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  1. classic+ client already have auth by token from process argument, used by all off regions but doubt l2j ever added support for it
  2. you can connect to server even without client at all if it doesn't use antibot to encrypt traffic, so just pick any from popular ones and it will make sure users are running unmodified clients.
  3. thanks god there is no way to change your IP, we can be sure that's not one person LUL
  4. didnt read, but you forgot to change account :D @Celestine you might want to check this spam and ban few multiaccounts
  5. position vectors have {x, y, minZ, maxZ} format, where minZ cant be bigger or equal maxZ
  6. and not CharList.Items(i).name.contains('Bot')
  7. so tl;dr someone killed you in game and you decided to make 3 accounts to upvote your funny rant? lmao you might want to have your mental checked by professional
  8. community board is the same packet-wise since its introduction up until last chronicles, it was never improved. Buttons doesnt refresh anything client side, only completely new html sent by server will replace current view so unless client does something odd on interlude i would guess this blank page is sent by shit in l2j part
  9. website ripped from l2sublimity
  10. doubt they will mange to block anything outside of rus, and even there it will be prolly just local domain block on dns level. Biggest hit i can imagine is getting these privs blocked from mainstream payment platforms in complying jurisdictions. Looks like both scryde and gamecoast decided to change their domain tld, but scryde didnt even change registrar which is rus xD anyways, time will show, they DMCAd few streamers earlier this year and now this, it would be funny shitshow if innova went all in and im hoping they will :D
  11. tl;dr innova went after them over sharing game client and other ncsoft IP which can be legally distributed only by them in ru. They won and maybe will get these domains blocked by local ISPs because thats how internet is free over there in russia :D servers themselves will prolly continue to work unless innova move forward and personally sue creators which might be hard to do and i doubt they even care that much, not like battling these privs will make players suddenly move to official servers.
  12. i would never use main PC to run some russian basement made malware antibots, they doesn't have company registered, any terms or privacy policy or entity name. It could be as well botnet with features to block game cheats added on top, you basically trust some unknown guys they are saints :D
  13. title is misleading as it has nothing to do with L2.exe, its just 1 row file calling 1 winapi function - shellexecute xD u accomplish same with .bat or .cmd file and no compilation.
  14. l2off is never ending fixing game just like l2j, even latest chronicles still suffer from legacy code wrote 10 years ago and can be fucked around. So you will need someone to maintain your extender even after going live with what to seem enough, eresseas fixes most bugs but there are still many not patched or unknown at this time. I wouldn't be worried tho, ppl researching new l2 exploits and bugs are dying breed as most moved to more profitable/rewarding hobbies.
  15. ppl running these l2j cashgrabs done possibly every shady thing they could by now, literally criminals ddosing each other yet what crossed the line for you was stealing some generic idea and logo KEK