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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, maybe someone can help me, I would like to modify an interface.u of the Chronicle Freya maybe it is possible that someone has a compiler .uc -.u for this chronicle; Thank you. Greetings.
  2. Hey guys, so my doubt is possible to change the slots of the interlude buff bar on the interface. By default it comes 2x12 totaling 24 buffs. I wanted to switch to 2x10 for a total of 20 buffs (c4 default). Ps. The amount of buff is already changed on my server by 20. Can someone help me?
  3. Good afternoon, users. I am currently using the "Ona Latest" interface, recently launched on the board. I would like to know how I can be editing the Interface.xdat file, as I would like to try to add the brand of a YouTube channel to the community. can anybody help me?
  4. hey, i downloaded the dreadz interface, the problem is , i cannot seem to work it on my server, every time i log in and press start after character select i get an error , Only when i dont use the file Interface.u and i put the orginal file from my server, the game is running , but the problem is without this file, nothing works on dreadz interface, not the skills icon above head or anything. i dont know anything about editing files so i cannot figure this out, anyone with knowledge could help me maybe? thank you
  5. ​In this guide, I'll explain you how to edit Interface.u ​ ​​0) Prerequisites ​Before going further, you need some basics about development, about variables, functions, and so on. If you don't have, learn before, then come back here after ! ​You also will use a lot of Hexa, be ready with it. ​L2 uses UnrealTournament Renderer/Engine. Any client modification could be bannable by server owners. Be careful about it. If you wanna try some mods freely, install a L2J server on your computer. ​​Also, you'll need some extra software (all free). ​First one, is L2encdec, in order to decryp L2 files. If you don't know it, then L2 editing/modding will be hard. I'll not provide any link about it, but it can be found in any FileEdit software. ​Second, you'll need 'UT Package Tool' (aka UTPT). Here : http://www.acordero.org/projects/unreal-tournament-package-tool/ ​Then, any Hex Editor ( XVI32 is a good one, but you can prefer Hex Workshop, google them to find a link, prefer latest version). ​And finally, you'll need a documentation, about UT scripting : https://mega.nz/#!jph2yZrS!CJpX9zLAK5ibG3CDWsjfN97KTycsY5WGRVDZ8xzFDy0 Read it, especially from page 27 - Script Format. READ IT ! READ IT ! Ok, lets go : 1) Decrypt L2 file ​Un-encrypt your interface.u : Use CMD, l2encdec.exe -d interface.u Write down (notepad) the "Header" version, in my case, Lineage2Ver111 A new file dec-interface.u will be created ​ 2) Find the script Open UTPT, then open your interface.u Go in the "Export Tree" tab, right click, full collapse. Then, you'll have to choice what you wanna edit. For this guide, I'll modify the "Rank Name" under the "Name" of a Target. So, the script to edit will be in "TargetStatusWnd", in the "HandleTargetUpdate". Right click on it, then "Decompile". You'll see the current script. If you understand nothing about it, STOP, learn about development before !! Save the full script in a txt file. (select all, copy, open notepad, paste, save) Find the line you wanna change, in my case, it's "NameRank = GetUserRankString(Info.nUserRank);" . I wanna change it to something like : "NameRank = GetClassType(Info.nClassID);" In order to find what functions are available to use, go to the "Name Table" tab. About vars or attributes (nClassID in my case), I didn't found any relevant list, but we will see after (in §4). In the "Export Table" tab, in your current selected script ("HandleTargetUpdate" in my case), right click, then "Analise Raw Object". A Hex table (read only) will appear. Here is the magic <3 In the menu, "Format then Auto Format". The Hex table will be 'sorted' by script lines. Find the line you wanna modify, by hovering all 'bubbles' If the interface is messed up, "Auto Format" again. When you found it, write down (notepad) the full Hex digits related to your line. In my case, it's "0F 00 65 0D 1C C8 0D 36 E4 0D 00 5F 02 16", which refers to "NameRank = GetUserRankString(Info.nUserRank);" ​ 3) Decode the Hex data Here is the hardest part of this guide. ​You now have to decode this Hex values, according to the PDF doc. Did you read it before ?? :) ​In the last step, we ended with a Hex data : 0F 00 65 0D 1C C8 0D 36 E4 0D 00 5F 02 16 ​In my case, 0F means EX_Let, so, the data after will be assigned to the right part. ​00 means EX_LocalVariable, so the next 2 bytes will be the left part of my expression. 6F0D is my local variable (NameRank in my case). ​1C means EX_FinalFunction, so the next 2 bytes will be the address of a function. C80D is my function (GetUserRankString in my case). ​36 means EX_StructMember, so a member of an object. The following 2 bytes will be the member. E40D is the member (nUserRank in my case). 00 means EX_LocalVariable, and it will be also the object (as it follows a EX_StructMember without declared object). 5F02 is my object (Info in my case). 16 is EX_EndFunctionParms, so the end of my function ( a closing parenthesis sign ) In my case, C80D will be changed, and E40D. First one is my function, 2nd one is the member of the Info object. ​ 4) Replace How to find the references to replace ? You'll have to find other existing scripts where the functions and variable you wanna substitutes are present. Decompile scripts with UTPT where functions/variables can be found (according to the retail L2 interface). For me, as it's related to classes, I thought that it could be present in the "DetailStatusWnd.UpdateInterface" script (as it's related to the "Character Status" (Alt + T) window) So decompile it with UTPT, then, use the "Find" function. When you found a interesting line, Analise Raw Object, Auto Format, found the Hex values related to the line, and decode it (see point 3) In my case, I found for the variable nSubClass the following Hex value : DC 0B, and for the function GetClassStr this Hex value : E5 0B So, C80D should be replaced with E50B and E40D by DC0B. ​You can use this archive https://mega.nz/#!e4AVkQKJ!d2Q7n0pFfh_mumUG7NLV193BJXlwSXhSIiS-6EZSh8U containing all H5 scripts from .u files, to see what functions/variables are existing. ​ ​ 5) Hex editor and Crypt Open your Hex editor. Find the initial Hex full value, and replace the Hex values according to point 4. Save. Encrypt with l2encdec, replace the <version> in the following CMD command by the version you wrote down on point 1 (111 in my case) l2encdec.exe -h <version> dec-interface.u (in my case, it will be : l2encdec.exe -h 111 dec-interface.u) A new enc-dec-interface.u will be created. ​ 6) Verify and Test Open the new file (enc-dec-interface.u) with UTPT, open the target script, Decompile it, and verify that it's OK. (copy all the script text, save on txt file, check with WinMerge against the same script, but from the initial file (point 1) could be a good solution) In your L2 client folder, delete the initial interface.u file, copy the new one (enc-dec-interface.u), rename it to interface.u Open your L2 client, and check :) Hope It will help ppl. Any comment in this topic will be helpful to improve it ! I'll maybe add some pics later. Let me know if pics are important to understand.
  6. First of all hello to all and i hope i am at the right section...if not i apologize and i hope mods would be kind to move the topic where its supposed to be. So after a long pause in my L2 career (xD) i started playing again and after many many mediocre servers i found L2Mad which is one of the best ive played so far at least in my opinion :P (if any1 is interested its a pretty good server pvp/rbs stable no bugs at least that i know of, and needs some farm ofc :P ) So as u understand i really like the particular server BUT my problem is enchanting and augmeting which i always hate hated and i WILL hate because its a complete waste of ur time..therefore i wanna use "my" interface which includes "auto" enchant and augment cause honestly enchanting to +65 can be the most boring thing in the world ...if anyone has the skills or even the smallest knowledge on how i can modify something (yes i know a thing or two about l2 file editing) or what to do in order for my interface to work i would be in ur dept for ever....for the haters : i dont wanna bot(cause there is a way to bot with a macro loop with this interface) i honestly want to save some time for more farming / pvping cause time is precious when the years have passed and u have to work everyday :P best wishes to all and thnx for ur time reading my post :)
  7. I tried to decrypted this Interface, but for some reason I got crush my exe file. Can anyone help me?... If someone did it but not for free, write me a PM. here is the file: https://mega.nz/#!fJInWIBL!vDZeI2dB40F7byHJ019PgCYvegNTGCL-S2RtnS9QiQc Virus scan: https://www.virustotal.com/el/file/3b9d11b3afbfea791ec3e8103c4929986678ed9fcf7ce3f18334d9c65de19a14/analysis/1494273256/ Thx!!
  8. Some body have the same issue on Macro List using edKith Patch? Patch: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/202556-interface-h5-by-edkith/?hl=edkith Someone had it fix it? Its anything I should edit on interface.u? or interface.xdat? Thx for you help
  9. Hello there, I want to change the default chat color for an interlude client, especially the one for private message. Current pink is just too ugly and hard to read. I believe I'll have to edit the file Interface.u. I found an example in the scripts from High Five interface.u, especially in UICommonApi.ScriptText.uc // Chat Color /* function Color GetChatColorByType( EChatType a_Type ) { local Color ResultColor; ResultColor.A = 255; switch( a_Type ) { case CHAT_NORMAL: case CHAT_PARTY_ROOM_CHAT : case CHAT_USER_PET : // '^' ResultColor.R = 220; ResultColor.G = 220; ResultColor.B = 220; break; case CHAT_SHOUT: // '!' case CHAT_CUSTOM : ResultColor.R = 255; ResultColor.G = 114; ResultColor.B = 0; break; case CHAT_TELL: // ' " ' ResultColor.R = 255; ResultColor.G = 0; ResultColor.B = 255; break; case CHAT_PARTY: // '#' ResultColor.R = 0; ResultColor.G = 255; ResultColor.B = 0; break; case CHAT_CLAN: // '@' ResultColor.R = 125; ResultColor.G = 119; ResultColor.B = 255; break; case CHAT_SYSTEM : // '' ResultColor.R = 176; ResultColor.G = 155; ResultColor.B = 121; break; case CHAT_GM_PET : // '&' case CHAT_ANNOUNCE : ResultColor.R = 128; ResultColor.G = 255; ResultColor.B = 255; break; case CHAT_MARKET: // '+' ResultColor.R = 234; ResultColor.G = 165; ResultColor.B = 245; break; case CHAT_ALLIANCE: // '%' ResultColor.R = 119; ResultColor.G = 255; ResultColor.B = 153; break; case CHAT_COMMANDER_CHAT : case CHAT_SCREEN_ANNOUNCE : ResultColor.R = 255; ResultColor.G = 150; ResultColor.B = 149; break; case CHAT_INTER_PARTYMASTER_CHAT : ResultColor.R = 255; ResultColor.G = 248; ResultColor.B = 178; break; case CHAT_CRITICAL_ANNOUNCE : ResultColor.R = 0; ResultColor.G = 255; ResultColor.B = 255; break; case CHAT_HERO : ResultColor.R = 64; ResultColor.G = 140; ResultColor.B = 255; break; } return ResultColor; } */ I am looking for something similar in the interlude version. Any pointer would be appreciated. Thanks !
  10. Hello guy, i need help for edit a interface.u I dont know how i open files, anyone know how i open? please tell me, i need help :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\
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