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  1. title is misleading as it has nothing to do with L2.exe, its just 1 row file calling 1 winapi function - shellexecute xD u accomplish same with .bat or .cmd file and no compilation.
  2. l2off is never ending fixing game just like l2j, even latest chronicles still suffer from legacy code wrote 10 years ago and can be fucked around. So you will need someone to maintain your extender even after going live with what to seem enough, eresseas fixes most bugs but there are still many not patched or unknown at this time. I wouldn't be worried tho, ppl researching new l2 exploits and bugs are dying breed as most moved to more profitable/rewarding hobbies.
  3. ppl running these l2j cashgrabs done possibly every shady thing they could by now, literally criminals ddosing each other yet what crossed the line for you was stealing some generic idea and logo KEK
  4. http://forum.ragezone.com/f856/lineage-2-h5-official-1194995/#post9066089 its 273 + ext with some basic customs. All files unedited from ~2012 so looks legit
  5. seems you really believe in your server if u didn't want to spend few bucks right away to hold domain but no worries, there are 200 tld to chose from, pick any other and make your l2memories best of the kind LUL
  6. y, remove udp prerouting row also keep in mind that these rules are not saved so will be lost after reboot, google up how to save them for your os to avoid future problems :D
  7. The irony of this topic is accessDenied telling someone he should be banned for scams KEK
  8. l2jguard is a scam, mu-online opensourced anticheat slightly remade to look for string present in l2 bots (and thats about it). Pure amateurs with basic checks and 0 efficiency. Most big servers use active anticheat and smartguard, both wont stop adrenalin.
  9. if you mean the same one like me http://l2helper.com/spoofer which uses driver for smart and few other things, its still trival to fingerprint pc and force author to update it, but it would require more imagination than hdd/cpu/mac LUL
  10. i talked about bot itself (0 hwid focus) and that one popular spoofer which i looked into, which fakes hdd smart data and few basic os values - so any new approach (like the topic here i assume) will successfully fingerprint PC until tool above updates to mitigate it. And updating hwid calculations mid-life of server is problematic cuz you will have to migrate all old values/keep backward support, hence why most would prolly avoid it. There are close to infinite ways to make such fingerprinting and same amount of ways to get around it, determination is the only sky here.
  11. adrenalin does nothing to change hwid and other popular spoofer changes just basic things, so not possible it wont work.
  12. @dextroy Fyrre's authport patched to always set port 9501, check: https://mega.nz/file/lMBBgARJ#QY6Pca4SGE3ByekQW0m-5yUlefabMznmIeo9k6LOYvQ
  13. for h5, edit in hex editor and: find F7839C410000001000007415, and change to: F7839C410000001000009090
  14. dont use these clueless resellers like l2jguard or other craps, buy your server directly from provider, most ppl use OVH becouse its biggest EU provider + additional ddos protected proxies, like stormguard, hyperfilter, etc
  15. hetzner have great quality and support speeds, also started before ovh was a thing, they use Arbor Networks for ddos filtering from 2016 - not the worse, but ovh inhouse solution is still prolly better.
  16. everyone can use that discord handle, so you prolly talked with scammer
  17. source download link is dead, but even by eyeballing demo it seems to miss most important check, if user actually voted xD just go straight to rewards.php and claim your shit
  18. many years ago there was mod to improve replays with missing data, like crests, dunno if KR serialize all data and then just ignore it when displaying replay or that mod had to add it, beside that there was not a lot of attention for replays in l2 :D
  19. he wouldnt use tor on this forum if he didnt want to hide, safe to keep the bans.
  20. few years of classic off servers (before they went non-classic route) and hundreds of "hardcore" interludes/c4/c1 servers in past year were enough to saturate "nostalgia" needs of avg person still playing L2. I would say the only factor to lure players today is enough online for active pvp, you need lot of effort to compete with known names for that, edited htmls for your l2j npc buffer wont fly lmao.
  21. changing few ints in l2j settings wont make you worth a try, lookup recent start of vahalla-age and their success, they basically made own chronicle by compiling best parts (according to them) from 5 or so chronicles + adding own QoL improvements. tl;dr: success bar is raised way above simple gamplay changes which might worked years back when game had more undemanding playerbase.
  22. it also runs on NA since half of year or so after being disable in past years, but they dont enforce client module running (which is few years old anyway).
  23. To write scripts and bot, thats honestly the only fun part left for me in l2, also privs are trash not worth any attention.