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  1. php have unpack() to read streams in desired endianess, and Imagick() class supports DDS so you can replace that pixel by pixel mess with 4 rows LUL
  2. upload it somewhere and send me link, curious how good this protection is
  3. tl;dr yet another trashcan h5 got called out and whole team brigading report topic to heal their injured ego as pathetic as their project, even 10th opening of l2saga looks more appealing, now log more alt accounts for these thumbs down LUL
  4. As a Head GM of noonefuckingcares, quit looking for attention, your "brand" doesn't even exist so where that ego comes from? ahujek is actually right, this changelog with 2 datapack "fixes" per post looks pathetic, i wouldn't even start on server running such shitshow.
  5. Classic took majority of ppl wanting "old feel", i don't see any old and rusty client working out today - simply not enough masochists for that. Another story is how bad "classic" turned to be, basically becoming Essence in 1 year.
  6. wouldn't be hard to do if your ddos protection has api supporting that, but it will fail whenever users IP change
  7. yeah, fuck own troubleshooting, lets keep being clueless and create posts asking for ready answers, "devs" in 2019 lmao
  8. this, problems like this are basic - follow call stack of skill use packet as it enters, some logging/breakpoints and u will fast find place where shit stops to work. If hes paid and not able to debug something like this, you are getting scammed.
  9. you cant leave just like that dude, think about innova and their families, stopping their paychecks just before christmas? that's cruel.
  10. with a bit of creative thinking, you can use 1 bot license on MA and rest of party on built-in macros/farm
  11. mass/single chain was one of most enjoyable skills from my GOD tanks pov, removing it sounds harsh, limit max targets count instead.
  12. encryption didnt change for years, only file structures, so you can expect old tools to decrypt but fail at parsing newer chronicles files - easy to correct.
  13. its same for every other antibot, even these you mentioned, in fact scriptguard had confirmed past of looking into users PC :D you basically run unknown packed code with admin rights, wrote by unknown people somewhere in russia, good luck trusting that with your main PC.
  14. few more updates and they will finishing merging essence with classic lmao it seems long term KR wants to make L2 gameplay even easier, so its mobile-friendly for their recent android/ios game streaming app:
  15. jpg file wont work alone if your bot version doesn't support given area, but i dont think there were any map changes since 1.7X, many cata maps are simply missing :D