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  1. Srsly, what is this shit ... ​ ​No real order, no multi selection, no range. ​Crap
  2. More or less : http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/202556-interface-h5-by-edkith/
  3. Source here : ​https://mega.nz/#!nhhRFaqK!G_aT8Xby6dIkIQz-XxBO_apUmVkLbU_qjiJHq62Os7g ​You'll need to add some extra files before creating the .jar . See README-missing-files.txt in the ressouces folder for more info.
  4. I can also build a village and a full new world with mspaint.exe , but when I rename it to .utx, it wont work.
  5. ​He never said that should be for free.
  6. ​I tried a mix of all files released in this topic, and I got a working patch on non-rpg-club server. ​1rst, thank you for this sharing :) ​ ​But, the Options for expanded-Inventory and Dmg On Screen are not working (ie not saved, and related functionality are not activated). Tried client restart, writing permission. ​As the server for which I test the Interface was using a different system name than 'system', it could be the issue ? (like the configuration file created by the interface not existing )
  7. You don't have to unzip or open with any zip manager. ​Just, install Java Runtime Environment (aka JRE), reboot (if needed) then open the .jar with java.
  8. Java 8 installed ? https://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp
  9. Here is my patcher for L2 (only H5 currently). ​The main idea is : never overwrite any previous custom mods. ​ ​ ​ ​https://mega.nz/#!nhpD2aAC!QI2yB3z7lpjsEY1ksYPpZM-rtqnML6P2Ab5MvQjAE2A ​ ​Features : ​Buff as Debuff / Buff as Black texture. For any buff (identified with its Skill ID), set it as Debuff and/or as Black Texture. ​ Animation over caster's head for any skill you want. ​ ​Credits : first part of this http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/204758-h5-patch-talismans-skills-into-player-heads/ ​You'll still have to modify with L2Tool the selected Texture. ​You can apply it as ma
  10. Yep, from StatusWnd script : Statustooltipwnd.SetTooltipCustomType(MakeTooltipSimpleText(MakeFullSystemMsg(GetSystemMessage(2329),"0",MakeFullSystemMsg(GetSystemMessage(2330),"0","")))); Statustooltipwnd.SetTooltipCustomType(MakeTooltipSimpleText(MakeFullSystemMsg(GetSystemMessage(2329),"4",MakeFullSystemMsg(GetSystemMessage(2330),"300%","")))); Statustooltipwnd.SetTooltipCustomType(MakeTooltipSimpleText(MakeFullSystemMsg(GetSystemMessage(2329),"3",MakeFullSystemMsg(GetSystemMessage(2330),"250%","")))); Statustooltipwnd.SetTooltipCustomType(MakeTooltipSimpleText(MakeFullSystemMsg(GetSystemMe
  11. Full H5 scripts from .u (text) here : https://mega.nz/#!e4AVkQKJ!d2Q7n0pFfh_mumUG7NLV193BJXlwSXhSIiS-6EZSh8U (can help you to find existing functions/variables)
  12. I know. But I wouldn't add another draggable window, and for most of usages (horizontal skillbar, widescreen), the position should be OK