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  1. so its terribly looking, 70clics to scroll, but it at least updates itself saving you from 1 manual click LUL edit: what about use cases of that, who would actually stare on self updated rank list which takes 70% of screen? i would say majority gives it a quick glance after pvp and close right after, doubt anyone would even notice something changed midway :D
  2. hardly new or modern tbh, edited community boards were seen in every possible option by now, some with really fancy graphics. Beside looks, we we can see basic sort and scroll, but why only by 1? someone wanting to check 100th place would have to click 70 times, awesome UX :D
  3. its your windows specific problem, most prolly .bin file isn't defaulted as executable - you can run assoc command in cmd and check if says .bin=exefile more on that: https://www.maketecheasier.com/change-file-associations-windows10/ but in your case, you can run l2.bin via cmd file to avoid that problem at all (my previous post), just keep in mind use of IP= argument can be disabled in l2.ini, also not sure if its even available in older chronicles, used it on GOD+ clients only.
  4. imagine recommending known scammer lmao https://maxcheaters.com/topic/227914-kara-scammed-me-with-50-euros/page/4/?tab=comments#comment-2723675
  5. you dont need to compile anything, just make start.cmd with "start l2.bin IP=" inside
  6. he pointed how trash you are in this game, and your answer is to call him stupid because he has valid opinion LUL i actually agree, nothing interesting, you prolly already use adr, so buy radar and stop pretending you can play.
  7. you can always change them in client, in tons of different ways, but most of people will just use bot to send custom bypasses directly. If you don't fully validate user input on server side, you are set to fail if just 1 guy finds out.
  8. if u want to make the same captcha yourself, add randomization of points amount and rotation of whole figure, to make it a bit harder.
  9. its just that your current description breaks fundamental limitations of TCP - you cant alter source/destination of established connection. So it doesn't work in the way you describe it and you falsely believe it or skip some vital part on purpose :D
  10. RaidServer was the only logical explanation to me, until i now realized its interlude client on the video. So, i call it bullshit until i see real world PoC, with 2 proxies running on separated machines/networks and client moving to new target IP seamlessly :D
  11. to wrap it up in 2 sentences. Client has to connect to new IP according to what you said so far (connection 5 on graph), that requires new TCP socket to be made. L2 will DC you when socket to server is closed and unless you don't tell us everything, there is no way to do it due to simple protocol limitations. What i meant was RequestExConnectToRaidServer (D0:73) and so on, which allows to establish connection with new game server, used for cross-server sieges content on GOD+ (but exists since freya), and would be the only solution i can see here.
  12. L2 client will always terminate itself when connection to server is dropped, unless you extend it to do otherwise, so as you mentioned "playing packets right" i guess you utilized RaidServer logic (wouldn't call it cheating, cross-server content uses it on l2off for same purpose). Then i admit its in fact innovative and worth further development =)
  13. it looks how i imagined and i agree separation from gameserver is common sense and best way to go here but still need to clarify: 1. when you connect to proxy is (5) established with given proxy service child (1-n) or universal gateway before them? 2. when you move user to new proxy, is it like i suggested before that you only re-establish (6) and (7), but (5) and (8) stays connected at all time? or you are actually saying client side (5) and (8) is also reconnected to new target IP? 3. do you use any client extension to alter default behavior of dropped connection in runtime? or went other way and implemented, never touched by l2j, RaidServer functionality? :D
  14. had hard time to find innovation here, your post could only contain 1 simple graph of packet life cycle and it would explain what stands behind it better :D You skipped interesting part - how do you handle client side in your IP hopping? since TCP doesn't let you change established ends, i guess L2 client connection is never re-established in this case and stays connected all the time to some single point of contact (behind which you do all the fun stuff)? If so, it screams single point of failure, and i hardly would call it better solution than whats used now.
  15. quite opposite actually, at this point only these who don't know game play it manually, whoever been there for years and farmed everything l2 has to offer use bot to skip the boring part.