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  1. you cant blame outlook, but you can ask for extra features like gmail web client has - extra checks to verify if sender is trustworthy and show warnings if not. In this case, warnings were people commenting, but mods did their job removing these posts (not only once) to cover his scamming gypsy ass.
  2. you really want me to link here 40 of your previously banned accounts? its always somehow not your fault, you just took 1 week to answer because {insert another excuse here}, but you was for SURE going to eventually send what someone paid for LUL did you consider seeking medical help? maybe your memory/attention span problems can be fixed. so you wont "forget" to fulfill paid orders
  3. @Maxtor If you in fact want to keep this scammer removed from mxc, heres proof that above account is his payment screen from first post of this topic (now removed) his last banned account, same paypal (last screen)
  4. Kara cockroach is back lmao same paypal he used on his last banned account (last image in linked imgur album) @Celestine
  5. l2off does LOS check only on target, then keeps using skils until target is dead. I meant using classic client for beloved F1 interlude gameplay, not necessarily using anything else of classic
  6. stop at teleport is missing, also l2off auto combat changes target if it hits "cannot see target" few times in row (due to idle monsters movements mid-casting, non LOS mobs are skipped there too) which is nice addition, simple ignoring of target if hp didnt change for set timeout would be good enough. But yeah, another feature taken from classic client, instead of using classic client in the first place xD
  7. interlude players commenting on last chronicles xD valakas is useless epic with 10 other above it now, and guy killing it has p2w items worth of many k usd
  8. that was big news few years ago, nowadays that's what everyone does, yet some act surprised :D
  9. reminder: OP claimed he has nothing to do with tales in his servers topic, now when hes getting fucked over, he decided to come here and cry. Truly pathetic.
  10. running malware on user PCs to sniff on each of their actions sure looks more trustworthy than bot LUL
  11. it doesn't even seem to be related to movement, character wouldn't travel that distance in that short time to kill 2nd mob seems like bug in distance check on auto attack, does it also happen if u try to use skills? edit: nvm, seems like it wasnt even bug you was talking about LOL
  12. even if updater would change attributes, you can suspend L2 process before it fully loads and replace any file u want. So adding any extra checks in launcher is just waste of time clueless dev would do. Hash checks should be done by client protection - most of popular antibots does it in better or worse way.
  13. set files to read only, it will work only if server doesnt check files hashes in client protection