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  1. its "red sky" effect triggered from server packet, it doesn't use texture but changes render color settings
  2. nothing is hidden in dsetup if u use clean l2 files, you can override login IP with command line arg: start L2.bin ip= edit: l2.ini of ncw clients have it enabled by default, if you have custom edits make sure its enabled in Auth section
  3. nothing you would come up with in java would work better than basic clicker calling winapi, detectable on spot with little effort. Making proper emulation of mouse/keyboard would require hooking windows api or using own signed driver.
  4. its custom encryption, so no public tool gonna help you with that. You will need to run game to dump it from memory, there are many ways to do that, easiest would be using FileManager class from core.dll, but you can expect AAC trying to make it hard since its their packer.
  5. noone changed msn cuz its useless to have such thing in game when you have 2nd monitor next to you. Extending game bins to add new UI methods is also beyond level of modding you see in l2.
  6. surprised topic isn't closed yet like all previous reports, just in case some other would want to add their thoughts power tripping janitors are last thing needed by forum with 200 daily users :D
  7. did you just call most advanced anti-cheat on the market used by AAA games "not huge"? :D difference is, EAC is legitimate software, developed by real devs who know their shit and push the industry forward with new ways to fight cheats, they constantly improve already wide range of detection methods. You can still make cheats for it, but sooner or later your modules will be uploaded to EAC servers and you will get hit - running public cheats for EAC is pain, everyone who tried will confirm that. They wont work with private servers for obvious reasons. ActiveAnticheat is basement made russian antibot for private servers of 3 supported games, they are good enough to block 1 bot available in L2 and generic methods to cheat. Authors prefer to stay anonymous, no listed entity anywhere, might as well turn to be botnet when things will stop to be profitable one day :D
  8. you are stuck in the past if u think ppl want spend hours farming manually :D auto combat was added by KR cuz thats how industry looks today, not to mention most ppl playing bots anyway bigger damage to community are trash admins with 0 skills running their funny l2j packs prepared in 2 weeks, with same bugs and quality for past 10 years
  9. you can safely ignore what crash state when its about hitting 2gb limit - it will just crash at exact moment where any action in game requested new alloc and reached limit, even when given action didn't contribute to root problem at all. It can be any change in client or malformed packet, also make sure server properly removes all ingame objects when out of range
  10. all these errors say is that mem allocation failed, prolly due hitting 32bit limits. Call history wont provide any useful data in this case, because its just consequence of leak somewhere else. I would revert all client changes to clean system with just own .dats and go from there in small increments at time, monitoring crashes.
  11. no hwid is based on MAC only today, your best bet is paying for l2helper or contacting dev and asking for trial
  12. last time i checked symfony and laravel were the only relevant frameworks still trying to fight for php market share :D
  13. he meant client side mod, also farm on this video is terribly slow and privs are better off just using classic client if they want autofarm with clean UI :D
  14. classic+ client already have auth by token from process argument, used by all off regions but doubt l2j ever added support for it
  15. you can connect to server even without client at all if it doesn't use antibot to encrypt traffic, so just pick any from popular ones and it will make sure users are running unmodified clients.
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