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  1. jpg file wont work alone if your bot version doesn't support given area, but i dont think there were any map changes since 1.7X, many cata maps are simply missing :D
  2. In general i prefer full list of pages for direct jump instead of 10 clicks to reach desired page. Other than that, it's personal preference, minor detail, edge case which would barely happen with default l2 drop lists, whole discussion over it is more useless than what are you trying to prove.
  3. give it a year and accessRetard will claim he was never banned nor scammed anyone reminder: one of his first accounts (that would be 9 ago) was banned over 50 eur scam, how pathetic LUL
  4. NCwest classic, it wont go away anytime soon and after they removed antibot/report button - its bot free, in not ironic way.
  5. so its terribly looking, 70clics to scroll, but it at least updates itself saving you from 1 manual click LUL edit: what about use cases of that, who would actually stare on self updated rank list which takes 70% of screen? i would say majority gives it a quick glance after pvp and close right after, doubt anyone would even notice something changed midway :D
  6. hardly new or modern tbh, edited community boards were seen in every possible option by now, some with really fancy graphics. Beside looks, we we can see basic sort and scroll, but why only by 1? someone wanting to check 100th place would have to click 70 times, awesome UX :D
  7. its your windows specific problem, most prolly .bin file isn't defaulted as executable - you can run assoc command in cmd and check if says .bin=exefile more on that: https://www.maketecheasier.com/change-file-associations-windows10/ but in your case, you can run l2.bin via cmd file to avoid that problem at all (my previous post), just keep in mind use of IP= argument can be disabled in l2.ini, also not sure if its even available in older chronicles, used it on GOD+ clients only.
  8. imagine recommending known scammer lmao https://maxcheaters.com/topic/227914-kara-scammed-me-with-50-euros/page/4/?tab=comments#comment-2723675
  9. you dont need to compile anything, just make start.cmd with "start l2.bin IP=" inside