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  1. they went private after struggling from retards crying it doesn't work on X priv shitlude, afaik they focus on off servers and biggest priv servers, but you will prolly need to be rus to get access.
  2. if any of these 2 is fake, then its "l2soft.eu" LUL there are 50 sites selling adr keys
  3. i recently reversed android game i played, it was in top10 earning for some time in play store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.heroesofchaos.ggplay.koramgame.eu&hl=en_US typical korean p2w with tons of content both pve and pvp, making you want to donate on every step in game anyway, what turns out, most of "players" in towns are scripted and randomized bots run clientside (your phone handle whole AI) just so you don't feel lonely on older servers and lose interest in donating :D pretty scammy but i guess quite popular in mobile games industry.
  4. making proper behavior tree isn't that hard in trashlude cuz it has 1 skill rotation with few exceptions like number of targets/distance :D tbh atm they look like poorly configured adr bots. But im cheering for any plug&play solution so all these retards can run their 2000-online servers full of pvp =)
  5. playing l2 on private servers in 2018, you have to be retarded to like to fuck dead horse.
  6. jokes aside, akumu didn't need to add driver cuz there are tons of ways to detect adr from user land (not to mention he doen't even try to, so running his malware aka "antibot" is retarded idea on PC with any sensitive data.
  7. yea, exceed lifespan of your last 3 servers, merged together LUL
  8. theres no good way to make such block, look on netflix with 130kk active users and unlimited budget who struggle to block cross-country access and fails.
  9. that site sells air, google it and u will find big topic on some rus forum
  10. these patches were based on random data from internet or C4 leaks, nothing usable nowadays or close to correct. /edit: you can use hf5.l2central.info
  11. you wont find cheaper option for skelth than adr, there might be private/small bots out there, but: - prolly wont work with classic eu anyway - don't hope to find anything free, and it wouldn't make sense to pay even 5usd for something else - nothing private will have same features-set or stability of adr, which was developed/tested for years just put macro loop party in catas, like everyone does or use bot on MA only :D
  12. from player pov who also reviewed repos: stay away from frozen, dogshit code with bugs/exploits right and left acis is at least good base l2j int is waste of time with l2off int available.
  13. you could simply tell him true, that you just resell keys and cant do shit so he would instantly stfu yet you pretend to be adrenalin owner to these braindead monkeys, lul also, selling anything to known scammer makes you even more stupid here
  14. improved + basic it was abused back on first rpg-clubs, ppl were reporting it happening randomly but iirc few ppl made way to replicate it for profit :D looks like race condition in i_dispel_by_slot or p_block_buff_slot