra pathing beside target->attack, random moves when idle cuz of no mobs, etc.